this slightlylessthana-week in Ottawa: 8.16.06 - 8.20.06

Montreal's Pony Up headline the opening night of iheartmusic.net's 1st anniversary partay

This week will be a nightmare for the indecisive.

dial613 isn't even going to attempt to break down the +/-19 shows in the city over the next 5 days, most of which are part of three 'festivals' taking place in Ottawa this weekend (they are listed in the post just before this one).
Scheduling is all up in the air at this point, with the exceptions of plans to make sure to see The Sadies, Pony Up, and Andrew Vincent & The Pirates.

For the latter, it will likely be their last Ottawa show together for a long time, so this is your last shot to see the dial613/CBC Radio 3 favourites who have been staples on the Ottawa scene for the past 5(?) years. So really, don't miss it, ok? Ok.

You may also want to go out of your way to see Steve Earle and/or Ron Sexsmith, because, well, they're Steve Earle and Ron Sexsmith.

Who are your must-sees this week?
Which 'festival' will you be spending the most time at?

-all iheartmusic.net Anniversary shows are held at The Black Sheep Inn
-all CKCU Folk Festival shows are held... all over the place. Check their website for specifics.
-all Handhearts To Heaven shows are held at The Bronson Centre

Ben Lee, with The Suits XL, Trevor James* at Barrymore's
--->Ben Lee - Catch My Disease
--->Ben Lee - Close I've Come
The Empiricals* at The Aloha Room
Eugene & The Eugenics*, with RadioDazed*, Voice Of Addiction, and more at Cafe Dekcuf
Eugene's Birthday Party For Peace, ft. Golden Bulldozer*, with Shane Philip, Ladymilk* at Zaphod's

Ian Tamblyn, with Lynn Miles, Bill Bournes, Erick Manana at CKCU Folk Festival
The Sadies, with Amy Millan, Ridley Bent, Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir at Capital Music Hall (CKCU Folk Festival)
--->Amy Millan - Skinny Boy
"Don't Turn Back The Clock (on same sex marriage)", ft. The Habit*, with Sienna Dahlen, DJ Morales*

Cancer Bats w/ Like You, Vicious Cycle, I Refuse, and more at Handhearts To Heaven
Pony Up, with The Soft Disaster*, Heroes & Villains, Relief Maps* at iheartmusic.net's 1st Anniversary Party
--->Pony Up - The Truth About Cats And Dogs (Is That They Die)
--->Pony Up - I Heard You Got Action
Steve Earle, with Dawn Tyler Watson & Paul Deslauriers, James Hill, and more at CKCU Folk Festival

Andrew Vincent & The Pirates* (Last Ottawa show!) at the carleton tavern
--->Andrew Vincent & The Pirates - Bahamas
--->Andrew Vincent & The Pirates - One, Two, Three
Experiment In Terror, with Daiwhu!, The Love Machine*, and more at Handhearts To Heaven
--->The Love Machine - We Are Squirrels And This Is Nuts
Land Of Talk, with Expatriate*, Spy Machine 16, Nich Worby at iheartmusic.net's 1st Anniversary Party
Lure*, with What The Thunder Said* at Zaphod's
Ron Sexsmith, with Ndidi Onukwulu & Madagascar Slim, Ridley Bent, Ferron, and more at CKCU Folk Festival

Iris DeMent, with Dar Williams, The Mighty Popo, and more at CKCU Folk Festival
The Architects*, with Seconds 2 Go* at Zaphod's
Fefe Dobson at Lansdowne Park (The EX)
--->Fefe Dobson - Don't Go (Girls & Boys)
Raising The Fawn w/ My Dad vs. Yours*, Turning Into Salt*, What Seas What Shores at iheartmusic.net's 1st Anniversary Party
--->My Dad vs. Yours - Hable Paisane
--->Turning Into Salt - Angels Cut The Angles

* denotes local act

--->Andrew Vincent & The Pirates - Cover It Up
--->Ben Lee - Float On (Modest Mouse cover)


Iheartmusic's girlfriend said...

The iheartmusic fest is going to be awesome!!

Calum Marsh said...

Don't forget Acres at Dekcuf on Saturday.