this week in Ottawa: 03.05.07 - 03.11.07

Oy gevault, the Barmitzvah Brothers could look a little happier, don't you think they should look a little happier?

This week in Ottawa, local independent record store End Hits celebrates its first year of records, Ventrex, and basement shows on Saturday afternoon. The party gets started at 1 PM, at which point begins a series of 4 local bands playing on the hour. dial613-endorsed Sadie Hell, playing the role of Pink, will be getting the party started.
Also, some local band called The Acorn plays Zaphod's on Sunday to kick off a month-long tour across Canada to promote their new EP, Tin Fist. You should probably go say hello, and then goodbye, and then come back soon, I baked you some cookies for the road, do I not even get a hug goodbye, no I don't want a hug anymore, yeah ok fine I'll see you whenever.

If you've got a (friend with a) car and a full tank of gas, be sure to get the junk in your trunk over to the Black Sheep Inn this weekend for a pair of dandy shows. Saturday night features unrelated non-Jews the Barmitzvah Brothers (myspace), who've made their name instigating indie-folk hoe-downs. With them, dial613 heartily suggests opener The Burning Hell, who feature impressively melancholic use of the ukelele, melodica, and accordion. Even Kim-Jong Il is a fan, so who The Burning Hell are you to disagree?! Oh, Snnnnaap.

Sunday afternoon, The Forest City Lovers and The D'Urbervilles gaze longingly into each others' eyes and say their goodbyes on the last date of a brief March tour together. dial613 was fortunate enough to catch The D'Urbervilles play in that other 6-1-3 just recently, and very much encourages you to follow suit.

Even if you don't have car access, there's still plenty of hope for your OCtranspo-warmed bottom, since The Black Sheep Inn has started up a Carpool Board to help you find rides. Maybe you can use it to pick up chicks/studs... in your car! And take them to the Black Sheep Inn! And then drive them home! And smell your car's seat cushions once they leave!

Where will you be dragging the junk in your trunk this week?

Tu 03.06
Ottawa Jazz Collective* (open jam), at Avant-Garde Bar
Shaun Verreault with North Easton, at Zaphod's

W 03.07
Against Me! with Riverboat Gamblers and Fake Problems, at Capital Music Hall
Universal Habit* with Salted and Titan Rain, at Zaphod's

Th 03.08
Moses Mayes, at Maverick's
Projet Orange with Les Hellcats and Colour Surrond, at Zaphod's
Leeroy Stagger with Matt Hopper and Templo Diez, at The Black Sheep Inn
Ember Swift*, at The Rainbow

F 03.09
Comeback Kid with This Is Hell, at Babylon
four-stroke*, at Café Dekcuf
The Most Serene Republic with The Junction and The Love Machine*, at Zaphod's
Ndidi Onukwulu with Mihirangi, at The Black Sheep Inn
The Soirée* with SunBleached Skulls*, Dave Gaudet*, Lynne Hanson*, and Neil Gerster*, at Irene's Pub
-->The Soirée - Turn This Car Around (1st version) (website, myspace)
Wassabi Collective, at Maverick's

Sa 03.10
Barmitzvah Brothers with The Burning Hell, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->The Burning Hell - The Things That People Make (myspace)
End Hits 1st Anniversary, ft. Sadie Hell*, Dear Judah*, Last Communion*, F!ghtF!ghtF!ght* (1-5pm), at End Hits
-->Dear Judah - With Skyscraper Fists (myspace)
Go Sumo with Good Night Knights, at Zaphod's
My Tiny Circus*, at Avant-Garde Bar8
Rev Engine* with The Moon Movement*, at Irene's Pub
Souljazz Orchestra* with Kobotown and Jokko*, at Barrymore's
The Sweet Janes* with Arson Eagle and Dave Kerr*, at Babylon

Su 03.11
The Acorn* with Missing Children, at Zaphod's
-->The Acorn - Spring Thaw (website, myspace)
The Forest City Lovers with The D'Urbervilles, at The Black Sheep Inn (4pm show)
-->The D'Urbervilles - We Are The Hunters (website, myspace)
Gym Class Heroes with RX Bandits and P.O.S, at Babylon

* denotes local act

And oh, err.. if anyone has any idea why the show listings have suddenly turned all bold, please get in touch.

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