in/see: As The Poets Affirm, En Garde

As The Poets Affirm, they're pretty good. (photo credit: amfraser)

2 local album releases kick off the weekend:

  • As The Poets Affirm release their new album, Awake, at Barrymore's, with dial613-approved openers SunParlour Players. Word on the street is that Josh Groban was a huge influence for the new APTA album. But that street is located right outside dial613Factory, so take that for what it's worth.
  • En Garde!, a duo who've each had their hands in the Ottawa scene cookie jar as part of acts like Organized Rhyme and Ignition, put out their debut record at Zaphod's. dial613 strongly recommends you go on over to their myspace to have a listen to I'm Gonna Love You.

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