Keiko Devaux, the newest member of The Acorn, was never actually a member of Sugar Jones. The member in question was, in fact, Maiko Watson (myspace), who dial613 actually thought was Sahara MacDonald (myspace), the official dial613-endorsed Sugar Jones member.
dial613 may or may have not known this all along.

dial613 sincerely apologizes for any distress and/or identity crises this may have caused The Acorn and their fans.

-->Sugar Jones - Days Like That (exclusive unmastered version)


matthew said...

You were serious about that? I thought you were just being funny.

Keiko is from another band (People For Audio), if you want to talk about who she's moonlighting from...

Anonymous said...

kria brekken + avey tare should be interesting... i have no idea what to expect !