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The Soirée will play their Mountain Fresh™ material at the CD release at Irene's on Saturday.

Ottawa's The Soirée took their name from the slang term for a night out, but they might fit in best sometime afterwards, when you're slouching on a sofa at an unfamiliar place, in a comfortable daze and eating warm pizza.

Their first LP, Birds, is being released to a slew of media attention: dial613 has spotted them in three print sources and heard them on the radio, and have been getting the kind of local coverage that Ottawa bands have been lacking in past years. But it's all well-deserved: Birds is a completely pleasant experience. The tracks are structured simply enough, but each charts its own course of melodic loops that take their time in getting across. What stands out is that nothing is rushed; everything unravels naturally and flows at its own pace, with no apparent will to jump ahead to the next song, or even the next note.

dial613 can't quite put a finger on why, but based on its feel, this album couldn't have been released at a better time of year. Have a listen to the tracks below, and maybe you can figure out why. And listen closely for the manifestation of their erotic film and cockfighting influences:
-->The Soirée - Clear and Colourblind
-->The Soirée - Across The Sea
-->The Soirée - Breaking Rank

Pick up the album, and see their dial613-approved live show at the CD Release on Saturday, November 4 with Alanna Stuart at Irene's Pub.

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Bryce said...

"And listen closely for the manifestation of their erotic film and cockfighting influences:"

and just yesterday, the CBC called us "classy"..