misc: "hottest" bands in Canada

Elliott Brood: "Not on the list? Kinda pissed."

A quick note to let you know that Ottawa-based i (heart) music has put out its second annual list of the "Hottest" bands in Canada... quotation marks because, as the poll demonstrates, the word "hottest" might just be among the most subjective terms in the English language.
Right up there with "no I will not make out with you." Oh, right, like you would have figured that one out.

Anyway, dial613 did the patriotic duty of contributing to the list. You can have a look at the whole thing here.

So what do you think?
Who would you have liked to see on/removed from/moved up/moved down the list?
Which Ottawa acts should be on there, and where should they be ranked?


Matthew said...

The Acorn were about one vote away from making the list, so they were the Ottawa band that'd be most obvious...Hilotrons, Jetplanes and ATPA also received votes, though not from anyone outside Ottawa. I think that next year The Acorn will definitely be on, and possibly Jetplanes and ATPA, too.

Calum Marsh said...

We can only hope, man.

Anonymous said...

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