this mon-wed in Ottawa: 10.30.06 - 11.01.06

The laser pointer: good clean fun, but only for 119 days.

Very quickly:

  • 120 Days are from Norway. Their name references the amount of time it takes for a laser pointer to cause complete blindness in an eye when being directed straight at the pupil.**
  • Greg Keelor is the guy who sings but is not Jim Cuddy in Blue Rodeo.
  • André Ethier fronted the dearly departed The Deadly Snakes, and has performed and recorded with Peterborough collective The Silver Hearts.
The rest of the week will be up Wednesday, but only if you keep your fingers crossed.
Which shows will you be laser pointing at this Monday thru Wednesday?

Mon - 10.30.06
120 Days with Embassies Of Denmark*, The Undead, Out Reason, at Zaphod's
-->mp3's available over at i (heart) music
Regulations with The Sweet Janes*, at End Hits

Wed - 11.01.06
Greg Keelor (CD release) with The Sadies and André Ethier, at Barrymore's

* denotes local act
** lie

PS Ottawa XPress has put out its annual "Best Of Ottawa" survey, have a look.


Jonathan Migneault said...

Congratulations on the XPress nomination. It's well deserved.

Matthew said...

Seconded...i voted for you!

Matthew said...

Oh, and the hottest bands in Canada list is up. Thanks for your help!

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work !!
one more vote your way

Calum Marsh said...

I voted for you too! I (heart) Dial613.