this week in Ottawa: 10.09.06 - 10.15.06

Jon-Rae & The River wash up at Zaphod's on Thursday, hopefully without any of that gross sea foam stuff.

Because of the long weekend, there's no accompanying text here for now. But, with luck, it will come in small nuggets as the week goes.

But it's clear that dial613 is most looking forward to Jon-Rae & The River this week, who are opened for by Woolly Leaves and locals The Soirée, who turned in a great set at Irene's not too long ago.

Oh yeah, and check out the handy-dandy new Google calendar button at the top of the show listings. If you use gmail, it'll really come in handy, as it lets you import the dial613 show listings straight into your own account's calendar. If you don't have a Google account, well.. it's just an all-around good-looking button, so maybe you can just reward it for that.

What show(s) will you be going to see this week?

Monday - 10.09.06
The New Pornographers with Immaculate Machine and Novillero, at Capital Music Hall
-->Immaculate Machine - Death Of A Rockstar (website, myspace)

Tuesday - 10.10.06
East Village Opera Company, at Barrymore's

Wednesday - 10.11.06
CMHA Charity Concert ft. City Of A Hundred Spires*, Danger Danger Mammoth Hunter*, Place*, Smoke Judo*, Glenn Nuotio*, at Babylon
Patrick Watson with Amos The Transparent*, at Zaphod's

Thursday - 10.12.06
Pelican with Daughters and KENmode, at Babylon
Jon-Rae & The River with Woolly Leaves and The Soirée*, at Zaphod's
-->Jon-Rae & The River - Two Hands (website, myspace)
-->Jon-Rae & The River - Just What I Needed (cover of The Cars)
-->The Soirée - Airplane (website, myspace)

Friday - 10.13.06
Camp Best Friends* with Word People, at Babylon
For The Mathematics* (cd release) with Embassies Of Denmark* and Bangkok*, at Barrymore's
-->For The Mathematics - This Transient (website, myspace)
LAL w/ Stop Die Resuscitate, at The Black Sheep Inn
Stairwell K* (final show :( ) with Donkeypunch*, at The Rainbow

Saturday - 10.14.06
The Acorn* with Tusks, at Babylon
Jolie Holland with David Dondero, at Barrymore's
Sloan with Yoko Casiono, at Capital Music Hall
-->Sloan - Everything You've Done Wrong (website, myspace)
-->Sloan - The Lines You Amend
Small Sails with Tallships*, at End Hits

Sunday - 10.15.06
Ultimate Power Duo with Everything At Once, at Zaphod's

* denotes local act


matthew said...

If I can, I'm going to do Patrick Watson, Jon-Rae, FTM, and then some combination of Yoko Casionos/Sloan and Acorn/Tusks. This is such a great time of year!

Asteroidea Press said...

I am in love with the google calendar. Thanks for doing that.

MingMeow said...

awesome awesome awesome. The Google calander rocks!

Calum Marsh said...

Sweet week. I'm especially excited about City/Place/Glenn/Smoke Judo Tuesday.

Jonathan Migneault said...

You forgot to mention Lewis Black's upcoming performance at the NAC ;)

His vitriol anger is like sweet music to my ears!