this week in Ottawa: 10.17.06 - 10.22.06

Henri Faberge & The Adorables wrestle their way into Zaphod's on Tuesday.
(credit: Andrew Carver, NatCapRock)

This week in Ottawa, the dial613 Factory computer is broken. But what do you care? Well, it means you're going to have to find those k-os mp3s all by yourself. So sorry. Next time, dial613 will be sure to use one that is capable of withstanding the pressure that comes with being a blogging computer. Like maybe one with Grillz or something. Make computers tougher, is that not what they do? They should.
But some mp3's are up, thanks to a great person. Thank you sir.

Anyway, Tuesday's show with Henri Faberge & The Adorables, The Bicycles, and Relief Maps should be really great. Last time M. Faberge was in town, it was an all-out melée on the stage that spilled onto the floor, which, unfortunately, was pretty much empty. There probably won't be so much room to move this time, though, seeing as how both Faberge and The Bicycles have released albums in the last month or so to a whole mess of sugary adoration.

This week's local highlight comes on Saturday at Zaphod's, where blues-rockers The Coggs headline with The Watters Brothers and the cleverly-named Brad Sucks, who has guarded himself against insults/criticism, because they would just seem like a typo when written ("Brad Sucks sucks"?). But more importantly, it would be a lie.. go to his website and grab an entire album, I Don't Know What I'm Doing, for free, and see for yourself.

Oh, and some neat miscellaneous happenings this week in town:
a) The Perpetual Motion Roadshow, an indie press touring circuit featuring slam poetry and some tunes. October 20th at Venus Envy, pay what you can.
b) The OneWorld Film Festival, a showcase of social justice-focused documentaries and speakers, film-makers, and maybe a bit of music too. October 18th and 20th at Library and Archives Canada.

Which show(s) are you most looking forward to this week?

Tues - 10.17.06
Henri Faberge & The Adorables with The Bicycles and Relief Maps*, at Zaphod's
-->Henri Faberge & The Adorables - Ventriloquist Love (myspace)
-->The Bicycles - Gotta Get Out (website, myspace)
Sparta with Sound Team and Viscera's Recital*, at Babylon
k-os, at Capital Music Hall

Thurs - 10.19.06
Chad Van Gaalen with The Cape May, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->The Cape May - Spring Flight To The Land Of Fire (website, myspace)
Matthew Barber & The Union Dues with James McKenty & The Spades, at Zaphod's
Propagandhi with GFK and The Bella Bombs*, at Capital Music Hall

Fri - 10.20.06
The Bridegroom* with The Ether, at Babylon
Eastborough* (cd release) with The Murder Plans and Tamsen & Elliott, at Zaphod's

Sat - 10.21.06
Anagram (cd release) with The Creeping Nobodies, at End Hits
Blackie & The Rodeo Kings (cd release) with Brian Byrne, at Barrymore's
The Coggs* with The Watters Brothers*, Brad Sucks*, at Zaphod's
-->The Coggs - Toothache (website, myspace)
-->Brad Sucks - Making Me Nervous (website, myspace)
The Jimmy Swift Band with Dave Lauzon*, at Babylon

Sun - 10.22.06
AIDS Wolf with Fucked Corpse, City Of 100 Spires*, at Zaphod's
Peter Katz with Andrea Revel, at The Black Sheep Inn (4pm start)

* denotes local act


Calum Marsh said...

Three blogger shows in one week, oh my! H.Fab will be awesome.

Matthew said...

The Adorables/Bicycles show is going to be awesome.

Of course, I am biased, seeing as I'm promoting it. But still...if enough people come out, it's going to be the most phone ever had at Zaphod's.

steve said...

I think Matthew was receiving a phone call when he was commenting...

matthew said...

Ahahaha...I have no idea why I wrote that. I blame not getting enough sleep.

Calum Marsh said...

I have a shit load of phone every time I go to Zaphod's.