reminder: Homeless Benefit

Saturday night:

  • Be a good person and hear some local music at the same time tonight, by going to Zaphod's for the 3rd annual Feed The Homeless Benefit, hosted by CBC's Alan Neal and featuring performances by F!ghtF!ghtF!ght, Ana Miura, and more. The event raises money for providing Xmas dinner to the Shepherds Of Good Hope homeless shelter. Cover is a $5 donation that, on its own, buys 3 homeless people a holiday meal (and you're welcome to offer more), and things get started at 7. (There will also be a limited edition Benefit CD being released, featuring local tunes by The Acorn, Hilotrons, and more.)
  • Be a warm person and hear some local music over at 59 Argyle, where you can grab some free hot chocolate while hearing visitor Brian Seeger play with residents The Soft Disaster and St. Bernard Of Love. $5.
  • Be a person your mother might not be too proud of and go see 3 bands with "fuck" in their name at Cafe Dekcuf, headlined by the charming Fucked Corpse. BYOBar of soap to wash your mouth out with.
There are also 4 others tonight, all listed on the sidebar to my left, your right.

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Calum Marsh said...

I think Fucked Up is headlining, not Fucked Corpse.