this week in Ottawa: 01.08.07 - 01.14.07

Rock Plaza Central are, indeed, horses: gift horses for Ottawa's low wintertime touring band rate, hyuk hyuk.

This week in Ottawa, maybe some snow will come. It would be handy to serve as a reminder that there is a reason not many bands are coming through town right now, as opposed to just feeling left alone.
But it's not like things are all that desparate: Toronto band Rock Plaza Central play on Saturday as the nonlocal exception to a 2-night showcase of local music at Zaphod's, brought to you by the folk at Mocking Music.
They came around back in September to release their new album Are We Not Horses?, which apparently is about robotic horses who believe they are real horses. Between then and now, though, they've garnered all sorts of new and fun media, including a very nice review from Pitchfork. But that shouldn't be necessary to get you out; if you head over to their myspace (linked below), you can decide for yourself.
And, as a bonus, there will be two dandy local openers in As The Poets Affirm and My Dad vs. Yours.

2 local CD releases from very different ends of the spectrum are also scheduled this week:
Antizario release their debut LP Saturday Night at The Mercury Lounge. The album, It's Great To Be Fine, should have all sorts of neat jazzy sounds with electronica influences; have a listen on their myspace for some really interesting stuff.
Punk-rock quartet The Bella Bombs will also be putting out their debut record, which you can celebrate at Babylon on Saturday.

Also worth noting is Colombian folk music ensemble Folklore Urbano, who play Zaphod's on Wednesday. There should probably be some comment about melting away the winter chills. Probably.

What are you looking forward to this week?

W - 01.10.07
Capital Slam event featuring Rob McLennan, at Café Dekcuf
Folklore Urbano, at Zaphod's

Th. - 01.11.07
Million Dollar Marxists* with CPC Gangbangs, at Babylon

F - 01.12.07
Daiquiri* with Black Actors* and Fucked Corpse*, at Zaphod's
The Reverb Syndicate* with Evil Farm Children*, at The Black Sheep Inn

Sa. - 01.13.07
Antizario* (CD release), at Mercury Lounge
Rock Plaza Central with As The Poets Affirm* and My Dad vs. Yours*, at Zaphod's
-->Rock Plaza Central - My Children, Be Joyful (website, myspace)
-->As The Poets Affirm - Awake Chaos (website, myspace)
-->My Dad vs. Yours - Habla Paisane (website, myspace)
The Bella Bombs* (CD release) with The Shifters*, The Fucking Machines*, and Muffler Crunch*, at Babylon
Nero* with Dave Lauzon*, at Maverick's
North Of Summer, at Avant-Garde Bar

Su. - 01.14.07
Department Of Foreign Affairs*, at Irene's Pub
Natalia Zukerman* with Melissa Laveaux*, at The Black Sheep Inn
Nero* with Elbeejay*, at Maverick's
Octoberman w/ Poorfolk* and Design Of Cities*, at The Rainbow

* denotes local act


AlanD said...

Friday night at Mavericks - nero reunites for the first time in 2 years with opener (and nero guitarist) Dave Lauzon. Saturday is night 2 of the nero reunion with drummer Jay McConnery's new band, Elbeejay.

Matthew said...

I have to find some way of seeing North of Summer at Avant-Garde on Friday, and also making it to see Rock Plaza Central...

Calum Marsh said...

Rock Plaza Central is on Saturday, Matthew! So you should be able to see both :)

Also: I just heard about TPC/Cold War Kids. Kudos!

dial613 said...

aland and matthew,
got those others listed,

Jonathan Migneault said...

Matthew's bringing Cold War Kids to Ottawa?

matthew said...

Scallen is...but he asked me to co-promote it because of Tokyo Police Club. I wasn't going to turn that down.

Anonymous said...

Constantines with Jon Rae and the River as well as Shotgun and Jaybird on March 28th at Barrymore's!