this week in Ottawa: 01.15.07 - 01.21.07

Don't forget to pack your nice clothes to bring to Camp Radio on Saturday at Babylon.

This week in Ottawa, local trio Camp Radio (fronted by singer-songwriter Chris Page) finally get around to celebrating their debut LP, which was originally released back in May. It's been getting some attention from a few different places, including CBC Radio 3's recent bestof2006 podcast, as well as confused parents looking to start their children on early broadcasting careers.

Passing through the outskirts of Ottawa is Joel Plaskett, who plays 2 shows at the Black Sheep Inn. But they're both sold out, so that'll learn you for dawdling.

At another local show, dial613endorsed jazzy/electro/something ensemble Antizario play a benefit for The Independent Filmmakers Cooperative of Ottawa, along with a number of other local musical and nonmusical artists.
And do you remember Dominic D'Arcy coming to your school way back? Of course you do; it's hard to forget a singing policeman. But you may have forgotten Cierra Campeau, who accompanied him for a number of shows as a kid who you were probably supposed to relate to. Anyway, you can go see her doing her own thing now, headlining Saturday at Zaphod's. And while you're there, thank her for helping to keep you off the drugs (or at least for trying?).

What are you looking forward to this week?

M - 01.15.07
IFCO 15th Anniversary Party, featuring Antizario* and more, at Barrymore's
The Queers with The Heart Attacks, The Riptides*, and The Suicide Pilots, at Maverick's

W - 01.17.07
Brian Downey*, at Avant-Garde
Matt Mays with Museum Pieces and Alanna Stuart*, at Barrymore's
The Vanity Of Human Wishes* with The October Sky*, at Zaphod's

Th - 01.18.07
Joel Plaskett with Melissa Ferrick, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->Joel Plaskett - Happen Now (website, myspace)
-->Joel Plaskett - Natural Disaster
Priestess with Mad Parish, at Maverick's
Radar, at Avant-Garde

F - 01.19.07
Students For A Free Tibet fundraiser, featuring All Is Lost*, Stoic Kid*, Clepto*, and The Red Light Saints*, at Babylon
Fortycentfix* with Roadbones and Down On Bedford*, at Zaphod's
Marie-Josee Houle* with Sacha Gabriel*, at Avant-Garde
Joel Plaskett with Melissa Ferrick, at The Black Sheep Inn
Tugnut with Seething and Dr. Wily & The Robot Masters*, at End Hits

Sa - 01.20.07
Adam Carrol with Roger Marrin and The Undesirables, at The Black Sheep Inn
Camp Radio* (CD release) with Flecton Big Sky & The Dreamcatchers* and Micarza Camaro*, at Babylon
-->Camp Radio - On The Landing Strip (website, myspace)
-->Camp Radio - Cons At The New Moon
Cierra Campeau* with Amanda Rheaume* and Sarah DeLuca*, at Zaphod's
Lyna Cob with Mica Hamerson*, at Avant-Garde
Iconoclast*, at Barrymore's
The Jimmy Swift Band, at Maverick's

Su - 01.21.07
Department Of Foreign Affairs*, at Irene's Pub
-->Department Of Foreign Affairs - First They Hit Manhattan (website, myspace)

* denotes local act

Also note: the show listings on the right were massively updated today. Find better ones, and dial613 will call you a liar.
Don't forget that you can import them straight into your Google calendar for incredible convenience; just click that button right above the listings.

And, another ticket giveaway will be up later in the week.
(guessing from the hint = bonus entry)


A.C. said...

Priestess on the 18th at Mavericks.

matthew said...

Are we allowed to guess the giveaway? Because that song title...er, singer makes it pretty obvious!

Also, you have a mistake in your listings: The Cons are Mar. 28th, not 24th!

Stan said...

Free Joel Plaskett ticket for anyone who want to get me there and back!

contact me through www.myspace.com/stanerl and I am in Ottawa now not Newfoundland.


Anonymous said...

arcade fire at cantebury high school cafeteria on friday!!!! wooot

James said...

A lot of respect and props for just typing our name properly. "red light saints". You'd be surprised on how hard it is. redlight saints, red light saint, red light sarevolution666ints.

Thanks a lot