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dial613 hates hyperbole (more than anything else in the entire world), but it's entirely legitimate to say that Jim Bryson could be one of the best folksongwriters in Canada.

The Ottawa scene mainstay has always been good at straddling the line between playful and serious. It's hard to tell exactly when you should be taking his words at face value and when there could be something deeper: just when you might be starting to think a little too much about what you're hearing, out bleats "Haaey, haaey, toro!" from a conspicuously placed toy matador.

Despite the jostling, sincerity is one of Jim Bryson's strongest points. On Where The Bungalows Roam, his freshly-released 3rd record (and first on local independent Kelp Records), the trait rings clearer than Jim's voice, which might only be because sometimes it seems like he hasn't taken the time to clear his throat. But it's okay, as it only adds to the up-front and honest effect: the focus of a good chunk of the record is on the shakes and breaks in his voice, backed up by what always sounds like just the right amount of banjo, guitar, organ, and message machine playback.

Also, Jim Bryson was one of the two Ottawans at this year's SXSW (along with Lynn Miles), has toured the UK, gets frequent play on CBC Radio 3, and is one of the only known locals (or wearers-of-Expos-hats?) to be photographed with the world's greatest doctor.

The CD release party for the heartily dial613endorsed Where The Bungalows Roam spans 2 sets at the Black Sheep Inn, each with a local opener:

1) Saturday April 14, 9 PM, $15 advance (with The Soirée).
2) Sunday April 15, 4 PM, $15 advance (with Male Nurse).

On Saturday night, there is a bus to Wakefield leaving from the Dominion Tavern at 8pm; if you'd like a ride, e-mail Jon at Kelp Records for more details.

From Where The Bungalows Roam (2007):
-->Pissing On Everything
-->The Wishes Pile Up
-->Stream the entire album.

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Anonymous said...

The Sadies are listed here as playing BSI on the 21st, but I cannot find any further information about it anywhere.

Anyone know what's on the go?

matthew said...

The Sadies definitely aren't playing...it's the Foggy Hogtown Boys instead.

dial613 said...

i think there was a date scheduled, but it's since been cancelled.