this weekend in Ottawa: 04.06.07 - 04.08.07

There's something about Matthew Barber that you might want to go see on Friday at the Black Sheep Inn.

It would have been the easy route to just post that Nelly Furtado picture from the Junos where she's in that shiny black thing with the swimcap and stuff coming out of it, but dial613 has one-upped that by typing three words into a YouTube search box in order to bring you more. Apparently things got messed up during that entrance; anybody feel like watching it and letting me know?

So this weekend, Happy Easter and Passover to some, and happy nothing to everyone else. Celebrate by hearing some pure singingsongwriting from Matthew Barber, who paid his Union Dues and told them to take a break so that he could tour with colleague Julie Fader (myspace).

Also, Black Sheep fave Craig Cardiff has two sets in there, as you can see below. He sounds good, lots of people like him, maybe you will too. And it would be far too conspicuous if The Two Koreas was the only band playing this weekend but not mentioned in this quick blurb, so there it is, alright.

Show listings will get a thorough update this weekend.
What shows are you thinking of getting to in the next few days?

Matthew Barber with Julie Fader, at The Black Sheep Inn
Nelly Furtado with Saukrates and Divine Brown, at Scotiabank Place

Craig Cardiff with Mike Evin, at The Black Sheep Inn
The Two Koreas, at Zaphod's

Craig Cardiff with Anique Granger and Jacob & Lily , at The Black Sheep Inn (4pm show)

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matthew said...

That Two Koreas show should be a lot of fun!