this week in Ottawa: 04.19.07 - 04.22.07

OMGOMG, it's the first video to take the weekly press pic spot!
Don Ross - Afraid To Dance

Alright, even though dial613 already filled the site's very forgiving words-per-week quota with yesterday's Bluesfest post, you're getting more, wow. You should consider yourself lucky, it's not like it's a pay-per-word situation over here. (And note that that's the only clear distinction between dial613 and Charles Dickens.)

Ok, so if you do one thing this week aside from visiting this site and sleeping, it should be watching that video up at the top of this post of guitar virtuoso Don Ross; it will blow your mind and maybe make you feel inadequate, but isn't it about time that some music did that to you? You were getting cocky, anyway. Go be taken down a notch at the Black Sheep Inn on Thursday.

Also, Wayne Petti is coming Friday to Dekcuf for some solo singing. You may know him from fronting Cuff The Duke or playing most of the keyboards for Hylozoists. If you like gentle strumming, catchy whistling, and cute boys with glasses baring their soul, this is the place to be.

Should also note that this week marks the start of Québec Scene, a program run by the NAC (and follow-up to Alberta and Atlantic Scenes) that serves two purposes:
1) Showcases all sorts of artists from Québec on a national stage, and
2) Attempts to quell the furor of taxpayers all over the country who finance the NAC's regular programming for us Ottawa folk the other 349 days of the year (thanks guys!).
Anyway, we in town are beneficiaries: the mini-fest brings the likes of The Besnard Lakes, Les Breastfeeders, Torngat, The Stills, Les Trois Accords, and Ghislain Poirier to town over the next 2+ weeks.

Quel show est-ce que tu veut see cette semaine? (dial613 is fluent in franglais, fyi)
Was that Don Ross video worthy of stealing the show from this week's designated press pic?

Th 04.19
As The Poets Affirm* with Mahogany Frog and Kyrie Kristmanson, at Zaphod's
Don Ross with Brooke Miller, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->Video: Don Ross - Afraid To Dance (website, myspace)
-->Video: Don Ross - Michael, Michael, Michael

F 04.20
King Sunshine, at Maverick's
Les Breastfeeders, at Babylon
John Mayer with Kathleen Edwards*, at Scotiabank Place
Lesbians On Ecstacy with Lindsay Ferguson, at The Black Sheep Inn
Steve Stacey with The Bush Pilots*, at Irene's Pub
Think About Life with Crystal Clyffs, at Zaphod's
Wayne Petti with Kris Ward*, at Café Dekcuf
-->Wayne Petti - Moment By Moment (myspace)
-->Wayne Petti - Up On The Hillside

Sa 04.21
The Allrights with Garaga* and Ellbeejay, at Café Dekcuf
Emm Gryner with Royal Wood, at Zaphod's
Foggy Hogtown Boys, at The Black Sheep Inn
Muffler Crunch* with Mississippi Grover* and Power Farm*, at Irene's Pub
Plaster with Ghislain Poirier, Stephen Beaupre and Lesbians On Ecstacy, at Barrymore's
Tomi Swick with Jeremy Fisher and Simon Wilcox, at Capital Music Hall
Torngat, at The NAC
The Wooden Stars (CD Release) with Tusks, at Babylon
-->The Wooden Stars - Outlaws (website, myspace)
xbxrx with Elephantoms*, at End Hits

Su 04.22
Jens Jeppesen, at Irene's Pub
La Tuque Bleue (4pm), at The Black Sheep Inn
People For Audio with Acres* and City Of A Hundred Spires*, at Zaphod's

* denotes local act

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