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HiLoTrons: "Number 2? Says who!?"

You may definitely want to go have a look at Ottawa-based music website/blog i(heart)music, which compiled a tidy list of the 20 Hottest Bands In Ottawa as determined by a poll which collected the top ten lists of a number of people who are pretty good looking, not to mention knowledgeable when it comes to Ottawa music. Those polled included dial613, who was the token exception to at least one of the two above rules.

So, what do you think of the results?
The list's operative word appears to be "hot", as a surprisingly healthy portion of the list is populated by very active bands who are, relatively, still in the process of making a name for themselves.
Not that it's a bad thing to have a couple handfuls of up-and-comers (and deserving ones, at that) among the 20 hottest acts in the city, but there are some unfortunate casualties as a result.

One of these is Jim Bryson, who may not be all that new, or all that hip (though that red mesh hat is darling), but his songwriting is nearly unrivalled in the city. Others to fall by the wayside were the likes of Danny Michel and the Fiftymen, not to mention some of the less active (or completely inactive) acts, like Greenfield Main, Rhume, and The Luck. But to chastise the list would be hypocritical, as dial613 didn't include any of these names on its own list. For shame, dial613. For shame.

The 'freshness' of the top twenty is far from a bad thing, though: it goes to show that the Ottawa scene is growing in quantity and quality, with a whole new crop of bands capably giving the long-time big boys and girls a good run.
And it also helped dial613 discover a new favourite, Crush Buildings. This track has been playing non-stop at dial613 Factory since finding the band at the number 7 spot.
-->Crush Buildings - Ghoul Pounds (website, myspace)

Your turn:
Who should have been on the list?
Who shouldn't have been on the list?
Which bands should be moved up/shuffled down?


Anonymous said...

did you take off the desveaux listing?

9/22 - angela desveaux w. sarah hallman and stephen st. pierre @ ZBX

Jonathan Migneault said...

Well said, I now wish I had at least included Fiftymen. Oh well, I guess there's always next year (assuming i Heart Music does this again).

dial613 said...

i can't explain why, but i have put it in the listings twice already (three now, i added it back, thanks for letting me know), and it disappeared mysteriously both times.

i think it's cursed or something.
(i'm serious)