this week in Ottawa: 09.04.06 - 09.10.06

The French Kicks shouldn't leave you feeling blue after their show Sunday at Babylon

Music in the city has taken an extended long weekend, but everything picks right up again come Wednesday.

dial613's local pick o' the week is Wednesday night at Maverick's, where you can catch an all-local bill that includes plenty of experimentation: The Bridegroom work with indie-altrock, and..(oops) Liar's Rosebush plays around with deep electronic beats.
Also, Danny Michel will play two sets at The Black Sheep Inn, despite all of dial613's warnings to readers in the past couple months that each show he played would be the last chance to see him in a while. In any case, there will be a bus leaving from The Manx Pub to escort you to Wakefield. But I'm not so sure of the details, so you probably want to call first.

There are also some pretty neat visitors this week. The French Kicks make up for the late-August date they cancelled to go on tour with Phoenix, and play with Texan internet favourites SOUND Team. And of course there's also Belle Orchestre, who everybody wants to call local, but come on (wo)man, they're from Montreal, ok? Thinking they're from Ottawa is like believing that The Undertaker really was from Death Valley, California: not quite true, but it can be fun to pretend.

So, what shows are you looking forward to this week?

Adam Saikaley* with The Bridegroom*, Liar's Rosebush*, and Alex Maltby, at Maverick's
-->Liar's Rosebush - Delta Delta Delta (website, myspace)
Danny Michel* with Justin Nozuka and Jeremy Fisher, at The Black Sheep Inn
Design Of Cities* with The Red Arrows*, at Zaphod's

Danny Michel* with Eric Vieweg*, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->Danny Michel - It's Not The End Of The World (website, myspace)
The Watters Brothers* with Eppiphane*, Revival Dear, and Trevor Strange*, at Zaphod's

Belle Orchestre with Torngat, at The First Baptist Church
The Handsome Furs with Germans and Ennuie*, at Club SAW
The Longtimers* with The Mighty Eagle Band* and The Sweet Janes*, at Barrymore's

Dan Bern & The IJBC with Ember Swift*, at Barrymore's
-->Dan Bern - Jerusalem (live from this year's Bluesfest) (website)

The French Kicks with SOUND Team, at Babylon
-->The French Kicks - One More Time (website, myspace)
-->The French Kicks - Also Ran
-->SOUND Team - Your Eyes Are Liars (website, myspace)

* denotes local act


Jonathan Migneault said...

Due to an unfortunate communication breakdown The Bridegroom probably won't play a set tonight.

It will likely just be Adam Saikaley and Liar's Rosebush for a night of experimental electronica at Mavercicks.

matthew said...

I think that the Handsome Furs show is the best thing happening this week, but 1) I'm a sucker for anything Wolf Parade-related, and 2) I'm putting the show on...

By the way, let me know about Herman Dune! And if you don't know what I'm talking about, check your e-mail!