this week in Ottawa: 09.11.06 - 09.17.06

Participate in an exciting reversal of roles by going to watch The Hidden Cameras, who play Barrymore's on Wednesday

[text and mp3's to be added shortly]WOW LOOK! (or look, wow)

Hope your wallet is full, because there are a lot of brand new albums being thrown at you that, for the most part, probably deserve to be purchased, including one each from local bands Ukrainia, The John Henrys, Forty Cent Fix and the Souljazz Orchestra.

There's no shortage of visiting acts to choose between over the course of the week, but dial613's biggest decisions come on Wednesday and Friday:
On Wednesday, will it be jangly, festive pop from The Hidden Cameras or mind-blowing, feverish rock-and-roll from The Golden Dogs?
And come Friday, should the plan be for pant-kicking alt-country with Corb Lund and Elliott Brood, or for a mischievous and eerily-synthy dance party with Controller.Controller and You Say Party! We Say Die!? Or the Ukrainia cd release, where the London Barivnok Dance Ensemble will be showing off their traditional Ukrainian folk dancing skills?

And all the while, there is a healthy serving of local-"world" talent spread all throughout the week, with Ukrainian pop (and stage banter!) from Ukrainia, Asian surf music provided by The Empiricals, and kinda-traditional klezmer courtesy of Socalled.

Are you sweating over what choices to make? You really can't go wrong, so suck it up and be decisive, you wuss.
And put on some anti-persperant or something, because that shouldn't happen so easily.

So, what's going to be the toughest decision for you?
Are you a wuss?
Is there a synonym for "wuss" that would have been cooler to use?

Brad Sucks* with Jacquie In The Kitchen*, De'mos, Dave Norris, at Zaphod's

Camp Best Friends*, at Pier 21

The Golden Dogs^ with The Golden Seals at Maverick's
-->The Golden Dogs - RUNOUTTALUCK (website, myspace)
The Hidden Cameras^ with Spiral Beach, Laura Barrett, at Barrymore's
-->The Hidden Cameras - AWOO (website, myspace)
-->The Hidden Cameras - Learning The Lie

Souljazz Orchestra*^ with Jokko*, at Babylon

Corb Lund with Elliott Brood, at Capital Music Hall
-->The Corb Lund Band - Five Dollar Bill (website, myspace)
-->Elliott Brood - Twill (website, myspace)

Controller.Controller with You Say Party! We Say Die!, The D'Urbervilles, at Zaphod's
-->Controller.Controller - Disco Blackout (website, myspace)
-->You Say Party! We Say Die! - We Like Accidents (website, myspace)

Forty Cent Fix*^ with This Is Rocket Science*, For The Mathematics*, Bill Furious*, at Maverick's
Kelly & The Kelly Girls with Glenn Nuotio*, Eastborough*, at Cafe Dekcuf
Melissa Laveaux* with Ronley Teper, at Cafe Nostalgica
The Who with Peeping Tom, at Scotiabank Place
Ukrainia*^ with The Empiricals*, London Barvinok Dance Ensemble, at Barrymore's
-->The Empiricals - Golden Beat (website)

Good2Go* with The Bush Pilots*, Evil Farm Children*, at Zaphod's
Hilotrons* with Socalled*, F!ghtF!ghtF!ght*, at Barrymore's
The John Henrys*^ with Casey Comeau*, Slo Tom*, Bryan Curry*, and more, at Babylon
Rock Plaza Central^ with As The Poets Affirm*, Orillia Opry, at Irene's Pub

Asobi Seksu, at Babylon
Australian Export Tour Showcase 2006 ft. 72 Blues, 84, Fire Underground, and more, at Zaphod's

* denotes local act
^ denotes cd release party

fun fact: Ukrainia now holds the official dial613 record for most mentions in a single post, with 4. ok, that's 5.


matthew said...

There's more than just this show happening this week! Heck, there's more than this show happening that day...I'm torn between this and the Golden Dogs show at Mavericks...

matthew said...

Ahhh, there's the rest...Friday and Saturday have so many good shows happening that I almost wish I wasn't going out of town. :(

Calum Marsh said...

Don't forget about Poets on Saturday at Irene's. Sadly I'll be outta town all weekend (with the Poets in Montreal on Friday, at Henri Faberge's party on Saturday). Enjoy!

Also: instead of "wuss", use "yellow belly" (or, alternatively, "yellabelly").

Calum Marsh said...

UPDATE: We Are Wolves on the 27th is now at ZAPHOD'S, and Relief Maps have dropped out (to be replaced by Place).

I'll keep you in the know! Watch out for: AIDS Wolf, soon...