bluesfest: (just past) the mid-way mark

Solomon Burke, King of Soul, rises from his throne to stir the pot on Sunday night

Bluesfest is closer to its ending than its beginning, so it feels like some sort of recap is in order here.

But no reviews... this is how it's going to go: dial613 will say some things about some acts so far (how specific!), and you respond with a single clap of approval. Ready? Go!

  • Seu Jorge's tambourines; [CLAP!]
  • Calexico for only 20 minutes; [sad-CLAP!]
  • Feist's hat; [CLAP!]
  • Solomon Burke promising "a night of very special requests," but then not taking any; [CLAP!]
  • Amadou & Mariam repeatedly asking "Est-ce que ca va!", "Est-ce que tout le monde en favor!?", and dial613's favourite, "ARE YOU OK!!"; [CLAP!] (pic courtesy of National Capital Rock)
  • Mark Kozelek vs. white people (exclusive audio clip!); [CLAP!]
  • Be Good Tanyas sharing the story of their first Ottawa audience (during lengthy-but-bareable instrument-tuning sessions), which consisted solely of a one-eyed man at Irene's Pub; [CLAP!]

And really: how great/funny(/not?) was that Mark Kozelek moment? You could feel the awkwardness suddenly swoop in and strangle everybody in earshot, including Kozelek. And then it just stayed there. Until the very end (which, as it turned out, wasn't that far off).

How many times did you clap?
What have been memorable moments for you so far?

1 comment:

Calum Marsh said...

When Amadou and Mariam's drummer fought with the stagehand. The cymbal kept falling off and the drummer would NOT let it be put back on - that shit latest and entire song! CLAP!

The Grande Mothers demanding 10 finnish marks for a song request - CLAP!

The Acorn going out of their way to offend everyone present - and doing so. CLAP!