guide: Bluesfest, day 6 - day 10 (07.12.06 - 07.16.06)

Uh-oh.. dial613 not-so-guilty pleasure Fefe Dobson and some band named Wilco are scheduled at the same time on Saturday

mp3s are at the bottom (AND THEY WORK NOW). Be sure to grab that last (and somewhat rare?) New Pornographers track.

Shorter and less wordy than part 1, for the good of both you and I, here is:

dial613 reader's guide to Bluesfest 2006, pt. 2: days 6-10

Day 6 - Wednesday, 07.12.06

schedule for dial613:
6:15 - Casey Comeau* (mbna) (website)
7:30 - Nelly Furtado (main)
9:30 - The Grande Mothers (sheep)

Look at that, you can see them all! Day 6 practically takes care of itself, you don't need any help here.

The guide continues...
Click here for days 7 through 10.


Day 7 - Thursday, 07.13.06

schedule for clones:
6:00 - Alanna Stuart* (main) (website)
6:15 - Elliott Brood (mbna) (website)
7:30 - Fiftymen* (mbna) (website)
9:30 - Etta James (main) (website)
9:30 - Konono No.1 (sheep) (write-up)
dial613's schedule
a bit of Alanna Stuart - 6:00
Elliott Brood - 6:15
Fiftymen - 7:30
Etta James - 9:30

BATTLE!: Etta James vs. Konono No.1
Though more familiar with each of these performers' reputations than their actual music, dial613 would stand in one spot for hours just to hear Etta sing "At Last," and that's what decides this match-up. Also, the Solomon Burke factor plays a part... Etta James is a living legend, and this could be a one and only chance to ever see her. But Konono No.1 and their "Congotronics" are still very tempting... hopefully, they'll still be playing once Etta finishes.
Pick: Etta James

Day 8 - Friday, 07.14.06

schedule for clones:
6:00ish - Wintersleep (mbna) (website)
7:00 - Jim Bryson* (dusk) (website)
7:00ish - Holy Fuck (mbna) (myspace)
7:45 - Luke Doucet* (sheep) (website)
8:00ish - Fiery Furnaces (mbna) (website)
8:00 - Cadence Weapon (main) (myspace)
8:15 - Danny Michel* (dusk) (website)
9:00ish - Metric (website)
9:30 - Alejandro Escovedo (sheep) (website)
9:30 - Kathleen Edwards* (dusk) (website)
dial613's schedule
Wintersleep - 6:00ish
Jim Bryson - 7:00
a little Fiery Furnaces - 8:00ish
Danny Michel Band - 8:15
Metric - 9:00ish
Kathleen Edwards - 9:30

tag-team BATTLE!: Dog Day Afternoon (mbna) vs. Local All-Stars (dusk)
This here is a slobber-knocker. Fiery Furnaces are the only act from the MBNA line-up that hasn't been around Ottawa before (as far as I know), while the Blues 'Til Dusk line-up features Kathleen Edwards, the most internationally-recognizable Ottawa musician since Alanis Morissette, who doesn't make too many trips home to perform. And Danny Michel, who seems to be getting bigger and bigger, will also be playing his last Ottawa show for what will likely be a while (err.. aside from his solo set the next day).
And poor Cadence Weapon gets lost in the middle of all this.
Pick: Both, but an edge goes to the Local All-Stars

Day 9 - Saturday, 07.15.06

schedule for clones:
1:00 - Danny Michel* (mbna) (website)
4:00 - The M's (main) (website)
5:15 - The New Amsterdams (main) (website)
7:45 - Rosanne Cash (main) (website)
9:00 - Wilco (main) (website)
9:15 - Fefe Dobson (dusk) (myspace)
dial613's schedule
Danny Michel - 1:00
The M's - 4:00
The New Amsterdams - 5:15
Wilco - 9:00
sprint to Fefe Dobson - post-Wilco

BATTLE!: Wilco vs. Fefe Dobson
dial613's secret is out: Fefe Dobson is awesome. What a grave injustice for the 2 acts to be on at the same time... personally, it parallels (if not supercedes!) Broken Social Scene vs. Calexico. This all sounds sarcastic, but really, it's not. I'm tearing up as I type this.
Pick: Wilco
...then a mad dash to Fefe Dobson. And dammit, if Wilco encores, I'm leaving anyway.

Day 10 - Sunday, 07.16.06

schedule for dial613:
12:15 - Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo* (sheep) (website)
2:45 - Eppiphane* (dusk) (website)
3:15 - Meligrove Band (sheep) (website)
4:45 - Hilotrons* (sheep) (website)
6:15 - controller.controller (sheep) (website)
8:00 - KC's Boogie Blast, ft. KC & The Sunshine Band, Gloria Gaynor, Sister Sledge (main)
9:30 - The New Pornographers (sheep) (website)

What a pleasant way to end: 7 shows, 2 locals, and not a conflict in sight (aside from only getting to see Eppiphane for 30 mins). And the cherry on top is that it's pretty much all on one stage (and the BlackSheep one, at that!), which means dial613 can rest sprint-weary legs and just grab a nice spot on the grass in between sets.
It's going to be a gametime decision, though, on whether or not to go get a glimpse of KC's Boogie Blast... that would likely mean forfeiting a prime spot for The New Pornographers. Yeah, probably not gonna happen.

In order of appearance.
-->Day 6
Casey Comeau - Dragonfly Funeral Pyre
Nelly Furtado - Powerless
Nelly Furtado - Maneater
-->Day 7
Elliott Brood - Only At Home (!)
Elliott Brood - Twill
Fiftymen - Whiskey & Lulu
Etta James - At Last (!)
-->Day 8
Jim Bryson - The Wishes Pile Up (!)
Fiery Furnaces - Waiting To Know You (!)
Fiery Furnaces - Norwegian Wood (Beatles cover)
Danny Michel - Perfect
Metric - Handshakes
-->Day 9
Wilco - Jesus, etc.
Wilco - Thirteen (Big Star cover) (!)
Fefe Dobson - Don't Go (Girls & Boys) (!)
Fefe Dobson - Everything
-->Day 10
Eppiphane - Hey You
Meligrove Band - Our Love Will Make The World Go Round
Hilotrons - Should've Come Over (!)
controller.controller - Disco Blackout
The New Pornographers - The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism
The New Pornographers - The Bleeding Heart Show
The New Pornographers - Your Daddy Don't Know (!)


matthew said...

You can always go catch Cadence at the Clocktower Pub later that night on the 15th!

matthew said...

Oops...apparently it's just him DJing. Though the real best show of that night is Think About Life playing a basement show somewhere in this city with Black Actors!

Jonathan Migneault said...


Cadence Weapon is just DJing?!?

There's no reason to live!

*If you watch Late Night With Conan O'Brien you'll get that last reference.

Calum Marsh said...

The Think About Life show should be sweet, but is that on the same night? I thought it was like the 20th or something...

And Green Velvet's playing that night too, what a shame. I've never had so many shows to choose from on the same night in this city.

dial613 said...

psst, matthew, cadence dj set is on the 14th

matthew said...

Yeah, I realized that after I posted it, and now I look stupid. :(