"in" bluesfest: brock zeman, alanna stuart

Just a couple quick Bluesfest notes about local acts:

  • Brock Zeman, a 22 year old country-folk crooner who from Carleton Place, will be opening the entire festival tonight at 6:15 on the main stage. He won the spot through the Bluesfest talent showcase competition that was being held at Zaphod's.Go to his website and follow the link to stream music from his first 2 albums. There's also one mp3 of his at the end of the Bluesfest guide.
  • Alanna Stuart, who you may have seen helping out Peter Elkas at Maverick's this past Friday, is keeping a daily Bluesfest diary leading up to her performance opening for Etta James on Thursday. It's being published daily in the Arts section of the Ottawa Citizen, but you can also see it for free online from their website. Today's is here, and there is a link to yesterday's on Alanna's myspace.
Reminder: If you're heading down to Bluesfest tonight, and especially if you have a ticket to redeem for a pass, don't forget to leave time to account for the line-ups.

Enjoy whoever it is you see tonight, and you can e-mail dial613 to say what you thought about the show.

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