this (abbreviated) week in Ottawa: 07.26.06 - 07.30.06

Showgoers will be hoping for a happy ending when Sunset Rubdown plays Zaphod's on Wednesday

As The Poets Affirm are the lucky ones who get the opening slot for Sunset Rubdown, that band you've heard of featuring Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade) and Camilla Wynne Ingr (ex-Pony Up!). But they deserve it: the instrumental ensemble has paid their dues around town for the last couple years, and the opportunity for more attention is something they've earned. So show up on time... doors at 8, first set should be around 9.
Also, the shamefully-unadvertised Andrew Haydon Park Concert Series continues its run this weekend with an afternoon set by The Amanda Rheaume Band, fresh off their appearance at Bluesfest.

And: This week on dial613, the plan is for some sort of regularity to return to the pace of writing here. So keep hanging in there, alright?

Which shows will you be going to?
Is anything missing from the (613)shows listings?

Sunset Rubdown with As The Poets Affirm*, at Zaphod's
--->Sunset Rubdown - They Took A Vote And Said No (website)
--->Sunset Rubdown - I'll Believe In Anything You'll Believe In Anything

Amanda Mabro wth Ana Miura*, Natasha Alexandra, at Black Sheep Inn
The Coggs* with The Watters Brothers, Auto Racing*, at Zaphod's
--->The Coggs - Toothache (website, myspace)

Moses Mayes with Camp Best Friends*, at Maverick's

The Amanda Rheaume Band* at Andrew Haydon Park

* denotes local act


Calum Marsh said...

Missing concert listing:

Saturday, September 23rd
Ninja High School
The Acorn
@Cafe Dekcuf

matthew said...

Also, your listings seem to have a few shows from last year's Ladyfest on them -- Oh Bijou/Hexes & Ohs, The Gossip/We Are Wolves/Pony Up and Les Allumettes were all last year!

dial613 said...

y'know, i was thinking to myself that it all sounded a little too familiar.

note to self: it is no longer 2005

Calum Marsh said...

Thank god - I would not be pleased if We Are Wolves and Pony Up were playing the same day as my show...

And Jetplanes release party is on the 29th? Is that your show Matt?

matthew said...

No. :( After telling me I could promote it, they turned around and gave it to Eugene! And against Ladyfest, too!

Ah well...I *should* be promoting something pretty big two weekends before that.

roscoe said...

since these comments are all looking past this week, i will go ahead and ask a similar future-oriented question.

does anyone know who is opening for the French Kicks at their babylon show in september? i heard Midlake will be added to FK's toronto date the following day, and am wondering if the boys from Denton, Texas will make the trip to Ottawa on the 10th. anyone know?


matthew said...

Jetplanes were supposed to be opening the show originally, but I don't know if that's still the case.

(And, by the way, their CD release is NOT at the end of September. They've asked me to dispel that rumour. They don't know why Zaphod's is saying it is.)

Calum Marsh said...

Jetplanes told me they're opening for French Kicks. I also have no clue if that's still set. They haven't mentioned it for quite some time and it isn't on their Myspace calender. But you never know...

dial613 said...

jetplanesetc. were opening for the french kicks' originally scheduled show at the beginning of august (which was cancelled, i think because they were invited onto phoenix's tour).

haven't heard word of the opener for this newly scheduled one yet.