dial613 headquarters has been buzzing lately... it's mosquito season, and someone forgot to close the screen door (har-de-har).

But seriously folks, really, things have been hectic.

Despite this, the show listings (on the sidebar to your right) have still been updating daily. They will now be among the first to tell you about upcoming shows like:

  • The French Kicks (w/ Jetplanes Of Abraham, worth the price of admission alone),
  • Wolf Parade (w/ Frog Eyes, likely not quite worth the price of admission alone, unless it's like $5 or something),
  • and this year's maybe-finalized Canada Day lineup on Parliament Hill, featuring Stars.

Unrelated: did anyone else catch Pitchfork giving Ottawa some love via Bluesfest? Make your own comment about hoping it doesn't result in an attendance spike among those "Pitchfork types" here. (or, even better, in the comments section down below. Because that's where comments go.)

Check back Friday for dial613's guide to the inappropriately-titled westfest, complete with mp3's.

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