see: The Hylozoists (06.09.06)

The Hylozoists tag-teaming on the, uh, thingy, at Hamilton's The Casbah earlier this year

Friday night, go see The Hylozoists, an orchestral pop ensemble whose rotation of members includes a handful of Cuff The Duke, a couple Fembots, and one Weakerthan.
You may go for the glockenspiel, but you'll stay for the strings, two drum sets, vibraphone, and other instruments that may or may not actually have names. The one that intrigues me most is this thing that looks like an organ from one end and has a fan, and it can be played with something that looks like an oversized violin bow. If anybody can name it, I still have that prized granola bar available (it's a "nut medley"!).

Wayne Petti, front of Cuff and pianist of Hylozoists, opens solo.

The Black Sheep Inn, doors at 9, $10 advance (more at the door).

dial613 will be there. If you want to come say hi, feel free... just look for the person repeatedly trying to hug Wayne Petti (and refusing to let go once successful). Oh, Wayne... siiiigh...

Uh, anyway, The Hylozoists's sophomore album, La Fin Du Monde, is being put out on Western-Canadian label Boompa, whose roster also boasts dial613 favourites The Salteens and Small Sins (ex-Ladies And Gentlemen).

The Hylozoists - Details at Five (harpischord-y!)
The Hylozoists - Strait is the Gate (strings!)

and, an excuse to tell you to hear some Cuff The Duke:
Cuff The Duke - Ballad Of A Lonely Construction Worker (off the 2002 release Life Stories for Minimum Wage)
Cuff The Duke - The Future Hangs (off their self-titled 2005 release)
Cuff The Duke - Belgium Or Peru (off their self-titled 2005 release)

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and don't forget, dial613's westfest guide will be up tomorrow night.

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Anonymous said...

the thingy is a vibraphone. granola bar for me!