this week in Ottawa: 06.26.06 - 07.02.06

Peter Elkas will strike a pose (and possibly shill a new fragrance?) at Maverick's on Friday

With the exclusion of Canada Day, the number of shows has died down compared to the last couple weeks, so it looks like this may be the calm before the Bluesfest storm. And, unless a bunch of shows pop up suddenly, this calm will border on eery with a two-week span.
Meanwhile, there's still The International Jazz Festival to keep you busy up until the end of this week, along with a handful of solid local acts including Turning Into Salt and The Love Machine.

Check back Friday (maybe even Thursday, wow!) for a guide to the cornucopia of music you can catch on Canada Day in Ottawa.

Is anybody playing this week that is not on the list?
And, still looking for Jazzfest recommendations... anybody?
Ok fine, so if you won't be there, then who will you be seeing instead?

The Brat Attack with North Lincoln, Forty Cent Fix at End Hits
No Trumpets Please (among others) at Jazzfest

Brad Mehldau (among others) at Jazzfest
Socalled with (ex-Lederhosen) Lucille at Babylon
Turning Into Salt* with Chemical Swing, January/February, The Get Sets at Maverick's

GOOD2GO* at the Aloha Room (bottom floor of Barrymore's)

The Love Machine* with TAM! at Cafe Deckuf

Peter Elkas with The Burt Neilson Band at Maverick's
--->DOWNLOAD: Party Of One
--->DOWNLOAD: Skipping Stone
--->DOWNLOAD: Still A Flame
Syrup Girls w/ Women On Wax, F!ghtF!ghtF!ght*, Lady Ms. Myrrh at Barrymore's

(Look out later in the week for the official dial613 Canada Day guide)

Night off to recover from the city's collective Canada Day-after hangover..

* denotes local act

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matthew said...

I wish I could give you a Jazzfest recommendation, but I don't know any of the people playing at it.

One show I'm really excited about it the Sharp Like Knives/Bangkok show at End Hits on Friday...it should be really good!