this week in Ottawa: 06.05.06 - 06.11.06

Elliott Brood make their way to Westfest this weekend

Ottawa is treated to at least one notable show every day this week, with the conspicuous exception of 06.06.06. Hmm...

This week also marks the (un)official beginning of music festival season: the questionably-named Westfest is followed in the coming weeks by both the "International" Jazz Festival and Bluesfest (plug: dial613 will be giving a rundown and recommended schedule for each, so hang around).

dial613 is making sure to see Elliott Brood and the rest of Westfest. The Hylozoists are tempting, too.
What shows will you be sure to go to attend?
Are there any missing from the list?

If Then Do* with The Flaps*, Golden Famile*, Banditas* at Babylon

Amy Millan (yes, of Stars) with The Fembots at The Black Sheep Inn
VCR with The Grey at Zaphod Beeblebrox

Pride Tiger with Bend Sinister (double-bill) at Zaphod Beeblebrox
Fiftymen* with Ukrania*, J'envoie* at Capital Music Hall ("CHUO is 15" birthday party)

Amanda Rheaume* with Emergency Broadcast System, Counterclock at Zaphod Beeblebrox
The Hylozoists with Wayne Petti (of Cuff The Duke) at The Black Sheep Inn

Emm Gryner with Elliott Brood, Ember Swift, and others at Westfest
The Pink Mountaintops with The Black Angels, Camp Radio* at Barrymore's

Jim Bryson* with The Acorn*, Hilotrons, and others at Westfest
Boycrusher* with Stutter at Babylon
The Hot Springs with Kickers, Les Allumettes, and Captain Foxy at Irene's Pub

* denotes Ottawa-area band

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