this week in Ottawa: 06.19.06 - 06.25.06

John K. Samson and The Weakerthans can make you feel warm and fuzzy inside

Show highlights this week include Winnipeg's The Weakerthans, who bring their Impossible Distances tour to town on Tuesday, as well as Danny Michel & his yet-to-be-revealed All Star Band on Wednesday, when he will be having his official Ottawa CD release party for Valhalla. It also looks like it'll be his last stop here for a while, so catch him while you can. Also, The Ottawa Jazz Festival gets going on Thursday.

On June 24, I guess we're having our own little St-Jean-Baptiste day celebration, with a total of six seven eight dial613-listed shows on June 24.
At which show will you be celebrating the patron saint of Quebec?

Which show(s) do you recommend?
Are there any that have been left out?

The Acorn* w/ Kat Burns & The Forest City Lovers, Ohbijou at Black Sheep Inn
--->DOWNLOAD: Plates & Saucers
The Weakerthans w/ Angela Desveaux at Capital Music Hall
--->Our Retired Explorer (Dines With Michel Foucault)...
--->Reconstruction Site
--->Letter Of Resignation
...and one other

Danny Michel* All-Star Band w/ Harmony Trowbridge at Black Sheep Inn
--->DOWNLOAD: Perfect

Ottawa Jazz Festival begins

The October Sky* w/ Our Mercury, For The Mathematics* at Zaphod's
Immaculate Machine w/ The Ride Theory at Babylon
--->DOWNLOAD: Broken Ship
Justin Rutledge w/ Ndidi Onukwulu at Black Sheep Inn
...and one other

The Creeping Nobodies w/ Ennuie*, The Bridegroom* at Club Saw
The Diableros w/ The Department Of Foreign Affairs* at Zaphod
...and six others

Bedouin Soundclash at Ottawa Jazz Festival

* denotes local band


steve said...

hey pal.

just thought I'd give you a heads up.

july 3 @ zaphods - free monday night

steve st. pierre (ryan adams, the shins, danny michel)
w. the wayfarers (the band, wilco), eppiphane (dave matthews meets alt+rock).

8pm start. Should be interesting.

matthew said...

I'll be at the Nobodies show on Saturday...but I'm promoting it, so I'm biased.

Kat Burns is also playing at 59 Argyle after they're done at The Black Sheep...I wish I'd known they were with The Acorn, or else I would've tried to get a drive out there!

And From Fiction isn't playing on Friday anymore...they broke up, and they've been replaced by The October Sky.

dial613 said...

thanks for the info, got the shows up/fixed.

steve, those are some lofty comparisons.. which, in turn, are matched with lofty expectations. (i will never say lofty again)

matthew, what's at 59 argyle.. a house?

matthew said...

59 Argyle is indeed a house...they have shows there every so often, but I've never been so I don't know what it's like there.