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Folk-rock career musician Danny Michel first made a name for himself in the city while playing a residency at Elgin Street's Manx Pub back in the late 90s, then continued to grow his reputation during a short stint as a member of locally-based (and now-defunct) Starling, after which he kept working at it as a solo artist with frequent sets at The Black Sheep Inn.

On June 13, the 2005 Juno nominee (for "Best New Artist"... hmmm) released his 7th solo album, Valhalla, which is his 3rd in 4 years. The album has already garnered attention from David Bowie (to whose songs he dedicated 2004's Loving The Alien), which may be the good omen his years of hard work deserve... hey, it worked for The Arcade Fire, didn't it?

Not only has Michel survived on the scene for so long, but he has avoided letting his music become stagnant; his sound has evolved with every new album. dial613 has't had the chance to pick up Valhalla yet, but judging from the sampler available on his website, it sounds like the trend has continued.

And, on top of all his musical talent, he's also a nice guy to boot. Awww.

Danny Michel has been revealed as The Black Sheep Inn's surprise performer on June 21, where he will have his Ottawa CD Release Party, although his all-star band remains a mystery (Emm Gryner? Luke Doucet?).

From 2006's Valhalla
-->It's Not The End Of The World (new single)

From 2004's Loving The Alien
-->Ashes To Ashes (inspired by Bowie's Space Oddity)

From 2003's Tales From The Invisible Man
-->Perfect (dial613's pick; and is that a dog?)
-->The Invisible Man (that is one dirty backbeat)

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