see: The Golden Dogs, and misc. weekend happenings

The Golden Dogs will be in your face at Maverick's Friday night

I've already said my share on the The Golden Dogs and their absolutely rock-n-roll live show, so I won't add much more, other than be sure to keep your head up. They seem to have a tendency to knock things around whenever they visit: last year at Maverick's, it was a repeatedly falling mic stand (and lead singer), and at this year's Tulip Festival they upped the ante with a drum kit that refused to stay in one piece.
dial613 is considering wearing a hard hat out to this one.
--->DOWNLOAD: Elevator Man
--->DOWNLOAD: 2 more tracks, both from the forthcoming Big Eye Little Eye

For something mellower, try jazz-hoppers (genre-schmenre) Kobayashi at the Black Sheep Inn.
For beats and poetry, see Spesh K with local spoken word artist John Akpata at Zaphod's.

a) this weekend, and all the way up until June 25, stop by the Fringe Festival, an arts showcase featuring all sorts of local theater production and visual art.
b) on Sunday (June 18), head over to see what is surely Not Your Grandma's Craft Sale, presented by Ladyfest and punkottawa.com, which includes tons of wearable, neat-looking, and handy DIY crafts from local independent artists.

-shiny new faq is being made. so, if you want a question about dial613 answered, just ask it frequently over the next 24 hours or so.
-look for dial613's westfest pictures to be put up sometime this weekend

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matthew said...

The Golden Dogs show is so tempting...on one hand, I want to see them again. On the other...I promised my girlfriend I'd meet her after work, and I'll be seeing, like, 4 shows next week. Bah!

(And, by the way, go see The Paper Cranes at Zaphod's on Monday! Their album is pretty good, and the show is free!)