guide: Canada Day 2006

Between 2 of the bigger Canada Day music happenings alone, there will be THIRTEEN LOCAL BANDS playing. That's right, it excites me so much that I had to shout it.
Don't miss this incredible chance to expose yourself to a tonne of local talent... some of the best bands in the city will be playing.

With that said, dial613 presents to you:

Your guide to Music in Ottawa on Canada Day, 2006
Avoid public drunkenness laws by ducking into one of these. (Because then it becomes private drunkenness, hence it's allowed, right? Or something.)

Starting with the 3 biggest parties:

--->Parliament Hill/Major's Hill Park: music, culture, snowbirds, free.
I'm not going to be cheesy about this. There will be no line like "no matter what the weather, you'll be able to see Stars on Canada Day," or "Canadians downtown might find themselves Stars-struck on July 1." Nope, not gonna happen.
Anyway, I can't give much detail on where and when, because the NCC's website keeps crashing my computer (and I can't buy a new one because of the taxes I pay them, har har). But I can tell you some of the who: Kyle Riabko, Aselin Debison, and Colin James will all be performing. You can also see Buck 65 and K'naan (the ones who should be performing?), at the songwriter's workshop at some point during the day. When? I don't know. Be sure to save all your work first, then click here and find out for yourself.
You also may be interested in this incredibly cool 10 year project that is made of bones and wood and metal from all over the country: The Canadian Guitar.
Oh, and Stars come out on at 9:30. Dammit.
DOWNLOAD: Stars - Soft Revolution (website)

--->Zaphod Beeblebrox: 12 hours (2PM-2AM), 5 bands, 2 DJs, $5.
5 of the above-mentioned 13 local bands will be at Zaphod's annual 12 hour Canada Day "partaaaaaay" (give or take an 'a'). The bill features "newcomers" and dial613 faves Jetplanes Of Abraham (myspace) playing their 3rd ever show at about 8:30PM, along with another large local band that borrows its members from a handful of local groups (strangely, pretty much the same ones as Jetplanes?), Eastborough. Also taking the stage will be Golden Bulldozer, Grampapunk, and En Garde.

--->the parking lot outside Capital Music Hall: 12 hours (2PM-2AM), 8 bands, 1 DJ, $5.
The other 8 local acts will be playing in at the inaugural staging of The Live 88.5 Big Money Shot, a(n unfortunately-named?) competition between local bands for a ridiculous amount of money for recording and equipment. So go see the likes of The Coggs, The Love Machine, and Donkey Punch try to kick the shit out of each other for money, woo! Headlined by The Architects (myspace), who play some very palatable pop with a nice and shiny polish that's not so common around here. Click here for the full lineup.

To see the what's happening at Babylon, The Black Sheep Inn, Club Saw, and Maverick's: click here.

--->Babylon: 10 PM doors, 4 MCs, $10 advance.
Louis Logic, Jr. Flo, and locals Illo and Kid SL will all be doing their thang and spitting mad rhymes over crazy beats on Canada Day. In other words, I'm not sure who they are. But I have a feeling my prediction will be correct.

--->The Black Sheep Inn: 1 band, 50 men (heh), $10 advance.
It's the 3rd annual Fiftyday out in Wakefield, which means... you guessed it... Fiftymen (website) will be on stage. If you are one of the few drivers (or have a friend who is) on Saturday, and feel like running away from the sweaty drunken masses, this is a dandy alternative to have. Fittycent will also be making an appearance. If that means a Fiftymen hip-hop cover set, I will be really sorry I missed it.

--->Club Saw: 12 hours (2PM-2AM), 2 bands, 4 DJs, special guests, $?.
It's 12 hour bash #3, with locals Muffler Crunch (myspace) headlining. Also performing are Montreal's Les Abdigradationnistes, and DJs CPI, Jason Pelletier, BEAR Witness, and Lynne T (a Lesbian On Ecstasy).

--->Maverick's: 9 or 10PM, 1 band, free.
Peterborough's James Mckenty & The Spades (website) play some funtimey folk-rock. Sounds plain, but I have this strange feeling it could be a sleeper out of the Canada day options here.

Reminder: The Infringement Festival and Ottawa International Jazz Festival will still be running as well.

dial613's schedule?
The logistics are pretty iffy, but the bands on the to-do list (no, not that one), in rough chronological order:
The Love Machine
Jetplanes Of Abraham
The Architects
James Mckenty & The Spades
...along with whoever is closest to me before/in between/after each one.

So.. What's your schedule going to look like?



in: The Luck

I never realized how heartbreaking a ukelele could be until I came across The Luck.

Consisting solely of Jacob Bryce (though I bet his friends get to call him Jake), who also fronts Kelp residents The Recoilers, The Luck combines a bunch of ragtag instruments and sounds to make music that is stripped down but far from empty.

dial613 doesn't like to ever really say much about individual tracks, in the belief that the first judgment a listener makes about a song should be based on the music alone. But The Luck's sincerity and non-holding-back are contagious... so quick, here, take these and listen now:

Unreleased Tracks from 2005 ..because there hasn't been a release. (Yet?)
--->Battle Won Battle Lost
--->Leave Me
--->We've Got It All Out... (has an M. Ward kind of feel to it)

Ok, so...
Did you listen?
Completely honestly?

Alright then, you have permission to continue:
Battle Won Battle Lost - is hands down one of the most bitterly beautiful songs I've ever heard. It has all the components of a cheery song: a peppy bass drum beat, ukelele, handclaps, and even whistling... but somehow combines them all in a way to make a wistful, bare-bones song that sounds like it's yearning for something more.

Leave Me - follows in a similar vein, but standing out is a phone ring/conversation at the end which perfectly serves The Luck's romantic aesthetic of a solitary guy pouring his heart out in a downtown apartment somewhere, leading a double-life between the inside and outside of his recording space.
(And yes, I'm probably reading way too much into what may have just been a recording blooper. But it just works so perfectly.)

Other words I tried to use in this post but couldn't: "desperate", "awkward", "funshine". But I've been trying to use funshine for a while now...

This side project of Bryce's doesn't seem to be too active: he last logged in to The Luck's myspace June 16 (somebody send this man a friend request!) and has only played two shows, the last of which was almost two months ago. But it looks like there will be a couple more throughout the summer... when they happen, they'll be listed on the sidebar to the right.

The Luck on:
the internet/myspace



this week in Ottawa: 06.26.06 - 07.02.06

Peter Elkas will strike a pose (and possibly shill a new fragrance?) at Maverick's on Friday

With the exclusion of Canada Day, the number of shows has died down compared to the last couple weeks, so it looks like this may be the calm before the Bluesfest storm. And, unless a bunch of shows pop up suddenly, this calm will border on eery with a two-week span.
Meanwhile, there's still The International Jazz Festival to keep you busy up until the end of this week, along with a handful of solid local acts including Turning Into Salt and The Love Machine.

Check back Friday (maybe even Thursday, wow!) for a guide to the cornucopia of music you can catch on Canada Day in Ottawa.

Is anybody playing this week that is not on the list?
And, still looking for Jazzfest recommendations... anybody?
Ok fine, so if you won't be there, then who will you be seeing instead?

The Brat Attack with North Lincoln, Forty Cent Fix at End Hits
No Trumpets Please (among others) at Jazzfest

Brad Mehldau (among others) at Jazzfest
Socalled with (ex-Lederhosen) Lucille at Babylon
Turning Into Salt* with Chemical Swing, January/February, The Get Sets at Maverick's

GOOD2GO* at the Aloha Room (bottom floor of Barrymore's)

The Love Machine* with TAM! at Cafe Deckuf

Peter Elkas with The Burt Neilson Band at Maverick's
--->DOWNLOAD: Party Of One
--->DOWNLOAD: Skipping Stone
--->DOWNLOAD: Still A Flame
Syrup Girls w/ Women On Wax, F!ghtF!ghtF!ght*, Lady Ms. Myrrh at Barrymore's

(Look out later in the week for the official dial613 Canada Day guide)

Night off to recover from the city's collective Canada Day-after hangover..

* denotes local act



see: Jazzfest (06.22.06 - 07.02.06)

Just a quick reminder that The Ottawa Jazz Festival kicks off tonight.
dial613 will not pretend to know much about the performers, but from reading the general press, it looks like you could go on pretty much any night and be satisfied (I should hope so, anyway).

Regardless, a handful of performers that I know and like are listed just to the right of this post in the (613)shows section.

Anybody have recommendations? If you could recommend just one act (or 2 or 3 or..), what would it be?



in: The Department Of Foreign Affairs

The Department Of Foreign Affairs fit in just fine around here. Mixing a country twang with rock and the occasional pop hook, their music can be excitingly diverse, but it's all rooted in toe-tapping, head-bobbing melodies and catchy choruses featuring pedal steel, strings, spot-on harmonies, and a piano that, a little surprisingly, fits right in with the rest.

DOFA keep their tracks wonderfully tight and clean, a reflection of the sleekness and professionalism in their songwriting and production.
The tunes are nice and simple, letting a listener get right into a song the first time around, but there are still plenty of layers left to dig through over repeated listens.

The end product is a sound that's perfect for a hot, sunny day... but one where you turn down playing volleyball (or checking out the ladies) at the beach in favor of climbing into a 4x4 and heading for a drive down a dirt road off Highway 7.

The band has kept busy playing shows, including a scorching set just the other week at NxNE, on the strength of their first two albums (Stories Up High and For Whatever Ails You) which were both released in 2004.
But listen for some new material in their coming dates, because they'll be releasing their third record sometime this summer.
Go see them live this Saturday at Zaphod's with The Diableros.

From 2004's For Whatever Ails You:
--->Take A Picture (an opening line channeling neil young that oh-so-smoothly transitions into an old-fashioned clap-along)
--->Skeptic Tank (sweet sweet harmonies)

From their upcoming release:
--->stream 3 tracks

The Department Of Foreign Affairs on:
the internet
new music canada



this week in Ottawa: 06.19.06 - 06.25.06

John K. Samson and The Weakerthans can make you feel warm and fuzzy inside

Show highlights this week include Winnipeg's The Weakerthans, who bring their Impossible Distances tour to town on Tuesday, as well as Danny Michel & his yet-to-be-revealed All Star Band on Wednesday, when he will be having his official Ottawa CD release party for Valhalla. It also looks like it'll be his last stop here for a while, so catch him while you can. Also, The Ottawa Jazz Festival gets going on Thursday.

On June 24, I guess we're having our own little St-Jean-Baptiste day celebration, with a total of six seven eight dial613-listed shows on June 24.
At which show will you be celebrating the patron saint of Quebec?

Which show(s) do you recommend?
Are there any that have been left out?

The Acorn* w/ Kat Burns & The Forest City Lovers, Ohbijou at Black Sheep Inn
--->DOWNLOAD: Plates & Saucers
The Weakerthans w/ Angela Desveaux at Capital Music Hall
--->Our Retired Explorer (Dines With Michel Foucault)...
--->Reconstruction Site
--->Letter Of Resignation
...and one other

Danny Michel* All-Star Band w/ Harmony Trowbridge at Black Sheep Inn
--->DOWNLOAD: Perfect

Ottawa Jazz Festival begins

The October Sky* w/ Our Mercury, For The Mathematics* at Zaphod's
Immaculate Machine w/ The Ride Theory at Babylon
--->DOWNLOAD: Broken Ship
Justin Rutledge w/ Ndidi Onukwulu at Black Sheep Inn
...and one other

The Creeping Nobodies w/ Ennuie*, The Bridegroom* at Club Saw
The Diableros w/ The Department Of Foreign Affairs* at Zaphod
...and six others

Bedouin Soundclash at Ottawa Jazz Festival

* denotes local band



pictures: westfest

dial613 is the word on everybody's lips. Although I think it may have something to do with the new phone system being implemented here, where you actually have to dial 6-1-3 before some local numbers now because of the stupid amount of phone numbers that are needed for all the cell phones.
So it's like,

A: "Hey, man, this phone number isn't working, are you sure you gave me the right one?"
B: "Yeah, did you DIAL 6-1-3?"
A: "Oh right, I forgot."

And that, my friends, is called publicity.

Anyway, here are selected pictures from Westfest, day 2. Because the camera was left at dial613 headquarters on day 1. Oops.
So look at them by clicking the "click to see" link that is just below and stuck to the left margin.

On Day 1, dial613 stopped by the Royal Canadian Legion, where everoone (sic) was welcome for some cheap french fries and impressive karaoke.

I wonder who is in charge of this sign. Maybe the person who was supposed to take it down didn't do it and so they were fired. And now nobody is going to do anything about it until they hire someone else. I liked it.

I was really surprised (and delighted) by all the murals that were scattered throughout Westboro. These are just a few.

On day 2, dial613 visited an art exhibit by H'art Of Ottawa, an art program for developmentally delayed/disabled kids, in this neat church that apparently is 100-and-something years old and was designed by the same guy who designed the parliament buildings. The art was actually really neat and nice to look at, bright colours and stuff.

I just liked the umbrella.

This guy was walking up and down the entire closed off section of Richmond for both days of the festival. I salute him for it. And I also salute his picture on the sign. Really, all real estate agents' official pictures are bordering on art.

Kellylee Evans on day 2. Very charismatic on stage, and off: she left the stage and joined the crowd midset to lift everybody (literally) off their seats, one at a time. And it worked, barely anybody sat back down, and the majority danced through the rest of the set. So she deserves some props here.

Hilotrons on day 2. By 5 minutes into their set, lead singer Mike Dubue (although during the set, I think he said his name was Steve?) will already be sweating like no other, it's incredible (and was that worth mentioning? probably not). A bouncy and energetic set, as always.

The Acorn on day 2, with some really funny stage banter, and my favourite set of theirs that I've seen so far.



see: The Golden Dogs, and misc. weekend happenings

The Golden Dogs will be in your face at Maverick's Friday night

I've already said my share on the The Golden Dogs and their absolutely rock-n-roll live show, so I won't add much more, other than be sure to keep your head up. They seem to have a tendency to knock things around whenever they visit: last year at Maverick's, it was a repeatedly falling mic stand (and lead singer), and at this year's Tulip Festival they upped the ante with a drum kit that refused to stay in one piece.
dial613 is considering wearing a hard hat out to this one.
--->DOWNLOAD: Elevator Man
--->DOWNLOAD: 2 more tracks, both from the forthcoming Big Eye Little Eye

For something mellower, try jazz-hoppers (genre-schmenre) Kobayashi at the Black Sheep Inn.
For beats and poetry, see Spesh K with local spoken word artist John Akpata at Zaphod's.

a) this weekend, and all the way up until June 25, stop by the Fringe Festival, an arts showcase featuring all sorts of local theater production and visual art.
b) on Sunday (June 18), head over to see what is surely Not Your Grandma's Craft Sale, presented by Ladyfest and punkottawa.com, which includes tons of wearable, neat-looking, and handy DIY crafts from local independent artists.

-shiny new faq is being made. so, if you want a question about dial613 answered, just ask it frequently over the next 24 hours or so.
-look for dial613's westfest pictures to be put up sometime this weekend



in: Danny Michel

Folk-rock career musician Danny Michel first made a name for himself in the city while playing a residency at Elgin Street's Manx Pub back in the late 90s, then continued to grow his reputation during a short stint as a member of locally-based (and now-defunct) Starling, after which he kept working at it as a solo artist with frequent sets at The Black Sheep Inn.

On June 13, the 2005 Juno nominee (for "Best New Artist"... hmmm) released his 7th solo album, Valhalla, which is his 3rd in 4 years. The album has already garnered attention from David Bowie (to whose songs he dedicated 2004's Loving The Alien), which may be the good omen his years of hard work deserve... hey, it worked for The Arcade Fire, didn't it?

Not only has Michel survived on the scene for so long, but he has avoided letting his music become stagnant; his sound has evolved with every new album. dial613 has't had the chance to pick up Valhalla yet, but judging from the sampler available on his website, it sounds like the trend has continued.

And, on top of all his musical talent, he's also a nice guy to boot. Awww.

Danny Michel has been revealed as The Black Sheep Inn's surprise performer on June 21, where he will have his Ottawa CD Release Party, although his all-star band remains a mystery (Emm Gryner? Luke Doucet?).

From 2006's Valhalla
-->It's Not The End Of The World (new single)

From 2004's Loving The Alien
-->Ashes To Ashes (inspired by Bowie's Space Oddity)

From 2003's Tales From The Invisible Man
-->Perfect (dial613's pick; and is that a dog?)
-->The Invisible Man (that is one dirty backbeat)

Danny Michel on:
the internet
new music canada


misc: issues

Just a quick report: links to download mp3s will actually work now. (right click the link, choose "save target as")

dial613 was having some major issues with reliable file hosting, and so a lot of the mp3 files which had been posted (read: all of them) were likely useless. But no more!
e-mail dial613 if you notice any problems from this point on. Because you didn't before. Jerk.



this week in Ottawa: 06.12.06 - 06.18.06 (now with mp3)

The Bellrays will unpack their trumpets at Zaphod's on the 17th

The Motown soul-and-rock-and-roll band The Bellrays, the introspective (and cuddly) Bright Eyes, and punk-rock legends(?) DOA are three big-name acts that will see Ottawa this week, and I have a feeling that there isn't one person who will be going to more than one show out of the three.

dial613 is really looking forward to The Golden Dogs, whose sold-out show at Maverick's last summer absolutely destroyed. Without question, they're one of the top (and most underappreciated) live bands around; if you saw them at the Tulip Festival, then you only got a taste... it's at a smaller, in your face, no-escape venue where they will make you their new biggest fan.
Who will you be seeing? Who have I left off the list?

Bright Eyes w/ Gruff Rhys at the Bronson Centre
--->DOWNLOAD: Another Travelin' Song
Home w/ Flecton* at Babylon

DOA w/ four-stroke*, layiterslayit* at Barrymore's

The Resistance w/ Forty Cent Fix*, Lives Of Many, Seeing Emerson* at Maverick's

The Bellrays w/ Weapons Of Mass Seduction* at Zaphod's
--->DOWNLOAD: Third Time's The Charm
The Polytones* w/ Red Shag Carpet at Black Sheep Inn

The Golden Dogs w/ Sojourn, Bullmoose at Maverick's
Kobayashi at Black Sheep Inn
Spesh K w/ Jugga, John Akpata, DJ Alive at Zaphod's

this week in dial613:

  • another Ottawa act is featured
  • a westfest diary (with pictures), maybe
  • more postering
  • a shiny new FAQ
  • omgomgomgweakerthansin8daysomg
  • TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT DIAL613, JEEZ. (but that's every week)

* denotes local act



go: westfest (06.10.06 - 06.11.06)


Billing itself as Ottawa's newest large-scale festival (Xpress puts its capacity at 10 000), Westfest flies (albeit under the radar) into its 3rd year with a stellar combination of FREE music, dance, art, busking, and more. But here at dial613, it's all about the music. (...And the show listings.)

DAY 1: 06.10.06
Elliott Brood - Only At Home
This track by Elliott Brood has absolutely dominated dial613's speakers for the last while. As a band, Elliott Brood are description-resistant. They are plucking banjos, howling, and "get down!"'s in the name of old-timey bluegrass. ...and I'm completely failing in my attempt to describe the description-resistant (obvious), so just listen to the mp3, check out their perfectly appropriate website, and go.

the schedule:
10:00 AM - Bigstone Drummers (various members of aboriginal tribes)
1:20 PM - The Cliks (college indie-rock)
2:30 PM - Ember Swift ("corporate-free.. jazz to funk to pop to punk")
4:00 PM - Justin Rutledge (singer-songwriter)
5:15 PM - Elliott Brood
7:00 PM - Nukariik (inuit dancers; only 15 minutes)
7:30 PM - Emm Gryner (ambient pop/rock)
9:00 PM - The Sky Diggers and The Cash Brothers

DAY 2: 06.11.06
High on Ottawa content, westfest's second day features no less than 6 local acts, including Bleeding Hearts, the trio of 14-year-old girls who could be Ottawa's answer to Smoosh.. despite the fact they probably sound nothing alike.
More notably, 3 of the biggest names in Ottawa's indie music scene will make appearances:
Jim Bryson - Somewhere Else
The Acorn - Plates & Saucers
Hilotrons - Science Fiction Music

Also, dial613's ever-piqued curiousity about spoken word and slam poetry will hopefully be satisfied, as Westfest showcases 5 word-speakers and poetry-slammers on the main stage.

the schedule:
9:30 AM - Bleeding Heart (???)
10:15 AM - The Habit ("melodic pop, folk-funk")
11:30 AM - Spoken Word showcase (w/ John Akpata, DJ Morales, Greg Frankson, and more)
1:00 PM - Joshua Morin (acoustic rock)
2:00 PM - Kellylee Evans (urban jazz)
3:00 PM - Hilotrons
4:30 PM - The Acorn
6:30 PM - Peggy White (roots)
7:30 PM - Jim Bryson

(More information on all the artists, and their websites (some of which have mp3s), here.)

So, who are you looking forward to?
Will you be heading to see any of the non-music events?
(also, feedback is welcome on this "guide". Did you like anything specific? What would you have liked to see but didn't? Tell me what you want.)



see: The Hylozoists (06.09.06)

The Hylozoists tag-teaming on the, uh, thingy, at Hamilton's The Casbah earlier this year

Friday night, go see The Hylozoists, an orchestral pop ensemble whose rotation of members includes a handful of Cuff The Duke, a couple Fembots, and one Weakerthan.
You may go for the glockenspiel, but you'll stay for the strings, two drum sets, vibraphone, and other instruments that may or may not actually have names. The one that intrigues me most is this thing that looks like an organ from one end and has a fan, and it can be played with something that looks like an oversized violin bow. If anybody can name it, I still have that prized granola bar available (it's a "nut medley"!).

Wayne Petti, front of Cuff and pianist of Hylozoists, opens solo.

The Black Sheep Inn, doors at 9, $10 advance (more at the door).

dial613 will be there. If you want to come say hi, feel free... just look for the person repeatedly trying to hug Wayne Petti (and refusing to let go once successful). Oh, Wayne... siiiigh...

Uh, anyway, The Hylozoists's sophomore album, La Fin Du Monde, is being put out on Western-Canadian label Boompa, whose roster also boasts dial613 favourites The Salteens and Small Sins (ex-Ladies And Gentlemen).

The Hylozoists - Details at Five (harpischord-y!)
The Hylozoists - Strait is the Gate (strings!)

and, an excuse to tell you to hear some Cuff The Duke:
Cuff The Duke - Ballad Of A Lonely Construction Worker (off the 2002 release Life Stories for Minimum Wage)
Cuff The Duke - The Future Hangs (off their self-titled 2005 release)
Cuff The Duke - Belgium Or Peru (off their self-titled 2005 release)

The Hylozoists on:
the internet
new music canada

Cuff The Duke on:
the internet
new music canada

and don't forget, dial613's westfest guide will be up tomorrow night.




dial613 headquarters has been buzzing lately... it's mosquito season, and someone forgot to close the screen door (har-de-har).

But seriously folks, really, things have been hectic.

Despite this, the show listings (on the sidebar to your right) have still been updating daily. They will now be among the first to tell you about upcoming shows like:

  • The French Kicks (w/ Jetplanes Of Abraham, worth the price of admission alone),
  • Wolf Parade (w/ Frog Eyes, likely not quite worth the price of admission alone, unless it's like $5 or something),
  • and this year's maybe-finalized Canada Day lineup on Parliament Hill, featuring Stars.

Unrelated: did anyone else catch Pitchfork giving Ottawa some love via Bluesfest? Make your own comment about hoping it doesn't result in an attendance spike among those "Pitchfork types" here. (or, even better, in the comments section down below. Because that's where comments go.)

Check back Friday for dial613's guide to the inappropriately-titled westfest, complete with mp3's.



this week in Ottawa: 06.05.06 - 06.11.06

Elliott Brood make their way to Westfest this weekend

Ottawa is treated to at least one notable show every day this week, with the conspicuous exception of 06.06.06. Hmm...

This week also marks the (un)official beginning of music festival season: the questionably-named Westfest is followed in the coming weeks by both the "International" Jazz Festival and Bluesfest (plug: dial613 will be giving a rundown and recommended schedule for each, so hang around).

dial613 is making sure to see Elliott Brood and the rest of Westfest. The Hylozoists are tempting, too.
What shows will you be sure to go to attend?
Are there any missing from the list?

If Then Do* with The Flaps*, Golden Famile*, Banditas* at Babylon

Amy Millan (yes, of Stars) with The Fembots at The Black Sheep Inn
VCR with The Grey at Zaphod Beeblebrox

Pride Tiger with Bend Sinister (double-bill) at Zaphod Beeblebrox
Fiftymen* with Ukrania*, J'envoie* at Capital Music Hall ("CHUO is 15" birthday party)

Amanda Rheaume* with Emergency Broadcast System, Counterclock at Zaphod Beeblebrox
The Hylozoists with Wayne Petti (of Cuff The Duke) at The Black Sheep Inn

Emm Gryner with Elliott Brood, Ember Swift, and others at Westfest
The Pink Mountaintops with The Black Angels, Camp Radio* at Barrymore's

Jim Bryson* with The Acorn*, Hilotrons, and others at Westfest
Boycrusher* with Stutter at Babylon
The Hot Springs with Kickers, Les Allumettes, and Captain Foxy at Irene's Pub

* denotes Ottawa-area band



etc: art in the park/doors open ottawa

Jetplanes Of Abraham in police line-up formation

First, a gold star and pat on the back goes to locals (dare I say supergroup?) Jetplanes Of Abraham for their set last night opening for The Most Serene Republic. They were great.. but like everything else you may read here, don't take my word for it, go check it out for yourself. I think your next chance will be August 2, when they open for The French Kicks. Meanwhile, you can listen to one track off their myspace.

Alright, so there are a couple things going on that you might want to look into this weekend for when you're not at one of the twelve (!) dial613-approved shows happening between tonight and Sunday (which, of course, are all handily listed in the sidebar to your right):

Art in the Park 2006
The 14th annual Glebe community art festival is on this Saturday and Sunday from 10AM-5PM. It's right in the Glebe's Central Park, which I'm told is located at Bank and Clemow (I don't know, google it). It's free admission, and you're supporting the local artists who paint, sculpt, etc. as their livelihood. The festival also includes music, dancing, and buskers.

Doors Open Ottawa
from the website: "is a weekend celebration of our architectural heritage when historic and architecturally significant buildings open their doors to the public."
Apparently they've been doing this since 1998.. it's the first I've heard of it, but it sounds kinda neat. You can go into the Bytown Museum built in 1827, the old Ottawa Jail on Nicholas (which I think is now a hostel), and some other places you normally can't get into, like the headquarters of Canada Post and OC Transpo. For a list of all the buildings you can see, go here.

Lastly, just a quick thanks to everybody who has come to check out the blog and/or commented on the Myspace. Yesterday alone, dial613 saw more traffic than the previous 4 days combined. So it looks like everything is on the right track here. Keep telling your friends. Especially about the show listings on the right. Those are awesome.

Let's get the Ottawa music scene the attention it deserves.



see: 06.01.06 (The Most Serene Republic)

The guy 2nd from left better not wear that Toledo Mud Hens t-shirt in Ottawa Lynx territory.

Tonight, go see The Most Serene Republic. One of the few on Arts & Crafts's roster not related by members to Broken Social Scene, The Most Serene Republic is... well... still related to Broken Social Scene, except by the actual music, which features poppy instrumental jams with plenty of experimentation and improvisation. But most importantly: sing-alongs and hand-clapping!

/The Most Serene Republic at Zaphod's, 8 PM, $10advance/$12door (with Jetplanes Of Abraham, featuring members of local bands Turning Into Salt, Kingston Fog, and For The Mathematics)
DOWNLOAD - Content Was Always my Favourite Colour
...................Where Cedar Nouns And Adverbs Walk

BONUS - Stars - Ageless Beauty (Most Serene Republic Remix)

If that's not your bag, Ottawa staple The Souljazz Orchestra continue their Thursday night residency at Babylon.

ALSO: check back tomorrow for a heads-up on a couple/few weekend events in the city to keep you busy.