this week in Ottawa: 08.28.06 - 09.03.06

The relatively-senior Dinosaur Jr. play the Capital Music Hall on Friday

The most intriguing show this week goes down Friday at the Black Sheep Inn, where Vancouver's Geoff Berner bravely continues his quest to "drag klezmer kicking and screaming back into the bars." His brand of klezmer is not your daddy's klezmer... it's actually your grand-daddy's klezmer, which apparently was full of "drinking, politics, and sex." Sounds like just another Friday night for dial613.

If the intrigue doesn't do it for you, there are 3 other high-quality shows that night to satisfy whatever it is you're looking for: accomplished indie-altrocking vets Dinosaur Jr., almost-retro electronic pop duo Hexes & Ohs (montreal), and small-town but big-rocking James McKenty & The Spades (peterborough), who turned in an incredible set on Canada Day, transitioning seamlessly between songs without stopping the music for anything resembling a breather.

If this week's shows are a sandwich and Friday is the meat, then local acts play the role of some pretty great bread; on top, there's the straight-outta-C(arleton)P(lace)T(own?) Brock Zeman & The Dirty Hands, who play dirty country tunes that stay loyal to their city limit roots. On the other end is Poorfolk, an indie-rock band with one hand sometimes in the folk cookie jar. Or bread basket. Whatever.

Who will you choose on Friday night?
Which show will you feel worst about missing?
What's your favourite kind of sandwich?

Brock Zeman & The Dirty Hands*, at The Rainbow
-->Brock Zeman & The Dirty Hands - Sweet Charlotte (website, myspace)
Camp Best Friends*, at Cafe Dekcuf
Chris Velan with Joshua Morin*, at The Black Sheep Inn

Dinosaur Jr. with TBA, at Capital Music Hall
Hexes And Ohs with The Stolen Minks and Hunter Valentine, at Irene's Pub
-->Hexes & Ohs - Alive Until Saturday Night (website, myspace)
James McKenty & The Spades, at Maverick's
Geoff Berner with Chakidor and Wax Mannequin, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->Geoff Berner - Whiskey Rabbi (website, myspace)

Poorfolk* with The Field Register and The Soiree*, at Irene's Pub
-->Poorfolk - Cave Smokin' (website, myspace)

* denotes local act

note: dial613 will be on pause for the next few days. (See if you can tell the difference.)

Kitten War! (go Stretch!)
Baby vs. Baby! (go Bink!)

Bonus!: Lou Barlow - Home (dial613's favourite 0.3333 of Dinosaur Jr.)



see right through: Amos The Transparent

Just a reminder that Amos The Transparent plays tonight at Barrymore's, along with fellow Ottawans Jetplanes Of Abraham and Montreal's Kamikaze Baby.

You can see a piece on the band from Thursday's Ottawa Citizen, which includes a neat little story about how the band got Amy Millan to sing on a track of theirs, by clicking right here.

In barely related news, see an article about the transparent walls of the future. That is so cool unnecessary. Looks like dial613's days of naked garage-prowling are now numbered.

You can also go see Nich Worby at the Avant-Garde Bar.

Amos The Transparent on:

Suggested comment banter: What would you put behind your transparent wall?
(Aside from your naked self.)



questions: Pony Up

Pony Up, from left: Sarah, Laura, Lindsay, Lisa, Ominous Grey Blob

This past Friday, dial613 got the chance to have a chat around the picnic table with Montreal's Pony Up after their set at the Black Sheep Inn.

Through a game of Pony Up/Pony Down (self-explanatory), the band communicated their unmistaken love for romantic comedies starring Hugh Grant, male groupies, turning right at red lights, and even separatists.
They also gave a big ol' Pony Down to male band members, crushing all of dial613's future hopes and dreams in just three syllables.

Read on to find out which celebrities best represent Pony Up's most recent album, what Sarah does on Thursdays and Fridays, the would-be consequences if Laura suffered from incontinence, Lisa's Ottawa connection, and what interview question brought on a fit of rage from one side of the picnic table.

dial613 interviews Pony Up: "We're like the Crips and the Bloods."

->What is Pony Up listening to these days? What was playing on the van ride up?
Lisa: We listened to the Grateful Dead, Blue Rodeo... oh why am I saying that!? We listened to the radio. We were seeking... it's really dead between Montreal and Ottawa. There were a couple good songs, weren't there? There was a bad Phil Collins< song, and I like Phil Collins actually, I'm a fan. But it was way too sappy.
Laura: Maybe it was from like the Lion King (Tarzan). That's what it sounded like.
Lisa: In our houses we're listening to Okkervil River and Jens Lekman. And The Supremes, too.
dial613: What's your favourite Jens Lekman song?
Pony Up: Pocketful Of Money, that's the best one.
dial613: I disagree.
Sarah: You can't disagree with what our favourite song is!
dial613: Pfft, you guys don't know what you like.
Pony Up: Pfft.

->You've taken the exclamation point off the end of your name. Does that mean I should be less excited when I tell my friends about you?
Lisa: Best question ever, and I want to write it down...
Laura: No, that does not mean you should be less excited!
Lisa: I think we tried to reflect the mood of the album (Make Love To The Judges With Your Eyes) a little bit and just be more honest about it, it's not as, like, "party" as the first one, it's more introspective.
Laura: It's still an order, it's still a statement; but you could imagine there's a period at the end of it instead of an exclamation mark.
dial613: Oooh, you just answered my follow-up question.
Lisa: It's a little more jada.. jaded, a little more savvy. Like "Word, Pony Up."
Laura: A little more Jada Pinkett Smith.
Lisa: A little less Will, and a little more Jada.
dial613: Did you consider any other punctuation?
Pony Up: We discussed having a question mark, but that was a little too confusing. That would be too existential. We talked about the semi-colon, then we had the album title Semi-Colonoscopy.

->When you write a song, do you specifically write it for one member to sing, or do you write it first and decide after?
Lisa: We write our own songs. Like whatever we sing, we write.. Whoever sang it wrote the words and the melody. Sometimes [Sarah, Laura, and Lindsay] come up with stuff that is already prepared and it's already basically there, but then other times we come up with music in the practice space and, in that case, one of these guys will call dibs, and it seems like usually Laura calls dibs.
Pony Up: Sarah writes more at home, I find.
dial613: Do you ever fight about it?
Lisa: We don't fight about it, but we do discuss it. Y'know, maturely!
Sarah: I feel like if I don't write at home then I'm not going to. So maybe we're working against each other. I'm not going to get a song to sing if I don't write it.
Lisa: We're motivating you by depriving you!
Laura: I feel like if I don't dibs then I'm not going to sing because I'm not going to write it.

->So, hypothetically, let's say my girlfriend and I broke up because she thinks I'm a jerk. I want to woo her back, so I'm thinking of sending her a Pony Up song. Which one should I send her?
Laura: Hmm, to win a girl.. I don't think there is a Pony Up song [for that].
Lisa: Oh, maybe The Truth About Cats And Dogs, because the meaning is kind of vague, and then the "give me a reason/send me a postcard" part is kind of inspiring.
Sarah: How about our cover of Honest Mistake?
Lisa: Our cover of Just Like Starting Over is actually a good one.
Laura: That's a good getting back together song! The John Lennon version is good.

->Is there anything that could make you stop in the middle of a show?
Laura: If I peed my pants!
dial613: Anything someone in the audience could say or do that would actually just make you stop in your tracks?
Lisa: If somebody threw something that was not friendly. If they throw underpants and they land at your feet, you would keep going, but if somebody threw something like a beer bottle, then we would be like "yo, what's up."

->What would happen if I left on a Thursday or a Friday, would that be cool? (lyric reference to Lines Bleed. -ed)
Sarah: Yes!
Lisa: Those are the days when she's kind of like "meh, whatever, I got my own things to do." That's when she does her groceries and goes to the bank. She's kind of busy, she doesn't really care.

->If you add an 'h' to Pony Up, you get Phony Up. How do you respond?
Lisa: Whoa, ouch! First of all, what are you suggesting?
dial613: I don't know, how do you respond?
Lisa: Well, you spelled it wrong.
dial613: But then I'd say, I ran it through spell check, and there were no mistakes.
Lisa: Good rebuttle, are you on the debate team? I would try and turn it back on them, and say, y'know, do you think that there's something phony about people genuinely trying to express their feelings to you? Are you so hard that that's what you think when you see innocence in musical form? Genuinity in musical form? That's your problem. That says more about you then it says about us.
dial613: At this point in the interview, Lisa is yelling at me.
Lisa: You've got issues man, you've got SERIOUS FUCKING ISSUES.
Lindsay: You've got to stop and take a good hard look at yourself.

->Are you going back to Montreal tonight?
Pony Up: No, Ottawa.
dial613: What are you doing in Ottawa?
Lisa: We're staying at my parents' house. I was born in Ottawa, but I lived in Shawville. The 3 of us lived in Shawville, Quebec, but my mom distrusts the Shawville hospital so she drove to Ottawa to have me and then drove back to Shawville. But then I went to high school in Ottawa, at Gloucester.
dial613: Gloucester? Oh...
Lisa: Are you guys from downtown?
dial613: No, from [area].
Lisa: Oh you're from [area], that's even worse, well that's why you hate me! We're like the Crips and the Bloods.

->Can you describe your music without using the letter 'E'?
Lisa: Crazy...
Laura: Sexy cool??
Pony Up: No!, there's an 'e' in sexy. Sxy cool.
Sarah: Fun and naughty and sad?
Pony Up: There we go!

For your jilted ex-girl/boyfriends, to help them have fun and feel naughty but then cry about it afterwards:
Pony Up - The Truth About Cats And Dogs (Is That They Die)

Pony Up on:
the internet
new music canada



this week in Ottawa: 08.21.06 - 08.27.06

Amos The Transparent's favourite number is ten, followed closely by 9-1-1

This week is a bit of a sleeper, though not to be confused with being sleepy. As in, it should be a great chance to hear some new and up-and-coming music that you might not have gotten to in a busier week.
Specifically, you can see Amos The Transparent, a "new" local band that includes former members of the now-defunct Keep Yourself Good Company and the not-at-all-defunct The Architects, as well as singer-songwriter Ana Miura. And be sure to get there early so you can take in Jetplanes Of Abraham, the new Ottawa supergroup that is practically drowning in local bloggers' slobber.

Speaking of blogger-slobber, the lightly internet-buzzed Oppenheimer are making the trip all the way from Belfast to bring their fuzzy, infectious pop sound into Ottawa. They should probably be getting a little more attention, so maybe you'd like to give it to them (edit: cancelled, give it to them once they reschedule). Listen to Breakfast In NYC, but be careful: it may make you want to hug people.

Who will you be going to see this week?

Dar Williams with Dan Frechette, at The Black Sheep Inn

Aide-De-Camp with Dearly Beloved, at Zaphod's

Kardinal Offishall with Hilotrons* and Donkeypunch*, at Capital Music Hall
--->Hilotrons - Born A Dancer (website, myspace)
--->Donkeypunch - Brand Name Boy (website, myspace)
Marc Charron & Rozalind Macphail with Neil Gerster, at Zaphod's

Amos The Transparent* with Jetplanes Of Abraham* and Kamikaze Baby, at Barrymore's
Nich Worby at Avant-Garde Bar
Oppenheimer with Bad Flirt and Lifestyle, at Zaphod's CANCELLED
--->Oppenheimer - Breakfast In NYC (website, myspace)

Clothes Make The Man with Cities In Dust and Sojourn, at Barrymore's
These Electric Lives with Embassies Of Denmark*, at Zaphod's

The Flaps* (afternoon show) at Andrew Haydon Park
--->The Flaps - Ouzo (website, myspace)

* denotes local band



see: Andrew Vincent & The Pirates

Andrew Vincent is moving to Toronto, maybe because that's where the actors live.

Tonight is your last chance for what will likely be a long time to see Ottawa staples Andrew Vincent & The Pirates, known worldwide as dial613's first ever featured band, but maybe also as favourites of CBC Radio 3's Grant Lawrence. Go and hear them play their witty and catchy and [continue gushing here] tunes, and listen closely for the references to Ottawa's streets, radio stations, and maybe even independent dry cleaners.
They play 2 sets at the Carleton Tavern tonight, and it's free.

--->Andrew Vincent & The Pirates - Martha
--->Andrew Vincent & The Pirates - Cover It Up
--->a few more mp3's in the post before this one...

If that's not your thing, you can also go down to Wakefield to catch night 2 of iheartmusic.net's First Anniversary Party, where you can see Land Of Talk, Expatriate, Spy Machine 16, and Nich Worby.



this slightlylessthana-week in Ottawa: 8.16.06 - 8.20.06

Montreal's Pony Up headline the opening night of iheartmusic.net's 1st anniversary partay

This week will be a nightmare for the indecisive.

dial613 isn't even going to attempt to break down the +/-19 shows in the city over the next 5 days, most of which are part of three 'festivals' taking place in Ottawa this weekend (they are listed in the post just before this one).
Scheduling is all up in the air at this point, with the exceptions of plans to make sure to see The Sadies, Pony Up, and Andrew Vincent & The Pirates.

For the latter, it will likely be their last Ottawa show together for a long time, so this is your last shot to see the dial613/CBC Radio 3 favourites who have been staples on the Ottawa scene for the past 5(?) years. So really, don't miss it, ok? Ok.

You may also want to go out of your way to see Steve Earle and/or Ron Sexsmith, because, well, they're Steve Earle and Ron Sexsmith.

Who are your must-sees this week?
Which 'festival' will you be spending the most time at?

-all iheartmusic.net Anniversary shows are held at The Black Sheep Inn
-all CKCU Folk Festival shows are held... all over the place. Check their website for specifics.
-all Handhearts To Heaven shows are held at The Bronson Centre

Ben Lee, with The Suits XL, Trevor James* at Barrymore's
--->Ben Lee - Catch My Disease
--->Ben Lee - Close I've Come
The Empiricals* at The Aloha Room
Eugene & The Eugenics*, with RadioDazed*, Voice Of Addiction, and more at Cafe Dekcuf
Eugene's Birthday Party For Peace, ft. Golden Bulldozer*, with Shane Philip, Ladymilk* at Zaphod's

Ian Tamblyn, with Lynn Miles, Bill Bournes, Erick Manana at CKCU Folk Festival
The Sadies, with Amy Millan, Ridley Bent, Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir at Capital Music Hall (CKCU Folk Festival)
--->Amy Millan - Skinny Boy
"Don't Turn Back The Clock (on same sex marriage)", ft. The Habit*, with Sienna Dahlen, DJ Morales*

Cancer Bats w/ Like You, Vicious Cycle, I Refuse, and more at Handhearts To Heaven
Pony Up, with The Soft Disaster*, Heroes & Villains, Relief Maps* at iheartmusic.net's 1st Anniversary Party
--->Pony Up - The Truth About Cats And Dogs (Is That They Die)
--->Pony Up - I Heard You Got Action
Steve Earle, with Dawn Tyler Watson & Paul Deslauriers, James Hill, and more at CKCU Folk Festival

Andrew Vincent & The Pirates* (Last Ottawa show!) at the carleton tavern
--->Andrew Vincent & The Pirates - Bahamas
--->Andrew Vincent & The Pirates - One, Two, Three
Experiment In Terror, with Daiwhu!, The Love Machine*, and more at Handhearts To Heaven
--->The Love Machine - We Are Squirrels And This Is Nuts
Land Of Talk, with Expatriate*, Spy Machine 16, Nich Worby at iheartmusic.net's 1st Anniversary Party
Lure*, with What The Thunder Said* at Zaphod's
Ron Sexsmith, with Ndidi Onukwulu & Madagascar Slim, Ridley Bent, Ferron, and more at CKCU Folk Festival

Iris DeMent, with Dar Williams, The Mighty Popo, and more at CKCU Folk Festival
The Architects*, with Seconds 2 Go* at Zaphod's
Fefe Dobson at Lansdowne Park (The EX)
--->Fefe Dobson - Don't Go (Girls & Boys)
Raising The Fawn w/ My Dad vs. Yours*, Turning Into Salt*, What Seas What Shores at iheartmusic.net's 1st Anniversary Party
--->My Dad vs. Yours - Hable Paisane
--->Turning Into Salt - Angels Cut The Angles

* denotes local act

--->Andrew Vincent & The Pirates - Cover It Up
--->Ben Lee - Float On (Modest Mouse cover)



this week in Ottawa: 08.14.06 - 08.20.06

Lock up your wives and daughters; Ben Lee plays Barrymore's on the 16th.

This week in Ottawa will be detailed on Wednesday.
Until then, have a look at the three (!) festivals coming up this weekend:

..and when you're done, try staring at Ben Lee's adorable, carefree smile without developing the urge to wipe it right off his face.

But regardless, that man is as cute as kittens.



misc: miscellany

The Acorn drummer Jeffrey Malecki and Dany Heatley

I've been saving this one for a while now, for a rainy day.
Come on.. I can't be the only one.

The Acorn - Guilt Trip Fashion

Also, don't forget to see The D'Urbervilles with Department Of Foreign Affairs tonight at Zaphod's.



this week in Ottawa: 08.07.06. - 08.13.06

The Old Soul are all business... and that business is pleasure

Canadian West Coast pop stages (pun completely intended) a three-pronged Ottawa invasion this Friday when The Old Soul come to town with tourmates Panurge and Run Chico Run. This show should be a treat; all three bands are really great and each play their own unique brand of pop music, whether it be synth-y or breezy or barely pop at all.
Also this week, past dial613 featureboys Department Of Foreign Affairs will play with Eugene-approved The D'Urbervilles. This will be your last chance (in Ottawa) to see DOFA before they release their new album sometime in the fall, when it'll be colder and you may have to wear pants... which would make it harder to dance and stomp your feet. Especially if you're a sissy.

So, what are you most excited for this week?

Melissa Etheridge at Southam Hall (NAC)

As The Poets Affirm* w/ Acres* at Zaphod's
Brock Zeman* (solo) at the Aloha Room (Barrymore's)
--->Brock Zeman & The Dirty Hands - Nothing On The Radio (website, myspace)
--->Brock Zeman & The Dirty Hands - Sweet Charlotte

The D'Urbervilles w/ Department Of Foreign Affairs* at Zaphod's
--->Department Of Foreign Affairs - Take A Picture (website, myspace)

Cobra Noir at End Hits
The Old Soul w/ Panurge, Run Chico Run at Zaphod's
--->The Old Soul - Shotgun Wedding (aptly named, yes? opa!) (website, myspace)
--->Panurge - Black Box (website, myspace)
--->Panurge - Mixed Cavalry (stream)
--->Run Chico Run - Jacques And Madeleine (website, myspace)
The Rural Alberta Advantage, with Captain Foxy* at the Clocktower Brew Pub

Donkeypunch* w/ Sindication*, The Moon Movement* at Barrymore's

Joshua Morin* at Andrew Haydon Park (afternoon show)
Tilda* at The Rainbow

* denotes local act



misc: dial613 didn't know

The people making Fubar probably knew

A while back as part of the Bluesfest guide, dial613 posted a New Pornographers track that was only ever released as part of the Fubar soundtrack. It didn't really sound like an original, but there were no means to verify the hunch (read: lazy).
But after endless detective work and tireless investigation efforts at dial613 control center (read: soulseek 24/7), the original has finally been located. And, as always, the fruits of dial613's labour are yours to enjoy.

From 1982's Get It On Credit by Canrock band (and ungoogleable) Toronto:
--->Your Daddy Don't Know

--->The New Pornographers - Your Daddy Don't Know

Who wins?



in: Atherton and Sire

Humility isn't always such an easy thing to come by in hip hop, which makes Atherton And Sire refreshing before you even hear what they sound like.

The Ottawa pair's debut album, A Different Way Of Doing The Same Old Thing, is blatantly honest from the get-go. DJ Atherton and MC Sire are realistic in admitting, before even making a noise, that they aren't doing anything groundbreaking; but they don't use that as an excuse to be boring, as the duo's approach is novel and keeps a listener on their toes, not knowing whether to expect a rollicking big-band piano or a whining klezmer violin.

Lyrically, it's okay if you want to just sit back and enjoy the music without worrying about catching the words: DJ Atherton's flow comes across naturally, with the ability to smoothly dissolve into just another layer of MC Sire's beat. But that doesn't mean there aren't lyrical gems to be found. Seriously, how many hip hop acts can reference 80's synth pop and get away with it?

And despite what their album-title may claim, they do possess some pure originality: the four prominent words making up the delicious hook of ATM have never been uttered in the history of mankind... or something.

See Atherton And Sire as part of the DMC Canada DJ and MC national championship festivities, performing Sunday at the Live Graffiti Expo.

From Atherton & Sire's 2006 debut, A Different Way Of Doing The Same Old Thing:
--->ATM (please remove your socks to allow for maximum toe-tapping flexibility)
--->Audio Oxygen
--->Roland Orzabal (yes... that Roland Orzabal!)
--->Deep Blue

Atherton And Sire on: