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guide: Bluesfest 2007, day 7 - day 12 (07.10.07 - 07.15.07)

Oh, and the obvious solution to the lawn chairs vs. standing only debate: everybody, just stand on your chairs. Case closed!

dial613 reader's guide to Bluesfest 2007, pt. 2:
days 7-12

(mbna) = MBNA Stage
(sheep) = Blacksheep Stage
(rog) = Rogers Stage
(riv) = River Stage
(bd) = Barney Danson Theatre

* denotes local artist

Day 7 - Tuesday, 07.10.07

schedule for clones and dial613
7:30 - Sunparlour Players (bd)
9:00 - George Clinton & The P-Funk All-Stars (mbna)
9:30- Alejandro Escovedo (sheep)

Another simple start to the guide, but all 3 acts on the sched above come highly recommended. To be honest, not so familiar with most of the other acts this day, so maybe just wandering around and following your ears is a good idea for the earlier part of the evening; seems like the Black Sheep stage is usually a solid bet if you're looking for a place to start.

dial613 is most excited, possibly more so than for any other act this festival, for George Clinton & The P-Funk All-Stars, the latest of his funk ensembles/collectives which morphed out of 60s and 70s groups Funkadelic and Parliament. These are acts that used to descend from UFOs onto the stage, dressed in wild and glittering stuff from head to toe (check the pictures for proof). Hopefully there's still some wacky in them.. dial613 is just itching for any excuse to be shouting "yeeeah, tha's funked-up!" for the duration of the show.


The guide continues... click here for days 8 thru 12.


Day 8 - Wednesday, 07.11.07

schedule for clones
6:00 - Lure* (riv)
7:45 - Aboriginal Hour (sheep)
8:00 - Cat Power (rog)
9:30 - Steve Miller Band (mbna)
9:30 - Tagaq (sheep)
dial613's schedule
Lure* - 6:00
Cat Power - 8:00
Steve Miller Band/Tagaq - 9:30

BATTLE!: Steve Miller Band vs. Tagaq
Steve Miller is yet another classic classic-rock name headlining the main stage this year, while (Tanya) Tagaq, being rooted in aboriginal music and tradition, is one of the more unique performers of the festival. This'll probably be a gametime decision, or a stay-at-the-mainstage-til-too-irritated-with-the-massive-crowd-to-stay-any-longer type deal.
Pick: Toss-up

Other than Miller and Cat Power, there doesn't seem to be much of a draw on this day either (although the aboriginal hour should be pretty interesting). It's becoming clearer that this year, there just doesn't seem to be as much of a guarantee that you'll really want to see at least one act at any given time throughout the festival, unlike what it felt like last year. Granted, that's a tough task.. maybe we were spoiled last year?

Day 9 - Thursday, 07.12.07

schedule for clones
6:15 - Basia Bulat (sheep)
6:15 - Liam Titcomb (bd)
7:45 - Page France (sheep)
9:00 - Craig Cardiff (bd)
9:30 - Blue Rodeo (mbna)
9:30 - Ndidi Onukwulu (sheep)
9:30 - Xavier Rudd (riv)
dial613's schedule
Nigeria v. Zambia

All 4 headliners tonight have been to Ottawa either frequently, fairly recently, or both, so the one you see here will probably depend on who you've seen before. dial613 is taking a pass on the night to check out what will likely be the most successful FIFA U-20 Championships ever, in terms of attendance. And they're actually saying the same thing about Bluesfest this year too: at this point (day 5), it's on pace to break its past attendance records. There's probably something intelligent to say about these 2 facts, but you're looking in the wrong place for that.

Under The Radar - Basia Bulat
She's got a gorgeous voice, and has been discussed on here before. She also wears funny hats in her press photos. That's as deadly a combination as cauliflower with peanut butter (go on, try it. And take pictures. And send them to me.).


Day 10 - Friday, 07.13.07

schedule for clones
6:00 - Gogol Bordello (rog)
6:00 - The Love Machine* (riv)
7:00 - Sebastien Grainger et les Montagnes (riv)
7:45 - Tokyo Police Club (sheep)
8:00 - Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians (rog)
8:15 - Built To Spill (riv)
dial613's schedule
Gogol Bordello - 6:00
Sebastien Grainger et les Montagnes - 7:00
Tokyo Police Club - 7:45
Built To Spill - after TPC

Sure-Shot - Gogol Bordello
Is this a sure-shot or is Gogol Bordello still under the radar? This show is kind of a mix of the 2 categories.. sure-radar!
If you like locals Ukrainia!, then this act's Ukrainian folk-gypsy-punk should be right up your alley. If you don't really like Ukrainia!, but you can appreciate a great mustache, then this should be right up your alley as well; lead singer Eugene Hutz's cookie-duster is practically a show in itself.

And pardon my french, but shouldn't Built To Spill be headlining? Just axin'...


Day 11 - Saturday, 07.14.07

schedule for clones
all day - Gospel Day! (sheep)
2:30 - The Empiricals* (riv)
3:30 - Amos The Transparent (riv)
6:00 - Patrick Watson (rog)
6:15 - Danny Michel* (riv)
7:45 - Jim Bryson* (riv)
9:15 - Blackie & The Rodeo Kings (riv)
9:30 - Kanye West (mbna)
9:30 - Deadstring Brothers (bd)
dial613's schedule
same as above (floating in and out of gospel day) - 2:30-9:15
Kanye West - 9:30

One of dial613's life missions has involved an extensive search to find da T.R.U.T.H., and lo' and behold, it's going to be right here in Ottawa! It'll be one of 9 gospel acts you can find Black Sheep stage, each of which will be providing a heaping healthy helping of soul food for lunch, dinner, and whatever snacks you have in between.
For dessert, though..

BATTLE! (triple-threat match):
Kanye West vs. Deadstring Brothers vs. Blackie & The Rodeo Kings

Pick: Kanye West's strut
(but hopefully dial613'll catch a glimpse of Blackie & co., too)


Day 12 - Sunday, 07.15.07

schedule for clones
2:45 - IsWhat?! (riv)
2:45 - Danny Michel Band* (sheep)
3:00 - Hilotrons* (mbna)
5:15 - King Sunshine (sheep)
6:00 - Detroit Women (rog)
6:15 - Deadstring Brothers (sheep)
7:45 - Steve Forbert & The Sound Benders (sheep)
8:00 - Sam Roberts Band (rog)
9:30 - Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings (sheep)
dial613's schedule
Hilotrons - 3:00
King Sunshine - 5:15
Detroit Women - 6:00
Deadstring Brothers - after DW
Steve Forbert & TSB - 7:45
Sam Roberts Band - after SF&TSB?
Sharon Jones & TDK - 9:30

Under The Radar - Detroit Women
dial613 caught a cameo appearance of theirs in Solomon Burke's set last Bluesfest and immediately regretted not seeing them earlier in the day. They're a group of .. uh, women from Detroit .. who represent a wide range in vocal style, age, and look; and they all sing soul/r&b/funk/jazz together in wonderful harmony. They're incredible, both in talent and performance. It really doesn't sound that neat in writing, so maybe forget all that you just read and just go see for yourself.

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings should provide a wonderful note for the fest to end on.

With all the names dial613 isn't familiar with and the ensuing empty timeslots for this half of the fest, there's got to be someone you can recommend, no? There were plenty of acts whose names are kind of recognizable, but no particular sound or reputation comes to mind.

Who would you add to the guide?
Who would you take out?
What show is your must-see for this half of Bluesfest? --or wait, are you even going?



see: the white stripes (...but where?)

The White Stripes transitted publicly in Winnipeg earlier this week.
(Pic via Pitchfork.)

UPDATED 07.09.07 (see below)

Sooo, uh, anyone have any idea if/where The White Stripes might be playing their half-expected/totally hoped for secret pre-show gig in Ottawa tomorrow aft?

It all seems pretty air-tight... there isn't even a rumour mill in sight, let alone rumours.
dial613's guess, for the record, is the Parliament Hill lawn, but is that too cliché?

If you were a White Stripe, where would you be?
Feel free to leave your guesses in the comments. (and e-mail with tips)

UPDATE: Aww, ain't that sweet, they played the Bronson Centre for about 40 seriously sick kids and their families thanks to Starlight Starbright. This gig was completely sealed shut from outsiders, unlike the ones they'd played in other Canadian cities leading up to this; it wasn't even announced on their official forums the way the past ones have. But do you really mind? Nope, me neither.



guide: Bluesfest 2007, day 2 - day 6 (07.05.07 - 07.09.07)

Bluesfest is here again, except now it's over there, in Lebreton Flats. dial613 is looking forward to seeing how the new set-up works.
Apparently 35000 people showed up to see Van Morrison and his shades last night, and the crush of the crowd wasn't exactly as comfortable as it was back at City Hall. But hey, dial613 has no problem getting close with the public, as long as the public a) keeps their hands where they can be seen, and b) bows karate-style in honour of dial613's presence. One of the two will do.

The hot topic this year seems to be the location.. will it be better or worse than City Hall? Organizers, of course, are touting the new site, but reviews of the new site from people who saw Van Morrison last night are pretty mixed.
Also, the 'big' names this year are bigger than ever, but has it been at the cost of the non-headlining names?

Once again, the guide will be presented in 2 worlds: the hypothetical world where dial613 can be cloned in order to see every show possible, and the real world in which dial613 must break one band's heart to go see another.
It's also split up into 2 parts, 5 days each, and doesn't include day 1. Because day 1 is over. And it only had 2 shows, which were happening one after another. Is that good enough reason? Ok.

And, as always, dial613 wants to know what you think. If there are any shows that really wowed/heavily disappointed you, comment or e-mail dial613 to share the excitement/grief. And what do you think of the new set-up?

On to business..
dial613 reader's guide to Bluesfest 2007, pt. 1:
days 2-6

(mbna) = MBNA Stage
(sheep) = Blacksheep Stage
(rog) = Rogers Stage
(riv) = River Stage
(bd) = Barney Danson Theatre

* denotes local artist

Day 2 - Thursday, 07.05.07

dial613's schedule:
6:00 - As The Poets Affirm* (rog)
7:00 - Jimmy Vaughan (mbna)
8:00 - Radio Birdman (riv)
9:00 - Bob Dylan (mbna)

No cloning needed here; the festival's 2nd night is pretty low-key, meaning you can see pretty much full sets from 4 out of the 5 acts scheduled. And headlined by Bob Dylan, who is here again for those who didn't get to catch him last fall (and even for those who did and prefer to see him outdoors). dial613 will be cheering for rain...y day women #12 & #34. Zzzing.

It's a pretty low-key start to the festival, with just 6 performances spread out over the first 2 days, but things pick up as the weekend begins.

The guide continues... click here for days 3 thru 6.

Day 3 - Friday, 07.06.07

schedule for clones
6:00 - The Reverb Syndicate* (rog)
6:00 - JOKKO* (riv)
6:15 - Mark Wilson & The Last Dinosaur (bd)
7:00 - Gary U.S. Bonds (mbna)
7:15 - Souljazz Orchestra* (riv)
8:00 - Bela Fleck & The Flecktones (rog)
9:15 - Kid Koala (sheep)
9:30 - George Thorogood & The Destroyers
dial613's schedule
The Reverb Syndicate* - 6:00
Mark Wilson & TLD - 6:15
Gary U.S. Bonds - 7:00
Bela Fleck & TF - 8:00
Kid Koala - 9:15
George Thorogood & TD - after Kid Koala
Getting things started off with a smidgen of spy-fi from The Reverb Syndicate to get some stealth stage-hopping ambience going, and then off to see...

Under The Radar - Formerly local Mark Wilson, whose once-freely available Endless Elevator EP from last year (or the yr before?) made him sound destined for bigger things.. like Bluesfest stages, har har. Really though, there's no good reason for him to remain hidden much longer.

Sure-Shot - Scratchmaster Kid Koala, who has made a name for himself both as a solo DJ and as a member of Gorillaz, Deltron 3030, and Lovage; if you've heard of any of those (or are a fan of MC Del or producer Dan The Automator), you should check it one two. Word.

Also: Bela Fleck & The Flecktones should be interesting.. bluegrass banjo-picking with a bit of be-bop fusion. And, FYI, he's a dude.

-->The Reverb Syndicate - I Am The New Number Two
-->Mark Wilson - The Art Of Give And Take
-->Lovage - Koala's Lament

Day 4 - Saturday, 07.07.07

schedule for clones
2:30 - Two Hours Traffic (bd)
3:15 - The Soirée* (sheep)
3:45 - Male Nurse* (bd)
4:45 - Jon-Rae & The River (sheep)
6:15 - Jetplanes Of Abraham* (sheep)
7:15 - Mute Math (riv)
8:00 - Michael Franti & Spearhead (rog)
9:00 - Manu Chao (mbna)
9:00 - Luke Doucet (bd)
9:30 - Toumani Diabate (sheep)
dial613's schedule
Two Hours Traffic - 2:30
The Soirée* - 3:15
Jon-Rae & The River - 4:45
Jetplanes Of Abraham* - 6:15
Mute Math - 7:15
Michael Franti & Spearhead - 8:00
Manu Chao - 9:00
Toumani Diabate - 9:30
The schedulers deserve a kudos here for making it possible to see 8 of the 10 bands in the clone schedule. But alas, there's a ...
BATTLE!: Manu Chao vs. Luke Doucet
Is it really much of a contest though? Doucet, as nice as his songs are, comes around here more than once in forever, and plays a style found easily enough in North America. The same can't be said for Chao, whose laid-back worldbeat music carries influences from all over the map.
Pick: Manu Chao

Under The Radar - Continuing with the world music theme, Toumani Diabate plays a type of harp unique to his native Mali and its neighbouring regions, called the kora. He may be touring internationally, but his roots still appear to be deep into African culture, making both his music and performance style worth seeing.

Sure-Shot - Michael Franti & Spearhead
dial613 hears it's illegal to hold a festival called Bluesfest in Ottawa without Michael Franti headlining a night. It almost happened this year, with the event tentatively renamed Sorrywecouldn'tgetMichaelFrantithisyearFest. Thank goodness that didn't happen... think of how clunky the wristbands would've had to be.

-->The Soirée - Turn This Car Around
-->Jon-Rae & The River - Just One More
-->Jetplanes Of Abraham - Tunnels/Terminals
-->Michael Franti & Spearhead - Everyone Deserves Music

Day 5 - Sunday, 07.08.07

schedule for clones
1:15 - Sarah Hallman* (riv)
2:00 - Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo (rog)
3:45 - Joel Plaskett (bf)
4:15 - F!ghtF!ghtF!ght* (riv)
5:00 - Elmer Ferrer Fusion (bd)
5:45 - Ukrainia!* (riv)
6:00 - Leo Kottke (rog)
6:15 - Ohbijou (sheep)
7:15 - Shout Out Out Out Out (riv)
9:30 - Hawksley Workman (riv)
9:30 - The White Stripes (mbna)
dial613's schedule
Sarah Hallman* - 1:15
Joel Plaskett - 3:45
Elmer Ferrer Fusion - 5:00
some Ukrainia!* - 5:45
some Leo Kottke - 6:15?
some Ohbijou - 6:45?
Shout Out Out Out Out - 7:15
The White Stripes - 9:30
Gotta do some stretching around 5:40 on this day, as dial613 would ideally run around to see parts of 3 different bands' sets on 3 different stages in the course of an hour.

BATTLE!: The White Stripes vs. Hawksley Workman
Are you going to miss a chance to see The White Stripes without spending bus/gas money to Toronto? Well, you might, even if you don't intend to, depending on how the whole site is laid out. dial613 wouldn't hesitate to head over to see Hawksley Workman to spite an awful sightline or distant sound quality from the main stage. He's a great alternative.. but, again, exactly that.
Pick: The White Stripes with a view.

-->Sarah Hallman - Snowballin'
-->Joel Plaskett - Happen Now
-->Hawksley Workman - Jealous Of Your Cigarette
-->The White Stripes - You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do What You're Told)

Day 6 - Monday, 07.09.07

schedule for clones
6:15 - Relief Maps (sheep)
7:00 - The Grass (mbna)
7:30 - Fiona Boyes & The Fortune Tellers (riv)
8:00 - Jonny Lang (rog)
9:00 - Buddy Guy (riv)
9:15 - Final Fantasy (sheep)
dial613's schedule
Relief Maps - 6:15
Fiona Boyes & TFT - 7:30
end of Jonny Lang - 8:30?
Buddy Guy - 9:00
Is there any irony in the way that what might be the most bluesy day of Bluesfest (with acts like Fiona Boyes, Jonny Lang, and Buddy Guy) features pop-punk and viol-indie-in headliners? dial613 would assume that Hedley and Final Fantasy will draw the bigger, if not more excited crowds-- and is in no way making an ASS of U and ME by doing so.

BATTLE!: Final Fantasy vs. Buddy Guy
There are lots of performers who have been proclaimed to be the King of Blues: B.B. King, Muddy Watters, dial613 (King of Everything encompasses blues too, right?)... the list goes on. Simply, Buddy Guy is maybe the only performer at Bluesfest this year who could easily be included on that list. Plus, he's probably got the coolest name in town.. and this is a town with a guy named Engelbert Humperdinck.
Pick: Buddy Guy

Also: Remember back in the late-90's, a 16-year-old kid named Jonny Lang causing quite a stir with his major-label debut? Yeah, it's fuzzy for dial613 too, but hey, he's here, and his show may be interesting to see.

-->Relief Maps - Pattersickle


What Bluesfest shows are you looking forward to most?
Have any strong recommendations of acts that are flying below radar?
Any bones to pick with dial613's scheduling?

Stay tuned for Part 2, where dial613 reveals 2 of this site's most anticipated acts of Bluesfest.
Spoiler: it's neither INXS nor Da T.R.U.T.H., despite the wonderfully capitalised names.

(ps: viol-indie-in ... you totally loved it.)



bluesfest: begins today

Sure, they're stylin sunglasses, but do they really offer Van Morrison full UV protection?

A reminder that Bluesfest starts today, with a 7:30 PM show by caraVan Morrison and a late show with the Elmer Ferrer Band, whom dial613 stumbled upon last year at the Blacksheep stage and found really entertaining.
They added The Vanner long after the fest lineup had been announced, and tacked on an extra day at the beginning to accommodate the show, which is why you may be looking at your calendar, then back at your computer screen, then back at your calendar, etc. etc.

And remember, it's at Lebreton Flats this year, but dial613 is curious about going to City Hall just to take in the confusion of those that weren't paying close enough attention. The people there will be probably be those same kids in your class that always showed up on the PD/PA Days at school. Except you wouldn't know who those were unless you showed up yourself. Hmm...

Check back for a guide to the first few days, soon.

-->Van Morrison - Wild Night



guide: Capital Idea! Festival, day 7 - day 11 (06.26.07 - 06.30.07)

Destroyer makes a very special stop in Ottawa this week; it's recommended that you go, but stand back, lest you be.. destroyed.

It's going to just have to be listings this time around (may or may not get some mp3's available soon), as dial613 is suffering from an illness propogated by the ways of modern capitalist society and overpowerful corporations with close ties to high levels of federal governments. And it's certainly no conspiracy.. there's PROOF.

Also, as far as 'this week', there's not much else going on, so there's probably no need to put it up. Ok.

dial613 reader's guide to Capital Idea!, pt. 2: days 7-11

Day 7 - Tuesday, June 26
The Fiery Furnaces with Hot Springs and Thundra!, at Barrymore's
8PM doors, $22.50.

Day 8 - Wednesday, June 27
Destroyer with Rock Plaza Central and As The Poets Affirm*, at Barrymore's
8PM doors, $20.

Day 9 - Thursday, June 28
The Russian Futurists with Parts & Labor and Liar's Rosebush*, at Zaphod's

Day 10 - Friday, June 29
Born Ruffians with Henri Faberge & The Adorables and The Field Register, at Zaphod's
8PM doors (10PM headliner), $12.

Girl Talk with Crystal Castles, at Babylon
8PM doors (1230AM headliner), $20, even if you have a festival pass.
Proceeds donated to the AIDS Committee of Ottawa.

Day 11 - Saturday, June 30
Damo Suzuki with Smoke Judo*, Adam Saikaley*, and j'envoie, at Zaphod's
8PM doors, $12.

* denotes local act



guide: Capital Idea! Festival, day 3 - day 6 (06.22.07 - 06.25.07)

The Walkmen bring the party party, but not likely Stephen Harper, to the Bronson Centre on Friday.

The Capital Idea! Festival is already underway, having already seen Quebecers The Besnard Lakes and Sunset Rubdown headline their respective shows on the first two nights.
But by golly, don't you worry: the rock will still be brought over the course of 9 shows in the next 8 nights, the first half of which has been summarized into this handy little guide below.

It's actually pretty exciting to see some of these names come to town, some of them without even having Montreal or Toronto shows scheduled around the date, which makes you feel so much more special as an Ottawanianite, don't it? We don't usually get that sort of treatment in these parts, and hey, maybe this is being slightly overthetop, but this brings a bit of hope that maybe those ways are changing. Or not. Time will tell. Don't count your eggs before they're hatched! History is written by the winners, and a stitch in time saves nine.

It's also nice to see the big names almost all paired with local acts, who'll get exposure they wouldn't have before. Take Fucked Corpse, for example: they get to play to fans of Chris Garneau! dial613 is crossing fingers for an impromptu collaboration, but will settle for the awkward juxtaposition.

And for your convenience, dial613's mathematical mind has also figured out that, if you plan on going to every show, the $99 festival pass (available at the doors for all shows) is still worth buying up until the Xiu Xiu show on 25th. After that, taking it show by show is the way to go. Yo!

Speaking of Xiu Xiu, that could be the festival show that dial613 is most looking forward to. Which show(s) are you capital idealising?

dial613 reader's guide to Capital Idea!, pt. 1: days 3-6

Day 3 - Friday, June 22
The Walkmen with Relief Maps* and Acres*, at The Bronson Centre
-->The Walkmen - Louisiana
-->Relief Maps - Pattersickle
Doors 8PM, $25.

Day 4 - Saturday, June 23
The Wrens with The Darling Arms and Poorfolk*, at Babylon
-->The Wrens - Everyone Chooses Sides
-->Poorfolk - Demons
Doors 7PM, $18.

Day 5 - Sunday, June 24
Frog Eyes with Books On Books* and People For Audio, at Zaphod's
-->Frog Eyes - Achaean Press
-->Books On Books - One Page At A Time
Doors 8PM, $15.

Day 6 - Monday, June 25
Xiu Xiu with Fucked Corpse* and Chris Garneau, at Babylon
-->Xiu Xiu - I Luv The Valley
-->Chris Garneau - Not Nice
Doors 9PM, $15.

* denotes local act

note: keep in mind that the headlining act generally starts either 2 or 3 hours after doors.



see: Strings and Strokes

Friday night, local independent music label Death March Records and the Ottawa School Of Art are working together to bring you simultaneous sights and sounds at Babylon.

The evening is a fundraiser for the Ottawa School Of Art Bursary Program, which dial613 can only assume helps cover costs of the school's students, rather than those associated with buying dresses made of meat.
Local mythical creature Flecton, The Kettle Black, and also-local Army Of St. Joan hold down the role of 'strings' while over 20 visual artists take care of the 'strokes'.

There'll be an 'affordable' silent auction, too, if you're looking to take something home with you, and live artistic activities throughout the evening.
Tickets are $8 at the door, and as mentioned above, the money is going to support local independent arts, which seems like a worthy cause which means you'll be a good person. And good people are cool, man.

Summary: Friday, June 22, 9PM, Babylon. $8 at the door. Good people.



this week in Ottawa: 06.18.07 - 06.24.07

On Wednesday, the Capital Idea! Festival kicks off its 10-day party party with a show headlined by The Besnard Lakes.
Have you heard about it yet? It's a streak of shows from June 20-30 featuring some of the bigger/hotter/I'd-never-have-thought-they'd-come-through-town indie names around (Destroyer, Girl Talk, The Wrens), along with local talent peppered throughout (Books On Books, Relief Maps, Liar's Rosebush), being held at the usual venues around the city.

You can see a full line-up and set times here. Festival passes are $99 and guarantee entrance to every show (as long as you're punctual), and can be picked up here at your local independent record store and at each show.

A better look at the fest, and 'this week', will be up in the next little while.



this partweek in Ottawa: 06.13.07 - 06.17.07

Simply Saucer, circa when you were in diapers. (Kids' ones.)

If there's one show to be recommended this week, it's Simply Saucer, who sound kind of like a jangly 1970s Velvet Underground-era relaxed rock band. And that may or may not be a result of the fact that they actually are one; the band formed in 1973, and are still touring after releasing their latest album, Cyborgs Revisited, back in 2003. They were also once produced by Hull's Daniel Lanois, so ... so nothing, but just thought you'd like to know, ok? Jeez. But check out the mp3 below, you'll hear their influences instantly.

More of the past comes to town this week in the form of The Evens, featuring Ian MacKaye (Fugazi, Minor Threat). Though the band is fairly new, the bands that its members have been a part of cover off significant portions of the 80s and 90s.

On Friday, local punkrockers Fortycentfix are playing what will be the last of their almost 200 shows over the course of four years. Their myspace claims that, over the course of those shows, they've only performed 23 different songs. Which means that they only had about 69 different chords to memorize, so I bet they know them real well by now and they should sound pretty tight when they call it quits with other locals Smaller On You and Contrabandit.

Looking forward to any shows this week?

W 06.13
Rockets Fall with The City Above*, at Zaphod's

Th 06.14
The Evens, at Club Saw

F 06.15
Amanda Rheaume* (CD release), at Zaphod's
Elmer Ferrer Band, at Black Sheep Inn
Fortycentfix* (final show!) with Syracuse, A Dying Race, Smaller On You*, and Contrabandit*, at Maverick's
Lynne Hanson* with Red Wood Central and Brian Gladstone, at Irene's Pub
Simply Saucer, at Babylon
-->Simply Saucer - Bullet Proof Nothing (myspace)
Theodosios, at Avant-Garde Bar

Sa 06.16
The Bush Pilots* with Evil Farm Children* and The Faithful Few, at Zaphod's
Elmer Ferrer Band, at Black Sheep Inn
Jokko* @BBY
The Setbacks* with The G-Men* and The Bella Bombs*, at Café Dekcuf

Su 06.17
Jenn Grant* (cd release) with Tanya Davis and Sarah Hallman*, at Black Sheep Inn
-->Sarah Hallman - Snowballin' (website, myspace)

* denotes local act



this week in Ottawa: 06.04.07 - 06.10.07

You say party! I say where! You say your place! I say cool see you then! You say aiight! I say peace bro! Some guy says stop talking I'm trying to watch the movie!

We'll talk about Westfest in the next couple days, ok?
edit: Promise: broken. But look at the Westfest site yourself, the lineups are really really solid, and it's all completely free. That's right: Kathleen Edwards, The Golden Dogs, Camp Radio, and Jason Collett will play for you and you can just stroll right through the gate and up to the stage. It's a wonderfully hearty festival that probably has the best atmosphere of any held here in the city.. maybe because it's run by friendly, hard-working people who appear to be doing it for all the right reasons. And there's great support for local art, craft, speech, business, etc., including an all-local music line-up on Sunday headlined by Fiftymen.
If you'd like a general idea of what it'll be like, you can always take a look at the charmingly amateurish coverage of last year's edition, featured here and here.
Oh and hey, maybe that promise wasn't broken after all..?

And FYI, for all you now-defunct controller.controller fans: that band - lead singer nirmala = Lioness.

And also FYI, Nikola Sarcevic is the frontman of everybody's favourite band back in Grade 10ish, Millencolin.

And Yo Majesty, clever cute name!

And if you like to rock out with your socks out, you better go see Pride Tiger, Die Mannequin and locals Mighty Eagle Band. That's how that saying goes, right? Guess you could also just wear sandals somewhere loud or something too. But really this show will be total rock, man.

Ok, so what do you want to see this week?
What do you like to have out when you rock out?

M 06.04
The Bloodlines with Jacko*, Rebekah Higgs*, and Jon Epworth & The Improvements, at Zaphod's
Protest The Hero with All That Remains and Bless The Fall, at Capital Music Hall
Nikola Sarcevic with Raising The Fawn, at Café Dekcuf

Tu 06.05
The Clientele with Beach House and My Dad vs Yours*, at Babylon

W 06.06
The Coggs* with The Rude Dudes*, Hellbros*, and Raventamers*, at Zaphod's

Th 06.07
Eric Farr with James Farr and Simon Honeyman, at The Black Sheep Inn
Geronimo with Fire Heats Water, at End Hits

F 06.08
Melwood Cutlery, at Irene's Pub
The Flatliners with Ceremonial Snips, at End Hits
Shanneyganock with Westfest TamTam*, at Westfest
Woodpigeon with Entire Cities, Nich Worby, and Eastborough*, at Ecclesiax
Yo Majesty with Thunderheist, Lesbians On Ecstacy, and Jokers Of The Scene*, at Babylon
You Say Party! We Say Die! with Lioness, at Zaphod's

Sa 06.09
Bluestone* with Red Light Saints*, at Barrymore's
Kathleen Edwards* with Lily Frost, Jason Collett, Angela Desveaux*, The Golden Dogs, Andy Swan, Hunter Valentine, and more, at Westfest
Mouthus with Cousins Of Reggae, B'Italian, and Smoke Judo*, at End Hits
My Tiny Circus*, at Avant-Garde Bar
Pride Tiger with Die Mannequin and Mighty Eagle Band*, at Zaphod's
Nathan Wiley with Megan Hamilton and Stephanie Hardy, at The Black Sheep Inn

Su 06.10
Fiftymen* with Camp Radio*, Crowded Skies*, Eric Vieweg*, Mackenzie McBride*, The John Henrys*, Slo' Tom*, Jupiter Ray Project*, and more, at Westfest
Romi Mayes with John Evans (4pm), at The Black Sheep Inn

* denotes local act

No mp3s this week, bandwidth is maxed like your-grandma-who-loves-the-shopping-channel's credit card.



giveaway: The Clientele

Would you like 2 free tickets to see The Clientele in Ottawa?

The retroish-poppy English band plays Babylon on Tuesday, June 5 along with atmospheric tourmates Beach House and locals My Dad vs Yours, in support of their new album Gd Save The Clientele.

And OMG, dial613 has a pair of tickets to give away, courtesy of those folks over at local internet outpost Mocking Music.

To enter: Simply e-mail dial613 (dial613[AT]gmail[DOT]com) with the subject line, dial613 Save (me) The Money. (A 'har-har' is optional.)

The contest closes at 11:59 PM on June 2, 2007, and the winner will be contacted through e-mail on June 3. Should the winner not respond in a reasonable amount of time, the tickets will be drawn for again.

-->The Clientele - Since K Got Over Me

note: tickets = guestlist spots; no physical tickets involved!



this week in Ottawa: 05.28.07 - 06.03.07

The Wooden Stars share a double-bill, green screen, with Hilotrons this weekend.

M 05.28
Blazer* with Far From The Trees*, Dusty Waters, and Michael Caffrey*, at Zaphod's

Tu 05.29
Mike Yates* with Ritallin*, at Avant-Garde Bar

Th 05.31
Feist with Chad VanGaalen, at Bronson Centre
-->Feist - Mushaboom (k-os mix) (website, myspace)
-->Chad VanGaalen - Graveyard (website, myspace)
Danny Michel* with Sara Austin Corbett, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->Danny Michel - The Invisible Man (website, myspace)
Mother Mother with Amos The Transparent*, at Zaphod's
-->Mother Mother - Dirty Town (website, myspace)
-->Mother Mother - Verbatim
Two Hours Traffic with Mardeen, at Maverick's
Wil with Auto Racing*, at The Live Lounge
-->Wil - Wedding Dress (website, myspace)
-->Auto Racing - Military Bubbles (myspace)

F 06.01
Black Boot Trio* with Four'n'Giv'r*, at Irene's Pub
Joshua Morin Band* with Graham Greer*, at The Clocktower Brew Pub
The Wooden Stars with Hilotrons*, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->The Wooden Stars - Pretty Girl (website, myspace)
Quarter Life* (CD release) with Sarah DeLuca*, at Zaphod's

Sa 06.02
Harshey* with The Fucking Machines* and The Uncooperatives*, at Irene's Pub
Hilotrons* with The Wooden Stars, at The Black Sheep Inn
Kobotown with Mr. Something Something, at Barrymore's
The Mahones, at Babylon
Quarter Life* (CD release) with Ben Cooper*, at Zaphod's

Su 06.03
Canoe-b-que featuring Ian Tamblyn, Ellen Hamilton, David Archibald, Shelley Posen, and Connie Kaldor, at The Black Sheep Inn

* denotes local act



this week in Ottawa: 05.23.07 - 05.27.07

Laura Barrett's hair is between her glasses and her eyes; how impractical!

W 05.23
The Cliks with We Are The Take, at Zaphod's

Th 05.24
Call Me Poupee, at Zaphod's
Mile Over Mecca*, at Avant-Garde Bar
Million Dollar Marxists*, at Babylon

F 05.25
Laura Barrett with Woodhands and Glenn Nuotio*, at Club SAW
The County Boys, at Irene's Pub
Dopamine* with Doll*, at Zaphod's
The Greg MacPherson Band with DarkBlueWorld, at The Black Sheep Inn

Sa 05.26
Melissa Laveaux* with Annabelle Chvostek and Blue Venus, at Zaphod's
Downchild Blues Band (CD release) with Tony D*, at Barrymore's
Corin Raymond with Brock Zeman and Andrew Neville, at The Black Sheep Inn

Su 05.27
Sadie Hell* with Hollerado* and Museum Pieces, at The Black Sheep Inn

* denotes local act



this week in Ottawa: 05.15.07 - 05.20.07

Reverend Horton Heat

This week, dial613 must be missing some show listings? It seems like a bit of a light week. As always, leave a comment if you notice anything has been left out.

Not to say the shows this week are no good.. there's a pretty neat roster of visitors. You can see United Steel Workers Of Montreal, Cuff The Duke, and Great Aunt Ida over the course of the weekend, each on their own night.

And worthwhile local acts, including The Soirée, The Soft Disaster, Sarah Hallman, and Books On Books, are playing through the week. And that's not meant as a slight to the other local acts, ok? These are just the ones that have bribed dial613 ... can type out without over-using bold lettering.

This week's game of make-your-own-punchline: Reverend Horton Heat plays 2 days before The Unionist Ministers. (...and The Ethics play only after those two acts have come and gone.)

What are you looking forward to this week?

Tu 05.15
punkottawa.com 6th anniversary, ft. Reverend Horton Heat with Murder By Death, at Barrymore's

Th 05.17
Reilly* with F!ghtF!ghtF!ght* and Books On Books*, at Zaphod's
The Soft Disaster* with The Soirée* and The Rest, at The Black Sheep Inn
The Unionist Ministers with The Just Barelys and B.A. Johnston, at Maverick's

F 05.18
The Ethics* with Eric Vieweg & The Silver Lining*, at Irene's Pub
United Steel Workers Of Montreal with Joe Grass, at The Black Sheep Inn

Sa 05.19
Acres* (CD release) with As The Poets Affirm*, at Zaphod's
Cuff The Duke with Spiral Beach, at The Black Sheep Inn
The David Picco Band with Greg Hobbs & The Turkey Basters, at Irene's Pub

Su 05.20
Great Aunt Ida with Sarah Hallman*, at Irene's Pub

* denotes local act



this week in Ottawa: 05.07.07 - 05.13.07

The Bicycles are like your mom, everybody gets a ride.

This week, answering machine/message board punkottawa.com celebrates its 6th anniversary with 6 days of punk rock & roll shows, none of which dial613 will pretend to be too familiar with. Should be fun though, there are some local acts in the festivities like The Love Machine, who are known to put on a good show around these parts. They'll be part of the biggest bash of the anniversary party, opening on a bill featuring Moneen as headliners.

And hey, remember Limbeck? They're those guys that covered the Backstreet Boys maybe about 5 or 6 years back, aren't they? At least that's how the mp3 on Kazaa was labelled, and those things were pretty much always right. Contest: dial613 will mail a granola bar to anyone that requests it at the show on Wednesday (and can provide video evidence). Bonus: if they play it, you get to choose the flavour!

And FYI: if you're into The Bicycles and The Old Soul and were thinking of heading over to the Black Sheep to catch them, you can hang onto your gas money if you'd like since the same bill will be playing Maverick's next week. Maverick's isn't quite as charming as Wakefield, though, so take your pick.

What shows are you looking ahead to this week?
Any shows missing from the listings?

M 05.07
The Mighty Eagle Band* with Doll* and The Unavowed*, at Zaphod's
Ron Sexsmith, at Centrepointe Theatre

Tu 05.08
The Johnstones with Keepin 6, at Café Dekcuf

W 05.09
The Bicycles with The Old Soul, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->The Old Soul - Nectar Of The Nitwit (website, myspace)
The Divorcees with Lefty McRighty* and Steve Stacey*, at Zaphod's
Hot Rod Circuit with Limbeck, The Forecast, and The Riot Service, at Café Dekcuf
-->Limbeck(?) - I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys cover) (website, myspace)
Lynn Miles* with Sneezy Waters, at Glebe Community Centre

Th 05.10
Kim Barlow with Great Aunt Ida and Kyrie Kristmanson*, at The Black Sheep Inn
My Chemical Romance, at Scotiabank Place
Sin Kickers* with Mile Over Mecca* and Mono Hum*, at Zaphod's

F 05.11
James Hill with Anne Davison, at The Black Sheep Inn
Jeff Meleras* (CD release) with Jupiter Ray Project*, at Irene's Pub
Manpower* with Starvin' Hungry*, at Zaphod's
punkottawa.com 6th anniversary ft. Modern Life Is War, Death By Dishonour, Cobra Noir, and I Refuse*, at Montgomery Legion Hall
punkottawa.com 6th anniversary party ft. Moneen, Ten Second Epic, and The Love Machine*, at Capital Music Hall

Sa 05.12
Loudlove* with Speakerton, at Barrymore's
Luke Doucet with Rose Cousins, at The Black Sheep Inn
punkottawa.com 6th anniversary ft. Nekromantix, The Heart Attacks, Westbound Train, and Orange, at Babylon

Su 05.13
punkottawa.com 6th anniversary ft. Bayside, Sydney, These Silhouettes, Socialight, and Seeing Emerson*, at Maverick's
Luke Doucet with Rose Cousins (4pm), at The Black Sheep Inn
B.B. King, at National Arts Centre
Miracle Fortress with Plante Ta Femme and Pony Up, at Zaphod's

* denotes local act



see: Casiotone For The Painfully Alone

One-man musical project Casiotone For The Painfully Alone seemed like a joke at first: a film school dropout who didn't seem to know what to do with himself, so he decided to record lololo-fi ramblings onto 4-track cassette tapes using some old Casiotone he had lying around. This amounted to the sound of a guy with no obvious talent pouring his emotions out by means of overdramatic mumbling, self-pity, and Lil' Kim references (see: Tonight Was A Disaster). And it was all pretty goshdarned funny.

And then Casiotone For The Painfully Alone released Etiquette in 2006, along with a bunch of press pics of him looking serious, prompting reactions of, "Uhh .. hmm .. so that guy was for real?", and then crippling guilt for having laughed earlier. But then the guilt passed after listening to the early songs again because, hey, they're still kind of funny, and he must be happier now, right? (...uh, right??)

On Etiquette, more sounds are added to the previous mix of a Casiotone and a quivering voice, but the unique aesthetic of the sound still remains the same. But now, it's clear that it should (and deserves to) be taken seriously.
Neither of the 2 tracks below are from that album, but you can pick one up from the previous post.

-->Graceland (from the 2006 Graceland tour EP)
-->Hot Boyz, ft. Dear Nora (Missy Elliott cover) (funny on purpose, right? ..RIGHT??)

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone plays Babylon this Saturday night, with openers Nick Krgovich and Saint Bernard Of Love, who are worth getting there on time for (~9:30).

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone on:

the internet



this week in Ottawa: 04.30.07 - 05.06.07

Say hello to Daniel Johnston Friday at Zaphod's.

M 04.30
Acid Mothers Temple with Castor, at Babylon
The Heatskores with The Super Fantastics and Sky Stompin To Daze, at Zaphod's
The Willowz, at The Dominion Tavern

Tu 05.01
Japanther with Matt & Kim and DD/MM/YYYY , at Zaphod's
-->Matt & Kim - Yeah Yeah (website, myspace)

W 05.02
The Jason Trachtenberg Slideshow Conception with Bouncing Bobby Wiseman and The Phonemes, at Zaphod's
-->The Phonemes - Payerne (website, myspace)

Th 05.03
Greenwich Mean Time with Fusion and Mike Yates*, at Zaphod's
James Stone, at The Black Sheep Inn

F 05.04
Brock Zeman* with Ball & Chain*, at Irene's Pub
Colectivo, at Babylon
Daniel Johnston with Sister Suvi, at Zaphod's
Genticorum, at The Black Sheep Inn

Sa 05.05
Boo Hoo with Relief Maps* and Crush Buildings*, at Zaphod's
-->Crush Buildings - Ghoul Pounds (website, myspace)
Ariane Moffatt, at Barrymore's
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone with Nick Krgovich and St. Bernard Of Love*, at Babylon
-->Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Young Shields (website, myspace, livejournal)
-->Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Tonight Was A Disaster
-->Saint Bernard Of Love - The Girl Keeps You Up All Night (myspace)
Joel Plaskett with Peter Elkas, at Capital Music Hall
-->Joel Plaskett - Happen Now (website, myspace)
-->Peter Elkas - Party Of One (website, myspace)
Souljazz Orchestra* with The People Project, at The Black Sheep Inn
The Stance with The Bella Bombs* and Four'n'Giv'r*, at 80 Spruce St.

Su 05.06
Souljazz Orchestra* (4pm), at The Black Sheep Inn
Tacoma Hellfarm Tragedy with Evan Gordon & The Sad Clowns, at Irene's Pub
Tussle with Liar's Rosebush*, at Zaphod's
-->Liar's Rosebush - Delta Delta Delta (website, myspace)

* denotes local act



see: Kelp Records 13th anniversary weekend

Kelp record
Congrats to reader J.P. for getting the guestlistspot giveaway.

Is there much more to say about Kelp Records? Over the last week, dial613 has typed the label's name on here more times than 'flecton crotch shot' has been Google image-searched in the same timespan, which surely speaks volumes.
The 13th Anniversary Weekend lineup is below, along with mp3s for a bunch of the acts. Each show should be a great time, not only for the music, but the atmosphere too: the music is coming from a bunch of really nice people doing things they like to have a good time.

Throughout the weekend, Kelp is also allowing you the opportunity to be a nice person and be rewarded for it, too: bring in 5 used CDs to be sold for the benefit of Parkinson Society Ottawa and get Kelpmitzvah: Kelp Turns 13 (the label's 13th anniversary sampler) for free. So go out and dig up your old unused albums, because the sampler is a great compilation (featuring Kelp acts as well as other locals Sarah Hallman, The Soirée, and Mark Wilson) and has such a clever name, isn't it a clever name?

Friday April 27th - at The Navy Club (150 Middle St.)
The Acorn
The Flaps - Ouzo
The Michael Parks - Vanessa (off the Kelpmitzvah sampler)
Agile Like This
Brockway Biggs
>Doors at 8 PM (show ~9:15), $8.

Saturday April 28th (aft) - at The Carleton Tavern (223 Armstrong St.)
Andrew Vincent & The Pirates - Martha (and an interview)
Andy Swan - Brian Jones (off the Kelpmitzvah sampler)
Greenfield Main - I'll Take A Chance
Jenny Omnichord (of Barmitzvah Brothers)
The Luck - Battle Won Battle Lost (a verydandy)
Pulled pork sandwiches
>Doors at 1 PM, free/paywhatyoucan.

Saturday April 28th (eve) - at The Glue Pot Pub (340 Queen St.)
Camp Radio - On The Landing Strip
Flecton - Truce Is Stranger Than Fiction
Two Minute Miracles
>Doors at 8 PM (show ~9:15), $8.

In-Stores at local independents (both free!):
1) Friday, April 27th 12:30 PM
The Acorn at Compact Music (190 Bank St.)

2) Saturday, April 28th 12:30 PM
Chris Page at Sounds Unlikely (5 Arlington St.)



giveaway: kelp records 13th anniversary partay

Would you like 2 tickets to see each show of Kelp Records' 13th anniversary party?

Local record label and institution Kelp Records is throwing a birthday bash to celebrate their coming of age this weekend.
Between the nights of this Friday April 27th and Saturday April 28th, 14 bands (including The Acorn, Andrew Vincent & The Pirates, and Camp Radio) will be playing, spread out across three shows in three different venues.

And wouldn't you know it, dial613 has a pair of guest-list spots to give away that'll get you into all 3 shows for no charge (especially the 2 that actually have cover), courtesy of the gracious hosts at Kelp Records.

To enter: Just e-mail dial613 with the subject line, I want to be wrapped up in it.
For 1 bonus entry!: The scientific name for kelp is Macrocystis pyrifera. What's the scientific name for Kelp Records?

The contest closes on Thursday, April 26 at 6:00 PM, which is really really soon, so hurry up, ok? The winner will be contacted through e-mail right after the contest closes, so make sure you can check your e-mail on Thursday night if you'd like to get the spots.

dial613 will have some more details and mp3s related to Kelp's 13th anniversary party up tomorrow later this week. In the meantime, you can see the full listings here on the site, or over at the Kelp website.



this week in Ottawa: 04.23.07 - 04.29.07

No text or mp3s here today, but check back tomorrow for a guestlistspot giveaway to Kelp Records's KelpMitzvah!, the local label's 13th anniversary weekend-long party (including the shows listed below), as well as some tunes to download from the acts that'll be performing.

Any of the shows below catch your eye this week?

M 04.23
Amos The Transparent* with The Ethics* and Dave Gaudet*, at Zaphod's

Tu 04.24
The Bouncing Souls with Strike Anywhere, The Loved Ones, and Static Radio (7pm), at Babylon

W 04.25
Dog Day, at Irene's Pub
Patrick Krief with JP Houston, at Zaphod's
Priestess with The Binges and Tokyo Sex Whale*, at Babylon
White Cowbell Oklahoma* with Money Money*, at Maverick's

Th 04.26
Luther Wright with Tacoma Hellfarm Tragedy, at The Black Sheep Inn
The Marble Index with The Dunes and The City Above*, at Zaphod's
The Sick Fits* (cd release), at Babylon

F 04.27
Kelp Records* 13th Anniversary Party, ft. The Acorn*, The Flaps*, The Michael Parks, Agile Like This, Brockway Biggs* (aka Pimp Tea!?), at The Navy Club (150 Middle St.)
The Acorn* (1230pm), in-store at Compact Music (190 Bank St.)
Pawa Up First with My Dad vs. Yours*, at The Black Sheep Inn
Rock Plaza Central with Paper Airplanes and Books On Books*, at Zaphod's
Slackjaw Sinners with Entire Cities and Ennuie*, at The Gallery Studio
The Stills with Karkwa, The Besnard Lakes, and Mahjor Bidet, at Capital Music Hall
Washboard Hank with The McGillicuddy Sisters, at Irene's Pub

Sa 04.28
Kelp Records* 13th Anniversary Party, ft. Andrew Vincent & The Pirates, Andy Swan, Greenfield Main*, Jenny Omnichord, The Luck*, pork sandwiches (1pm), at The Carleton Tavern
Kelp Records* 13th Anniversary Party ft. Camp Radio*, Rhume*, Two Minute Miracles, Flecton* (8pm), at The Glue Pot Pub
Chris Page* (1230pm), in-store at Sounds Unlikely
Carlos Placeres with Joaquim Diaz and Caridad Cruz, at Barrymore's
Clothes Make The Man with The Adam Brown, at Maverick's
Good2Go with Evil Farm Children, at Irene's Pub
The Hundreds & Thousands with The Golden Seals, at Zaphod's
Mackenzie MacBride & The Supermodel Syndrome*, at Avant-Garde Bar
Les Trois Accords with Pépé et sa Guitare, at Capital Music Hall
Zal Idrissa Sissohko, at The Black Sheep Inn

Su 04.29
Dr. Dog with Tim's Myth* and F!ghtF!ghtF!ght*, at Zaphod's
Penny Lang with Joe Grass (4pm), at The Black Sheep Inn
The Tarbox Ramblers with Nathan Hunter (8pm), at The Black Sheep Inn

* denotes local act



this week in Ottawa: 04.19.07 - 04.22.07

OMGOMG, it's the first video to take the weekly press pic spot!
Don Ross - Afraid To Dance

Alright, even though dial613 already filled the site's very forgiving words-per-week quota with yesterday's Bluesfest post, you're getting more, wow. You should consider yourself lucky, it's not like it's a pay-per-word situation over here. (And note that that's the only clear distinction between dial613 and Charles Dickens.)

Ok, so if you do one thing this week aside from visiting this site and sleeping, it should be watching that video up at the top of this post of guitar virtuoso Don Ross; it will blow your mind and maybe make you feel inadequate, but isn't it about time that some music did that to you? You were getting cocky, anyway. Go be taken down a notch at the Black Sheep Inn on Thursday.

Also, Wayne Petti is coming Friday to Dekcuf for some solo singing. You may know him from fronting Cuff The Duke or playing most of the keyboards for Hylozoists. If you like gentle strumming, catchy whistling, and cute boys with glasses baring their soul, this is the place to be.

Should also note that this week marks the start of Québec Scene, a program run by the NAC (and follow-up to Alberta and Atlantic Scenes) that serves two purposes:
1) Showcases all sorts of artists from Québec on a national stage, and
2) Attempts to quell the furor of taxpayers all over the country who finance the NAC's regular programming for us Ottawa folk the other 349 days of the year (thanks guys!).
Anyway, we in town are beneficiaries: the mini-fest brings the likes of The Besnard Lakes, Les Breastfeeders, Torngat, The Stills, Les Trois Accords, and Ghislain Poirier to town over the next 2+ weeks.

Quel show est-ce que tu veut see cette semaine? (dial613 is fluent in franglais, fyi)
Was that Don Ross video worthy of stealing the show from this week's designated press pic?

Th 04.19
As The Poets Affirm* with Mahogany Frog and Kyrie Kristmanson, at Zaphod's
Don Ross with Brooke Miller, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->Video: Don Ross - Afraid To Dance (website, myspace)
-->Video: Don Ross - Michael, Michael, Michael

F 04.20
King Sunshine, at Maverick's
Les Breastfeeders, at Babylon
John Mayer with Kathleen Edwards*, at Scotiabank Place
Lesbians On Ecstacy with Lindsay Ferguson, at The Black Sheep Inn
Steve Stacey with The Bush Pilots*, at Irene's Pub
Think About Life with Crystal Clyffs, at Zaphod's
Wayne Petti with Kris Ward*, at Café Dekcuf
-->Wayne Petti - Moment By Moment (myspace)
-->Wayne Petti - Up On The Hillside

Sa 04.21
The Allrights with Garaga* and Ellbeejay, at Café Dekcuf
Emm Gryner with Royal Wood, at Zaphod's
Foggy Hogtown Boys, at The Black Sheep Inn
Muffler Crunch* with Mississippi Grover* and Power Farm*, at Irene's Pub
Plaster with Ghislain Poirier, Stephen Beaupre and Lesbians On Ecstacy, at Barrymore's
Tomi Swick with Jeremy Fisher and Simon Wilcox, at Capital Music Hall
Torngat, at The NAC
The Wooden Stars (CD Release) with Tusks, at Babylon
-->The Wooden Stars - Outlaws (website, myspace)
xbxrx with Elephantoms*, at End Hits

Su 04.22
Jens Jeppesen, at Irene's Pub
La Tuque Bleue (4pm), at The Black Sheep Inn
People For Audio with Acres* and City Of A Hundred Spires*, at Zaphod's

* denotes local act



Bluesfest 2007 Lineup Released

This year's Bluesfest (July 5-15) lineup was released today, and at a glance, its heavy-hitters include:

  • Bob Dylan
  • The White Stripes
  • Kanye West
  • Cat Power
  • Final Fantasy
  • Built To Spill (thanks, Kevin)

Also, Bluesfest regulars Blue Rodeo, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Elmer Ferrer, and Xavier Rudd will all be taking part again this year.

Some other neat names on the bill which dial613 noticed scanning through the 4 stages include Manu Chao, Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, Kid Koala, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, The Steve Miller Band, and nationals SunParlour Players and Tokyo Police Club.
Constantly-touring Canadians Joel Plaskett, Hawksley Workman, and Jon-Rae & The River will also be performing.

And local content seems higher this year (so thinks dial613's foggy memory): Jetplanes Of Abraham, Hilotrons, Jim Bryson, Sarah Hallman, and The Empiricals are among the 25 hometown acts to be featured over the 10 days.

dial613 will again be putting together a guide to the festival, so keep coming back every day between now and July 4 to see when it shows up.

But hey, what's with the name? "Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes Bluesfest"? dial613 don't get it; anybody care to take a stab (har-har)?

What name on the bill catches your eye/makes you salivate the most?
Is the line-up worth the $145 wristband to you?

-->The White Stripes - My Doorbell



in: Jim Bryson

dial613 hates hyperbole (more than anything else in the entire world), but it's entirely legitimate to say that Jim Bryson could be one of the best folksongwriters in Canada.

The Ottawa scene mainstay has always been good at straddling the line between playful and serious. It's hard to tell exactly when you should be taking his words at face value and when there could be something deeper: just when you might be starting to think a little too much about what you're hearing, out bleats "Haaey, haaey, toro!" from a conspicuously placed toy matador.

Despite the jostling, sincerity is one of Jim Bryson's strongest points. On Where The Bungalows Roam, his freshly-released 3rd record (and first on local independent Kelp Records), the trait rings clearer than Jim's voice, which might only be because sometimes it seems like he hasn't taken the time to clear his throat. But it's okay, as it only adds to the up-front and honest effect: the focus of a good chunk of the record is on the shakes and breaks in his voice, backed up by what always sounds like just the right amount of banjo, guitar, organ, and message machine playback.

Also, Jim Bryson was one of the two Ottawans at this year's SXSW (along with Lynn Miles), has toured the UK, gets frequent play on CBC Radio 3, and is one of the only known locals (or wearers-of-Expos-hats?) to be photographed with the world's greatest doctor.

The CD release party for the heartily dial613endorsed Where The Bungalows Roam spans 2 sets at the Black Sheep Inn, each with a local opener:

1) Saturday April 14, 9 PM, $15 advance (with The Soirée).
2) Sunday April 15, 4 PM, $15 advance (with Male Nurse).

On Saturday night, there is a bus to Wakefield leaving from the Dominion Tavern at 8pm; if you'd like a ride, e-mail Jon at Kelp Records for more details.

From Where The Bungalows Roam (2007):
-->Pissing On Everything
-->The Wishes Pile Up
-->Stream the entire album.

Jim Bryson on:
the internet
kelp records
cbc radio 3

the issues



this week in Ottawa: 04.09.07 - 04.15.07

Fun fact: Jim Bryson is actually lying down in this picture.

Hey, did you know Interpol is coming this week? Too bad if you didn't, because tickets sold out faster than you can say "I always thought they were from the UK." dial613 is still kind of surprised at the speed considering the uncharacteristically low publicity for it; didn't really come across any announcements other than this at the time the dates were released. Yet within a week and a half, desperation was kicking in for those out of the loop.
The show should be good, but dial613 is less curious about the sound of their new material than about whether or not this guy is going to make it in.

Perennial local favourites The Acorn finish Tin Fisting Canada by wrapping up their tour back where it started, except in a different venue, so it's not really as poetic as it could be. But they kept a nice (b)log of their touring experiences, you can read it here if you'd like.

Another notable show is The Books, who play music that is way over your head, and so can you please just admit it and stop pretending to understand songs that are called "The Lemon Of Pink." Ok but really, this is a pretty neat show to come to town, so you should --- oh wait, what, Final Fantasy is at the Black Sheep the same night? Oh.. gosh. Tough choice (ticket availability aside?); good thing dial613 is already busy and won't have to decide.

Finally, Jim Bryson's new album, Where The Bungalows Roam, is so grand that it needs to be released over two days; the deed will be done proper over the course of shows on Saturday and Sunday at the Black Sheep Inn. Come back later in the week to read a little bit about Jim Bryson and get some mp3s from the record (which you probably will really enjoy). In the meantime, you can stream the whole thing over here, wow!

Which shows are you most looking forward to this week?

M 04.09
Sin Kickers* with Jacko* and Boom Creek*, at Zaphod's

W 04.11
Handsome Furs with Hank & Lily and Apples*, at Zaphod's

Th 04.12
The Books, at Babylon
Final Fantasy, at The Black Sheep Inn

F 04.13
The Acorn* with Orillia Opry and Sarah Hallman*, at Babylon
Forty Cent Fix* with Arietta, Saturday Night Heroes and Motorcycle Drive-By*, at Zaphod's
The Jupiter Ray Project* with Casey Comeau & The Centretown Wilderness Club*, at Irene's Pub
The Mighty Popo* with Mansa Sissoko, at The Black Sheep Inn

Sa 04.14
Andy White Trio, at Irene's Pub
Apostle Of Hustle with Jetplanes Of Abraham*, at Zaphod's
Jim Bryson* (record release) with The Soirée*, at The Black Sheep Inn
Do Make Say Think, at Barrymore's
My Tiny Circus*, at Avant-Garde Bar
Souljazz Orchestra*, at Babylon

Su 04.15
Jim Bryson* (record release) with Male Nurse* (4pm), at The Black Sheep Inn
Ora Cogan with Anni Rossi (8pm), at The Black Sheep Inn
Harvee with Sadie Hell*, at Zaphod's
Interpol, at Capital Music Hall
The Murder Plans with Form One, at Irene's Pub

* denotes local act



this weekend in Ottawa: 04.06.07 - 04.08.07

There's something about Matthew Barber that you might want to go see on Friday at the Black Sheep Inn.

It would have been the easy route to just post that Nelly Furtado picture from the Junos where she's in that shiny black thing with the swimcap and stuff coming out of it, but dial613 has one-upped that by typing three words into a YouTube search box in order to bring you more. Apparently things got messed up during that entrance; anybody feel like watching it and letting me know?

So this weekend, Happy Easter and Passover to some, and happy nothing to everyone else. Celebrate by hearing some pure singingsongwriting from Matthew Barber, who paid his Union Dues and told them to take a break so that he could tour with colleague Julie Fader (myspace).

Also, Black Sheep fave Craig Cardiff has two sets in there, as you can see below. He sounds good, lots of people like him, maybe you will too. And it would be far too conspicuous if The Two Koreas was the only band playing this weekend but not mentioned in this quick blurb, so there it is, alright.

Show listings will get a thorough update this weekend.
What shows are you thinking of getting to in the next few days?

Matthew Barber with Julie Fader, at The Black Sheep Inn
Nelly Furtado with Saukrates and Divine Brown, at Scotiabank Place

Craig Cardiff with Mike Evin, at The Black Sheep Inn
The Two Koreas, at Zaphod's

Craig Cardiff with Anique Granger and Jacob & Lily , at The Black Sheep Inn (4pm show)



this week in Ottawa: 04.02.07 - 04.08.07

Will be up later in the week..
But FYI, Tokyo Police Club and Cold War Kids show is sold out.

If you still want somewhere to hear music on Tuesday the 3rd, you can go rock out.. against poverty! At Hooley's on Elgin, 7PM, The Eric Eggleston Band and Liquid Sound will provide the ammo for your rock-out weaponry. The event is hosted as a fundraiser by the Carleton University chapter of Engineers Without Borders Canada, and it's only $5.
Poverty won't know what hit it after it is rocked out on so hard.

Finally, just passing along some word for your Ottawa Senators, maybe this will keep you busy for the next couple days. Anyone going to take a stab?
(Thanks to OttawaStart for the heads up)


Ottawa Senators 2007 Playoff Song Contest


Get our fans pumped by composing & performing an original song. You could win 8 tickets to a playoff game in Round One

Deadline: Thursday, April 5 at 12:00 noon EDT.

Visit OttawaSenators.com for full details and the official contest entry form.

* Submit a 90-second original song, with music and lyrics incorporating our “Be
red” theme.
* Submit song by mail or in person on CD in WAV or MP3 format.
* Any musical genre can be entered – rock, hip hop, dance, country, etc.
* Bands or soloists are welcome to enter the contest.
* Song should be upbeat and will be used to pump up fans at our playoff games
* Music and lyrics must be original and written and performed by contest entrant.
* A panel of judges will review all submissions and pick one winner. The Ottawa Senators will produce a music video with the winner to show at the 2007 playoff games at Scotiabank Place and for promotional use.




this week in Ottawa: 03.26.07 - 04.01.07

Duck and cover, Carolyn Mark is throwing a Hootenanny at the Black Sheep on Sunday afternoon.

This week in Ottawa might be a little easier on your wallet than usual, as three of the neater shows are all free of charge.
Monday night, Zaphod's hosts its weekly free music showcase with Lions In The Street, who fittingly first got attention by distributing their EP for free online. You can still get bits and pieces of the rocknroll here. Speaking of rocknroll, few do blues-rock in the city as well as The Watters Brothers (Rebellion), who open up on that bill along with other locals Elie Smith & The Mainprize.
On the same night, The Empiricals provide their "Southeast Asia a go-go" surf-rock free of charge at the Manx, but maybe you'd like to use the would-be-cover money to buy a dessert there, because they taste pretty good.

And finally, Jim Bryson releases his lovely new album, Where The Bungalows Roam, with a lunchtime in-store performance on Tuesday at Compact Music. Compact Music, unfortunately, does not serve dessert.. but picking up the new record while you're there might be an experience that is just as sweet. As long as you don't try to eat it. Mmmk.

There are some people who want you to pay to see them play, though, and goshdarnit, isn't it only fair? It's especially fair if you were to get tickets to see The Constantines with tourmates Jon-Rae & The River and Shotgun & Jaybird on Wednesday night, which is a wonderfully solid bill from open to close: you've got your rock, your rock, and then... your rock. But each in their own vein, of course, so it's very much all-right.

Which shows are you hoping to get out to this week?

M 03.26
The Empiricals, at The Manx
-->The Empiricals - Golden Beat (website)
Lions In The Street with The Watters Brothers Rebellion* and Elie Smith & The Mainprize*, at Zaphod's
Sebastien Grainger et les Montagnes, at Maverick's

Tu 03.27
Jim Bryson* (~12:30PM), at Compact Music
Embassies Of Denmark* with The Great Plains and Rebekah Higgs, at Café Dekcuf

W 03.28
The Constantines with Jon-Rae & The River and Shotgun & Jaybird, at Barrymore's
Mary Gauthier with Lynn Miles* and Eliza Gilkyson, at Library & Archives Canada
Twelve 34* with Circuit and Scarlet Fever, at Zaphod's

F 03.30
The Dunn Project*, at Irene's Pub
Eric Vieweg & The Silver Lining* with Their Majesties and Famous Lovers, at The Black Sheep Inn
The Polytones* with General Electrik*, at Zaphod's

Sa 03.31
Good2Go* with Muffler Crunch*, at The Dominion Tavern
The Coggs* with Autobahn* and The Mighty Eagle Band*, at Zaphod's
King Sunshine, with The Black Sheep Inn
Trevor Alguire* with The Jason Kent Band*, at Irene's Pub

Su 04.01
Michael Weston King with Steve Fai*, at Irene's Pub
Kelly Joe Phelps, at The Black Sheep Inn (4pm show)
Carolyn Mark with Jenny Whiteley, Luther Wright, and Jim Bryson*, at The Black Sheep Inn (9pm show)
Say Hi To Your Mom with Travel By Owl* and Relief Maps*, at Zaphod's

* denotes local act



this week in Ottawa: 03.19.07 - 03.25.07

Born Ruffians, died on a couch watching Search For The Next Pussycat Doll.

This weekend, Born Ruffians appear to be the main attraction in town with their pixy-like stage behaviour and tight pants that would probably be tucked into socks if they reached that far down. They've been through town a couple times recently, including a great-sounding (heavenly?) show at the First Baptist Church, where they also first made their self-titled EP available. For those who haven't heard it, maybe you should consider; you can grab an mp3 of the opening track below. This time around they'll be playing at Zaphod's with local noisemakers Fucked Corpse and tourmates We're Marching On, who kind of sound like every trick in indie-rock smushed together into a pasty somethingorother. That's either a good or a bad thing, but that's up to you to decide.. dial613 will only do so much of the legwork for you.

Also on Friday, locals Casey Comeau & The Centretown Wilderness Club anchor a neat night of country/roots/rock at Babylon, with other dial613endorsed locals Crowded Skies and Guelph's Violet Lyal.
Also of note, VJ Daisy will be there to provide some visual accompaniment in the form of "live video mixing" to the music; how this will go down, dial613 is completely unaware, but it's probably worth a looksee even out of curiousity. Even if it doesn't work out, the bands should be good enough to keep your feets a-stomping and toes a-tapping, which is either a good or a bad thing, but that's up to you to decide.. dial613 will only do so much of the legwork for you.

Two bands hot on the indienet circuit also stop by this weekend. On Saturday, (phe)Menomena come around, whose album Wet And Rusting kind of sounds like a punchline without a joke, or a dirty euphemism, although those could be one and the same. As well, West-coasting Canadians (and Asthmatic Kitty labelled) Shapes & Sizes play Sunday, and they sound pretty good. And if you're not all legworked out by now, you can decide yourself whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Where will you be wearing your hippest clothes this weekend?
To what joke is Wet And Rusting the punchline? Did the chicken cross the road because he was Wet And Rusting? Or maybe it's cheese that isn't yours?..

W 03.21
As The Poets Affirm* with The Dudes, at Zaphod's
-->As The Poets Affirm - Awake Chaos (website, myspace)
-->The Dudes - Dropkick Queen Of The Weekend (hheyyy!) (website, myspace)
Jason Collett, at Bar 1848 (at University of Ottawa)

Th 03.22
David Usher with NLX, at Zaphod's
-->David Usher - If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next (Manic Street Preachers cover, who knew?) (website)
Starvin Hungry with The Phantom Shifters*, at Babylon

F 03.23
Amos The Transparent* with Hoodlum, at The Black Sheep Inn
Born Ruffians with We're Marching On and Fucked Corpse*, at Zaphod's
-->Born Ruffians - This Sentence Will Ruin/Save Your Life (website, myspace)
-->4 tracks from a session at KEXP via i(heart)music
Casey Comeau & The Centretown Wilderness Club with VJ Daisy, Crowded Skies*, and Violet Lyal, at Babylon
The Country Boys, at Irene's Pub

Sa 03.24
Big Jeezus Truck* with The Shifters, at Barrymore's
Bloodshot Bill, at Irene's Pub
Caridad Cruz & Kubacua, at The Black Sheep Inn
Hilotrons* with Great Aunt Ida, at Babylon
Mackenzie MacBride & The Supermodel Syndrome*, at Avant-Garde Bar
Menomena with Land Of Talk and Field Music, at Zaphod's
-->Field Music - House Is Not A Home (website, myspace)
The Mighty Popo with Mansa Sissoko, at The Black Sheep Inn
Simply Saucer with Weapons Of Mass Seduction* and Four 'n' Giver*, at Babylon

Su 03.25
Meredith Luce* with Mail Nurse*, James Farr*, and Erika Werry (4pm), at The Black Sheep Inn
Shapes and Sizes with Castanets and Books On Books*, at Zaphod's
-->Books On Books - One Page At A Time (website, myspace)

* denotes local act

-->Moist - Resurrection (those lyrics don't actually mean anything, right?)