this week in Ottawa: 05.07.07 - 05.13.07

The Bicycles are like your mom, everybody gets a ride.

This week, answering machine/message board punkottawa.com celebrates its 6th anniversary with 6 days of punk rock & roll shows, none of which dial613 will pretend to be too familiar with. Should be fun though, there are some local acts in the festivities like The Love Machine, who are known to put on a good show around these parts. They'll be part of the biggest bash of the anniversary party, opening on a bill featuring Moneen as headliners.

And hey, remember Limbeck? They're those guys that covered the Backstreet Boys maybe about 5 or 6 years back, aren't they? At least that's how the mp3 on Kazaa was labelled, and those things were pretty much always right. Contest: dial613 will mail a granola bar to anyone that requests it at the show on Wednesday (and can provide video evidence). Bonus: if they play it, you get to choose the flavour!

And FYI: if you're into The Bicycles and The Old Soul and were thinking of heading over to the Black Sheep to catch them, you can hang onto your gas money if you'd like since the same bill will be playing Maverick's next week. Maverick's isn't quite as charming as Wakefield, though, so take your pick.

What shows are you looking ahead to this week?
Any shows missing from the listings?

M 05.07
The Mighty Eagle Band* with Doll* and The Unavowed*, at Zaphod's
Ron Sexsmith, at Centrepointe Theatre

Tu 05.08
The Johnstones with Keepin 6, at Café Dekcuf

W 05.09
The Bicycles with The Old Soul, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->The Old Soul - Nectar Of The Nitwit (website, myspace)
The Divorcees with Lefty McRighty* and Steve Stacey*, at Zaphod's
Hot Rod Circuit with Limbeck, The Forecast, and The Riot Service, at Café Dekcuf
-->Limbeck(?) - I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys cover) (website, myspace)
Lynn Miles* with Sneezy Waters, at Glebe Community Centre

Th 05.10
Kim Barlow with Great Aunt Ida and Kyrie Kristmanson*, at The Black Sheep Inn
My Chemical Romance, at Scotiabank Place
Sin Kickers* with Mile Over Mecca* and Mono Hum*, at Zaphod's

F 05.11
James Hill with Anne Davison, at The Black Sheep Inn
Jeff Meleras* (CD release) with Jupiter Ray Project*, at Irene's Pub
Manpower* with Starvin' Hungry*, at Zaphod's
punkottawa.com 6th anniversary ft. Modern Life Is War, Death By Dishonour, Cobra Noir, and I Refuse*, at Montgomery Legion Hall
punkottawa.com 6th anniversary party ft. Moneen, Ten Second Epic, and The Love Machine*, at Capital Music Hall

Sa 05.12
Loudlove* with Speakerton, at Barrymore's
Luke Doucet with Rose Cousins, at The Black Sheep Inn
punkottawa.com 6th anniversary ft. Nekromantix, The Heart Attacks, Westbound Train, and Orange, at Babylon

Su 05.13
punkottawa.com 6th anniversary ft. Bayside, Sydney, These Silhouettes, Socialight, and Seeing Emerson*, at Maverick's
Luke Doucet with Rose Cousins (4pm), at The Black Sheep Inn
B.B. King, at National Arts Centre
Miracle Fortress with Plante Ta Femme and Pony Up, at Zaphod's

* denotes local act


Calum Marsh said...

Pony Up! is playing with Miracle Fortress on Sunday...

dial613 said...

thanks Calum, added it in
but remember: no exclamation mark

Calum Marsh said...

Ah yes. I forgot. I shall attempt to sound less enthused.

Anonymous said...

Heh, Limbecks pretty good. I saw them with Hot Rod Circuit. I was into it but Hot Rod blew em off the stage.