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  • Radio station 106.9 The Bear is holding the regional voting for the Canadian Radio Star Songwriting Competition. Up for a shot at the nationals are 5 Ottawa songwriters, including Joshua Morin, Meredith Luce, and Jonathan Chandler (of Amos The Transparent). You can download each entrant's mp3 and then vote here before February 1.
  • Ottawa is getting a new record store. This was supposed to be its own post, but in case there's not another chance before it opens, you should know that Sounds Unlikely, featuring "eclectic music hard to find film", will open its doors on February 1 at 10:30 AM and has its official Grand Opening on Saturday, February 3, from 10AM-6PM. Read the full press release here.
dial613 is looking forward to having a new record store in town; but what do you think? Have you been hoping for another one to come around, especially after the demises of Record Runner and Organised Sound? Or have your allegiances already been pledged elsewhere?



this week in Ottawa: 01.29.07 - 02.04.07

Is that a Grammy in Camera Obscura singer Tracyanne Campbell's hand? Oh wait, no, no it isn't.

Congratulations to reader Jamie for winning the Camera Obscura ticket giveaway, who included this and this with his entry... each which may or may not have made dial613 giggle.
And thanks to all who entered, especially to the readers who suggested that the lady on the cover might have been looking at this (completely possible, if not probable), saying this, or went to the trouble to handpaint a backdrop to re-create the photo. Hot-dang, there's no justice in random number generators, is there? Karma won't forget your effort, dial613 is sure of it.
If you haven't gotten tickets yet but still want to see the show, and you aren't Jamie, then you might want to get on that; there are less than 20 tickets left at last count. are out of luck, because they're now sold out.

In other happenings this week, no-cover-Monday at Zaphod's looks great this week, featuring the seemingly Primus-inspired Auto Racing, singersongwriter Marc Charron (who also fronts Lure), and "arguably the greatest undiscovered guitarist in Canada" Robert Farrell with his band.
Anybody want to argue?

Loud and dirty rock and roll is provided by locals The Watters Brothers on Wednesday night and the entire Pride Tiger bill on Saturday, while you can catch more mellow sounds on the other end of the spectrum at the Black Sheep with great songwriters Sarah Hallman and/or Justin Rutledge.

If you're looking to find a potential new favourite local band, look no further than Books On Books at Irene's on Saturday. Head to their myspace to get a feel for their grainy experimental sound, and you can also download a track from the most recent 'this weekend' post.

What shows are you looking forward to this week?
Are there any missing from the list?

M 01.29.07
Auto Racing* with Boswalos, Marc Charron*, and The Robert Farrell Band*, at Zaphod's

Tu 01.30.07
Camera Obscura with The Essex Green and Glenn Nuotio* @BRM
Fortycentfix*, at End Hits

W 01.31.07
The Watters Brothers* with The Uptown Strugglers* and The Possums*, at Zaphod's

Th 02.01.07
Chris Frye with O Susanna and Kevin Fox, at The Black Sheep Inn
Ghislain Poirier with Vitaminsforyou, Jokers of the Scene*, at Zaphod's

F 02.02.07
HIV/AIDS Benefit ft. Golden Bulldozer*, The Walsh Tribute, and Matt Raudsepp, at Zaphod's
Good2Go*, at End Hits
Sarah Hallman* with The Soirée*, at The Black Sheep Inn
River City Junction*, at Avant-Garde Bar
The Tragically Hip with The Constantines, at Scotiabank Place

Sa 02.03.07
Books On Books* with Les Allumettes* and The City Above*, at Irene's
Mighty Popo (CD Release), at Barrymore's
Pride Tiger with The Double Pumpers*, The Mighty Eagle Band*, at Zaphod's
Justin Rutledge with Rose Cousins, at The Black Sheep Inn

Su 02.04.07
The McGillicuddy Sisters (4pm show) with Lucky Ron* and Lefty McRighty*, at The Black Sheep Inn

* denotes local act



reminder: Department of Foreign Affairs

In case you haven't caught them yet, a reminder that tonight is the last night for you to see/hear the best bass lines and harmonies in the city (oh no dial613 di'n't!) over at Irene's Pub, as local alt-country/rockers Department Of Foreign Affairs finish up their month-long Sunday night residency.

Infinite numbers of bands list The Beatles and The Beach Boys as influences, but DOFA is one of the few where you would actually guess it without them having to spell it out for you.

They'll be playing 2 sets featuring old songs, new songs from their recently released and dandyfun album Northern Living Northern Lights, and some covers (hopefully a certain Beach Boys one..).

One set at 9PM and another at 10PM, $5 cover.



this weekend in Ottawa: 01.26.07 - 01.28.07

No word on whether or not Calvin Broadus Snoop Dogg will bring BFF Taylor Hicks on stage Friday at the Civic Centre.

F - 01.26.07
The Besnard Lakes with Amos The Transparent*, at Zaphod's
-->The Besnard Lakes - And You Lied To Me (website, myspace)
Lily Frost with J.F. Robitaille, at The Black Sheep Inn
The Nads* (cd release) with Doug Hell & The Junkie Murderers*, Travolta Sings*, Dr. Wily & The Robot Masters*, and more, at Club Saw
Snoop Dogg with Ice Cube, at the Civic Centre
-->Snoop Doggy Dogg - Who Am I (What's My Name) (website, myspace)
-->Snoop Dogg ft. Justin Timberlake - Signs
Tradition with Xian and Saint Bernard Of Love*, at 59 Argyle
-->Saint Bernard Of Love - For The Horse Riders (myspace)

Sa - 01.27.07
Caledonia with The Murder Plans* and Kris Ward*, at Café Dekcuf
Caridad Cruz, at Zaphod's
Venus Envy's 6th Anniversary, featuring The Cliks, Les Allumettes, and The Banditas, at The Legion on Kent St.
Crowded Skies* (CD release) with Jupiter Ray Project*, at Irene's Pub
-->Crowded Skies - Fire Off The Hill (stream)
Goldsword Champion* with Weapons Of Mass Seduction* and Captain Foxy*, at 59 Argyle
Jacquie In The Kitchen* (last show) with The Watters Brothers,* The Coggs*, and Brad Sucks*, at Maverick's
-->Brad Sucks - Making Me Nervous (website, myspace)
Steve Forbert with Ron Leary, at The Black Sheep Inn
--> (website, myspace)
See Joe Smile*, at Holy Redeemer Church (Kanata)

Su - 01.28.07
Department Of Foreign Affairs*, at Irene's Pub
-->Department Of Foreign Affairs - Burning Eyes (website, myspace)

* denotes local act

(Reminder: Deadline for entering the Camera Obscura contest below is 11:59 PM on the 26th.)



this week (updated)

This week in Ottawa will be up later in the week. Or we'll just keep going one day at a time.

On Wednesday, Zaphod's is holding a "For Flag And Country" fundraiser. to help restore the Union Jack flag that was rescued from Parliament from a fire in 1916.
Three dandy local alt-country bands are taking part: Lefty McRighty & The Boxcar Cadavers, Sunbleached Skulls, and Evil Farm Children.
You can read more about the cause here.

Until then, all there is to know about is no-cover Monday at Zaphod's, featuring Graven with locals Johlen and That's The Spirit.

Also, dial613 is still waiting for someone more readers to re-create that photo for the Camera Obscura contest..



giveaway: Camera Obscura tickets

Would you like 2 free tickets to see Camera Obscura in Ottawa?

The Scottish sextet plays Barrymore's on January 30, along with tourmates The Essex Green and local Glenn Nuotio, as part of the 2nd leg of a North American tour in support of their 3rd album, Let's Get Out Of This Country.

And what do you know, dial613 has a pair of tickets to give away (~$35-40 value), courtesy of the fine folk over at Mocking Music.

To enter: Simply e-mail dial613 (dial613[AT]gmail[DOT]com) with the subpar subject line, "May I take a photo of you with my Camera Obscura? ;)" (awkward emoticon included). And...

For one bonus entry: With your e-mail, include a picture of what the nice lady in the photo above might possibly be looking at. Here's one idea.
For TWO bonus entries: Send in a picture of your best re-creation of the photo above, with you as the star. Come on, everybody's doing it. (oh, and dial613 would really like it if you gave permission for it to be posted on the site, too)

The contest closes at 11:59 PM on January 26, 2007, and the winner will be contacted through e-mail on January 27, 2007. Should the winner not respond in a reasonable amount of time, the tickets will be drawn for again.
Good luck!

To get you giddy:
-->Camera Obscura - Lloyd (Cole), I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken (website, myspace)
-->Camera Obscura - Roman Holiday

note: tickets = guestlist spots; no physical tickets involved!



this week in Ottawa: 01.15.07 - 01.21.07

Don't forget to pack your nice clothes to bring to Camp Radio on Saturday at Babylon.

This week in Ottawa, local trio Camp Radio (fronted by singer-songwriter Chris Page) finally get around to celebrating their debut LP, which was originally released back in May. It's been getting some attention from a few different places, including CBC Radio 3's recent bestof2006 podcast, as well as confused parents looking to start their children on early broadcasting careers.

Passing through the outskirts of Ottawa is Joel Plaskett, who plays 2 shows at the Black Sheep Inn. But they're both sold out, so that'll learn you for dawdling.

At another local show, dial613endorsed jazzy/electro/something ensemble Antizario play a benefit for The Independent Filmmakers Cooperative of Ottawa, along with a number of other local musical and nonmusical artists.
And do you remember Dominic D'Arcy coming to your school way back? Of course you do; it's hard to forget a singing policeman. But you may have forgotten Cierra Campeau, who accompanied him for a number of shows as a kid who you were probably supposed to relate to. Anyway, you can go see her doing her own thing now, headlining Saturday at Zaphod's. And while you're there, thank her for helping to keep you off the drugs (or at least for trying?).

What are you looking forward to this week?

M - 01.15.07
IFCO 15th Anniversary Party, featuring Antizario* and more, at Barrymore's
The Queers with The Heart Attacks, The Riptides*, and The Suicide Pilots, at Maverick's

W - 01.17.07
Brian Downey*, at Avant-Garde
Matt Mays with Museum Pieces and Alanna Stuart*, at Barrymore's
The Vanity Of Human Wishes* with The October Sky*, at Zaphod's

Th - 01.18.07
Joel Plaskett with Melissa Ferrick, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->Joel Plaskett - Happen Now (website, myspace)
-->Joel Plaskett - Natural Disaster
Priestess with Mad Parish, at Maverick's
Radar, at Avant-Garde

F - 01.19.07
Students For A Free Tibet fundraiser, featuring All Is Lost*, Stoic Kid*, Clepto*, and The Red Light Saints*, at Babylon
Fortycentfix* with Roadbones and Down On Bedford*, at Zaphod's
Marie-Josee Houle* with Sacha Gabriel*, at Avant-Garde
Joel Plaskett with Melissa Ferrick, at The Black Sheep Inn
Tugnut with Seething and Dr. Wily & The Robot Masters*, at End Hits

Sa - 01.20.07
Adam Carrol with Roger Marrin and The Undesirables, at The Black Sheep Inn
Camp Radio* (CD release) with Flecton Big Sky & The Dreamcatchers* and Micarza Camaro*, at Babylon
-->Camp Radio - On The Landing Strip (website, myspace)
-->Camp Radio - Cons At The New Moon
Cierra Campeau* with Amanda Rheaume* and Sarah DeLuca*, at Zaphod's
Lyna Cob with Mica Hamerson*, at Avant-Garde
Iconoclast*, at Barrymore's
The Jimmy Swift Band, at Maverick's

Su - 01.21.07
Department Of Foreign Affairs*, at Irene's Pub
-->Department Of Foreign Affairs - First They Hit Manhattan (website, myspace)

* denotes local act

Also note: the show listings on the right were massively updated today. Find better ones, and dial613 will call you a liar.
Don't forget that you can import them straight into your Google calendar for incredible convenience; just click that button right above the listings.

And, another ticket giveaway will be up later in the week.
(guessing from the hint = bonus entry)



this week in Ottawa: 01.08.07 - 01.14.07

Rock Plaza Central are, indeed, horses: gift horses for Ottawa's low wintertime touring band rate, hyuk hyuk.

This week in Ottawa, maybe some snow will come. It would be handy to serve as a reminder that there is a reason not many bands are coming through town right now, as opposed to just feeling left alone.
But it's not like things are all that desparate: Toronto band Rock Plaza Central play on Saturday as the nonlocal exception to a 2-night showcase of local music at Zaphod's, brought to you by the folk at Mocking Music.
They came around back in September to release their new album Are We Not Horses?, which apparently is about robotic horses who believe they are real horses. Between then and now, though, they've garnered all sorts of new and fun media, including a very nice review from Pitchfork. But that shouldn't be necessary to get you out; if you head over to their myspace (linked below), you can decide for yourself.
And, as a bonus, there will be two dandy local openers in As The Poets Affirm and My Dad vs. Yours.

2 local CD releases from very different ends of the spectrum are also scheduled this week:
Antizario release their debut LP Saturday Night at The Mercury Lounge. The album, It's Great To Be Fine, should have all sorts of neat jazzy sounds with electronica influences; have a listen on their myspace for some really interesting stuff.
Punk-rock quartet The Bella Bombs will also be putting out their debut record, which you can celebrate at Babylon on Saturday.

Also worth noting is Colombian folk music ensemble Folklore Urbano, who play Zaphod's on Wednesday. There should probably be some comment about melting away the winter chills. Probably.

What are you looking forward to this week?

W - 01.10.07
Capital Slam event featuring Rob McLennan, at Café Dekcuf
Folklore Urbano, at Zaphod's

Th. - 01.11.07
Million Dollar Marxists* with CPC Gangbangs, at Babylon

F - 01.12.07
Daiquiri* with Black Actors* and Fucked Corpse*, at Zaphod's
The Reverb Syndicate* with Evil Farm Children*, at The Black Sheep Inn

Sa. - 01.13.07
Antizario* (CD release), at Mercury Lounge
Rock Plaza Central with As The Poets Affirm* and My Dad vs. Yours*, at Zaphod's
-->Rock Plaza Central - My Children, Be Joyful (website, myspace)
-->As The Poets Affirm - Awake Chaos (website, myspace)
-->My Dad vs. Yours - Habla Paisane (website, myspace)
The Bella Bombs* (CD release) with The Shifters*, The Fucking Machines*, and Muffler Crunch*, at Babylon
Nero* with Dave Lauzon*, at Maverick's
North Of Summer, at Avant-Garde Bar

Su. - 01.14.07
Department Of Foreign Affairs*, at Irene's Pub
Natalia Zukerman* with Melissa Laveaux*, at The Black Sheep Inn
Nero* with Elbeejay*, at Maverick's
Octoberman w/ Poorfolk* and Design Of Cities*, at The Rainbow

* denotes local act



this weekend in Ottawa: 01.05.07 - 01.07.07

Congratulations to reader K.P., who won tickets to see Emily Haines and her Soft Skeleton.

This week in Ottawa is all-local, with the exception of Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton, who will come through town playing the 2nd date of a North American tour in support of the debut release Knives Don't Have Your Back. Reviews from her set at cbcradio3's See Vous Play show came back positive, and dial613 assumes she'll have plenty left for her first solo show in Ottawa.

If that's not your thing, you may want to go over to Zaphod's and see Brock Zeman. He's also just starting out on a tour in support of his new album Welcome Home Ivy Jane, which features the same country grit that the Carleton Place native has been making his name on through his other 3 releases in the past 4 years.

Sunday night, dial613endorsed Department Of Foreign Affairs begin a month-long residency at Irene's Pub. The band, whose genre changes every time dial613 writes about them (alt-country/countryaltrock/poppyrocknroll), will be playing 2 sets every Sunday in January at 9 and 10 PM. It would probably do you some good to go; their CD release was a blast, and their harmonies are more fun than a barrel of made-up genre classifications.

Another option this Sunday night, if you're up for the drive, is to head down to the Black Sheep Inn for a showcase of 4 promising local singing-songwriting talents, including Marc Charron, who you may already know as the front for Lure.

So, where are you planning on going this week?

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton, at The Bronson Centre
-->Emily Haines - The Lottery (website, myspace)
Brock Zeman* with Joshua Morin* and Ball 'n Chain*, at Zaphod's
-->Brock Zeman & The Dirty Hands - Sweet Charlotte (website, myspace)

Souljazz Orchestra*, at Babylon
Sojourn* with Addison*, Acres*, at Maverick's
Twelve34* with Sindication* and Lady Milk*, at Barrymore's

Department Of Foreign Affairs*, at Irene's Pub
-->Department Of Foreign Affairs - Burning Eyes (website, myspace)
Meredith Luce* with Marc Charron*, Derek Olive* and Dave Gaudet*, at The Black Sheep Inn

* denotes local act