this week in Ottawa: 01.29.07 - 02.04.07

Is that a Grammy in Camera Obscura singer Tracyanne Campbell's hand? Oh wait, no, no it isn't.

Congratulations to reader Jamie for winning the Camera Obscura ticket giveaway, who included this and this with his entry... each which may or may not have made dial613 giggle.
And thanks to all who entered, especially to the readers who suggested that the lady on the cover might have been looking at this (completely possible, if not probable), saying this, or went to the trouble to handpaint a backdrop to re-create the photo. Hot-dang, there's no justice in random number generators, is there? Karma won't forget your effort, dial613 is sure of it.
If you haven't gotten tickets yet but still want to see the show, and you aren't Jamie, then you might want to get on that; there are less than 20 tickets left at last count. are out of luck, because they're now sold out.

In other happenings this week, no-cover-Monday at Zaphod's looks great this week, featuring the seemingly Primus-inspired Auto Racing, singersongwriter Marc Charron (who also fronts Lure), and "arguably the greatest undiscovered guitarist in Canada" Robert Farrell with his band.
Anybody want to argue?

Loud and dirty rock and roll is provided by locals The Watters Brothers on Wednesday night and the entire Pride Tiger bill on Saturday, while you can catch more mellow sounds on the other end of the spectrum at the Black Sheep with great songwriters Sarah Hallman and/or Justin Rutledge.

If you're looking to find a potential new favourite local band, look no further than Books On Books at Irene's on Saturday. Head to their myspace to get a feel for their grainy experimental sound, and you can also download a track from the most recent 'this weekend' post.

What shows are you looking forward to this week?
Are there any missing from the list?

M 01.29.07
Auto Racing* with Boswalos, Marc Charron*, and The Robert Farrell Band*, at Zaphod's

Tu 01.30.07
Camera Obscura with The Essex Green and Glenn Nuotio* @BRM
Fortycentfix*, at End Hits

W 01.31.07
The Watters Brothers* with The Uptown Strugglers* and The Possums*, at Zaphod's

Th 02.01.07
Chris Frye with O Susanna and Kevin Fox, at The Black Sheep Inn
Ghislain Poirier with Vitaminsforyou, Jokers of the Scene*, at Zaphod's

F 02.02.07
HIV/AIDS Benefit ft. Golden Bulldozer*, The Walsh Tribute, and Matt Raudsepp, at Zaphod's
Good2Go*, at End Hits
Sarah Hallman* with The Soirée*, at The Black Sheep Inn
River City Junction*, at Avant-Garde Bar
The Tragically Hip with The Constantines, at Scotiabank Place

Sa 02.03.07
Books On Books* with Les Allumettes* and The City Above*, at Irene's
Mighty Popo (CD Release), at Barrymore's
Pride Tiger with The Double Pumpers*, The Mighty Eagle Band*, at Zaphod's
Justin Rutledge with Rose Cousins, at The Black Sheep Inn

Su 02.04.07
The McGillicuddy Sisters (4pm show) with Lucky Ron* and Lefty McRighty*, at The Black Sheep Inn

* denotes local act

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Jonathan Migneault said...

Just thought I'd let you guys know that Camera Obscura is now sold out.

Hope everyone got a ticket.