giveaway: The Clientele

Would you like 2 free tickets to see The Clientele in Ottawa?

The retroish-poppy English band plays Babylon on Tuesday, June 5 along with atmospheric tourmates Beach House and locals My Dad vs Yours, in support of their new album Gd Save The Clientele.

And OMG, dial613 has a pair of tickets to give away, courtesy of those folks over at local internet outpost Mocking Music.

To enter: Simply e-mail dial613 (dial613[AT]gmail[DOT]com) with the subject line, dial613 Save (me) The Money. (A 'har-har' is optional.)

The contest closes at 11:59 PM on June 2, 2007, and the winner will be contacted through e-mail on June 3. Should the winner not respond in a reasonable amount of time, the tickets will be drawn for again.

-->The Clientele - Since K Got Over Me

note: tickets = guestlist spots; no physical tickets involved!



this week in Ottawa: 05.28.07 - 06.03.07

The Wooden Stars share a double-bill, green screen, with Hilotrons this weekend.

M 05.28
Blazer* with Far From The Trees*, Dusty Waters, and Michael Caffrey*, at Zaphod's

Tu 05.29
Mike Yates* with Ritallin*, at Avant-Garde Bar

Th 05.31
Feist with Chad VanGaalen, at Bronson Centre
-->Feist - Mushaboom (k-os mix) (website, myspace)
-->Chad VanGaalen - Graveyard (website, myspace)
Danny Michel* with Sara Austin Corbett, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->Danny Michel - The Invisible Man (website, myspace)
Mother Mother with Amos The Transparent*, at Zaphod's
-->Mother Mother - Dirty Town (website, myspace)
-->Mother Mother - Verbatim
Two Hours Traffic with Mardeen, at Maverick's
Wil with Auto Racing*, at The Live Lounge
-->Wil - Wedding Dress (website, myspace)
-->Auto Racing - Military Bubbles (myspace)

F 06.01
Black Boot Trio* with Four'n'Giv'r*, at Irene's Pub
Joshua Morin Band* with Graham Greer*, at The Clocktower Brew Pub
The Wooden Stars with Hilotrons*, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->The Wooden Stars - Pretty Girl (website, myspace)
Quarter Life* (CD release) with Sarah DeLuca*, at Zaphod's

Sa 06.02
Harshey* with The Fucking Machines* and The Uncooperatives*, at Irene's Pub
Hilotrons* with The Wooden Stars, at The Black Sheep Inn
Kobotown with Mr. Something Something, at Barrymore's
The Mahones, at Babylon
Quarter Life* (CD release) with Ben Cooper*, at Zaphod's

Su 06.03
Canoe-b-que featuring Ian Tamblyn, Ellen Hamilton, David Archibald, Shelley Posen, and Connie Kaldor, at The Black Sheep Inn

* denotes local act



this week in Ottawa: 05.23.07 - 05.27.07

Laura Barrett's hair is between her glasses and her eyes; how impractical!

W 05.23
The Cliks with We Are The Take, at Zaphod's

Th 05.24
Call Me Poupee, at Zaphod's
Mile Over Mecca*, at Avant-Garde Bar
Million Dollar Marxists*, at Babylon

F 05.25
Laura Barrett with Woodhands and Glenn Nuotio*, at Club SAW
The County Boys, at Irene's Pub
Dopamine* with Doll*, at Zaphod's
The Greg MacPherson Band with DarkBlueWorld, at The Black Sheep Inn

Sa 05.26
Melissa Laveaux* with Annabelle Chvostek and Blue Venus, at Zaphod's
Downchild Blues Band (CD release) with Tony D*, at Barrymore's
Corin Raymond with Brock Zeman and Andrew Neville, at The Black Sheep Inn

Su 05.27
Sadie Hell* with Hollerado* and Museum Pieces, at The Black Sheep Inn

* denotes local act



this week in Ottawa: 05.15.07 - 05.20.07

Reverend Horton Heat

This week, dial613 must be missing some show listings? It seems like a bit of a light week. As always, leave a comment if you notice anything has been left out.

Not to say the shows this week are no good.. there's a pretty neat roster of visitors. You can see United Steel Workers Of Montreal, Cuff The Duke, and Great Aunt Ida over the course of the weekend, each on their own night.

And worthwhile local acts, including The Soirée, The Soft Disaster, Sarah Hallman, and Books On Books, are playing through the week. And that's not meant as a slight to the other local acts, ok? These are just the ones that have bribed dial613 ... can type out without over-using bold lettering.

This week's game of make-your-own-punchline: Reverend Horton Heat plays 2 days before The Unionist Ministers. (...and The Ethics play only after those two acts have come and gone.)

What are you looking forward to this week?

Tu 05.15
punkottawa.com 6th anniversary, ft. Reverend Horton Heat with Murder By Death, at Barrymore's

Th 05.17
Reilly* with F!ghtF!ghtF!ght* and Books On Books*, at Zaphod's
The Soft Disaster* with The Soirée* and The Rest, at The Black Sheep Inn
The Unionist Ministers with The Just Barelys and B.A. Johnston, at Maverick's

F 05.18
The Ethics* with Eric Vieweg & The Silver Lining*, at Irene's Pub
United Steel Workers Of Montreal with Joe Grass, at The Black Sheep Inn

Sa 05.19
Acres* (CD release) with As The Poets Affirm*, at Zaphod's
Cuff The Duke with Spiral Beach, at The Black Sheep Inn
The David Picco Band with Greg Hobbs & The Turkey Basters, at Irene's Pub

Su 05.20
Great Aunt Ida with Sarah Hallman*, at Irene's Pub

* denotes local act



this week in Ottawa: 05.07.07 - 05.13.07

The Bicycles are like your mom, everybody gets a ride.

This week, answering machine/message board punkottawa.com celebrates its 6th anniversary with 6 days of punk rock & roll shows, none of which dial613 will pretend to be too familiar with. Should be fun though, there are some local acts in the festivities like The Love Machine, who are known to put on a good show around these parts. They'll be part of the biggest bash of the anniversary party, opening on a bill featuring Moneen as headliners.

And hey, remember Limbeck? They're those guys that covered the Backstreet Boys maybe about 5 or 6 years back, aren't they? At least that's how the mp3 on Kazaa was labelled, and those things were pretty much always right. Contest: dial613 will mail a granola bar to anyone that requests it at the show on Wednesday (and can provide video evidence). Bonus: if they play it, you get to choose the flavour!

And FYI: if you're into The Bicycles and The Old Soul and were thinking of heading over to the Black Sheep to catch them, you can hang onto your gas money if you'd like since the same bill will be playing Maverick's next week. Maverick's isn't quite as charming as Wakefield, though, so take your pick.

What shows are you looking ahead to this week?
Any shows missing from the listings?

M 05.07
The Mighty Eagle Band* with Doll* and The Unavowed*, at Zaphod's
Ron Sexsmith, at Centrepointe Theatre

Tu 05.08
The Johnstones with Keepin 6, at Café Dekcuf

W 05.09
The Bicycles with The Old Soul, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->The Old Soul - Nectar Of The Nitwit (website, myspace)
The Divorcees with Lefty McRighty* and Steve Stacey*, at Zaphod's
Hot Rod Circuit with Limbeck, The Forecast, and The Riot Service, at Café Dekcuf
-->Limbeck(?) - I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys cover) (website, myspace)
Lynn Miles* with Sneezy Waters, at Glebe Community Centre

Th 05.10
Kim Barlow with Great Aunt Ida and Kyrie Kristmanson*, at The Black Sheep Inn
My Chemical Romance, at Scotiabank Place
Sin Kickers* with Mile Over Mecca* and Mono Hum*, at Zaphod's

F 05.11
James Hill with Anne Davison, at The Black Sheep Inn
Jeff Meleras* (CD release) with Jupiter Ray Project*, at Irene's Pub
Manpower* with Starvin' Hungry*, at Zaphod's
punkottawa.com 6th anniversary ft. Modern Life Is War, Death By Dishonour, Cobra Noir, and I Refuse*, at Montgomery Legion Hall
punkottawa.com 6th anniversary party ft. Moneen, Ten Second Epic, and The Love Machine*, at Capital Music Hall

Sa 05.12
Loudlove* with Speakerton, at Barrymore's
Luke Doucet with Rose Cousins, at The Black Sheep Inn
punkottawa.com 6th anniversary ft. Nekromantix, The Heart Attacks, Westbound Train, and Orange, at Babylon

Su 05.13
punkottawa.com 6th anniversary ft. Bayside, Sydney, These Silhouettes, Socialight, and Seeing Emerson*, at Maverick's
Luke Doucet with Rose Cousins (4pm), at The Black Sheep Inn
B.B. King, at National Arts Centre
Miracle Fortress with Plante Ta Femme and Pony Up, at Zaphod's

* denotes local act



see: Casiotone For The Painfully Alone

One-man musical project Casiotone For The Painfully Alone seemed like a joke at first: a film school dropout who didn't seem to know what to do with himself, so he decided to record lololo-fi ramblings onto 4-track cassette tapes using some old Casiotone he had lying around. This amounted to the sound of a guy with no obvious talent pouring his emotions out by means of overdramatic mumbling, self-pity, and Lil' Kim references (see: Tonight Was A Disaster). And it was all pretty goshdarned funny.

And then Casiotone For The Painfully Alone released Etiquette in 2006, along with a bunch of press pics of him looking serious, prompting reactions of, "Uhh .. hmm .. so that guy was for real?", and then crippling guilt for having laughed earlier. But then the guilt passed after listening to the early songs again because, hey, they're still kind of funny, and he must be happier now, right? (...uh, right??)

On Etiquette, more sounds are added to the previous mix of a Casiotone and a quivering voice, but the unique aesthetic of the sound still remains the same. But now, it's clear that it should (and deserves to) be taken seriously.
Neither of the 2 tracks below are from that album, but you can pick one up from the previous post.

-->Graceland (from the 2006 Graceland tour EP)
-->Hot Boyz, ft. Dear Nora (Missy Elliott cover) (funny on purpose, right? ..RIGHT??)

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone plays Babylon this Saturday night, with openers Nick Krgovich and Saint Bernard Of Love, who are worth getting there on time for (~9:30).

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone on:

the internet