in: Kingston Fog

So you know that Celtic-like music you hear when you head into Irish pubs, right? Yeah, that fast-paced fiddling, "hey!"-laden, almost Riverdance-y formula that sounds pretty much the same every time you hear it.. or maybe it's just the beer that makes it seem that way. (note: I'm going somewhere with this, I promise)

Now think of that typical guy who personifies that music. We all know him: the husky, checked-shirt-wearing late-20's male with a really short brush cut and permanently seen with a pint in hand. He's always having a good time and partying, showing no real emotion other than "yeeeah!!" or "woooo!", and his outward personality matches the canned music perfectly.

If Celtic is this guy's party music, then Kingston Fog provides the soundtrack for the more contemplative moments in his life.
When he goes home to his bachelor apartment and finds himself alone with his feelings and in an uncharacteristically introspective state, the energetic fiddling is replaced by wrenching strings, and the roots of the music are laid bare.

The band describes itself as "stripped down folk sound with unique indie-styled experimentation." If, based on this description, you think you might like it, then you'll love it.

From 2005's Urgency
I Drew Your Blood

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this week in Ottawa: 05.29.06 - 06.04.06

The Most Serene Republic play Zaphod's on June 1

Looks like, at least for this week, Wednesday is the new Friday, although Friday still remains Friday. Next week, I'm sure Wednesday will be back to being the same old Wednesday it was before.. so embrace it while you can.
(in tv junkie terms: this Wednesday is Dwight with a concussion. ...anybody?)

dial613 is most looking forward to seeing The Most Serene Republic and My Dad vs. Yours.
What show will you be sure not to miss? (Man Man anyone!?)
Is anybody missing from this list?

May 31 ...> Kingston Fog* at Gap of Dunloe
...........> The (International) Noise Conspiracy, w/ The Fever, For The Mathematics* at Babylon
...........> Paper Moon, w/ Square Root Of Margaret and The City Streets at Zaphod's

June 1 ...> The Most Serene Republic at Zaphod's

June 2 ...> Christine Fellows, w/ Shary Boyle at SAW Gallery
...........> CLARK the band*, w/ Flotilla at Black Sheep Inn
...........> Eppiphane CD Release Party, w/ Steven St.-Pierre and more at Capital Music Hall

June 3 ...> A-Trak, w/ The Rub at Babylon
...........> My Dad vs. Yours*, w/ Viscera's Recital*, The Love Machine at Zaphod's

June 4 ...> Man Man at Cafe Deckuf

* denotes local act



etc: posters

Last night, the official dial613 street team spent a couple hours roaming Bank and Rideau throwing up posters. As opposed to the unofficial dial613 street team, who spent the night threatening to smash bottles in people's faces, ripping down bus ads, and falling over on Rideau.

If you are here because you saw one of these posters, I'm... surprised!.. but happy, nonetheless. Welcome!

But could you do me a favor? If you saw the official (and soon-to-be-revised) dial613 poster, I'd appreciate it if you e-mailed me (dial613 [at] gmail [dot] com) or commented here to tell me where you saw it.
I have no prizes, though. I could mail you a granola bar I guess if you want.

A+ for effort goes to Eppiphane for postering everything in sight, apologies go to the guy who was hoping dial613 was something political, and kudos go to the guy who suggested "yo, you should have called it dial 9-1-1 because i'mma 'bout to...(trail off)".
Suggestion noted.



see: 05.26.06 (Joel Plaskett/Jimmy Swift Band)

Tonight, go see the honest guitar-strumming of Halifaxer Halifaxian Nova Scotian Joel Plaskett (along with his band The Emergency), who won the East Coast Music Award for male artist of the year. He also picked up the award (and deservingly so) for songwriter of the year with his warm-and-fuzzy tune "Happen Now," which he wrote on his father's tenor guitar, making it even that much cuter.

/Joel Plaskett Emergency @capital music hall, doors 8PM, $17.50 in advance
DOWNLOAD - Happen Now

If you're looking for something different, head over to Bank st. and catch the Jimmy Swift Band, another East Coast act with a penchant for bluesy-funkish-type jamming. At points, you could even say it's rock and roll's best impression of disco (which obviously isn't a very good one).

/The Jimmy Swift Band @barrymore's, doors 8PM, $10 in advance
DOWNLOAD - The 80s Runway Model



in: Hilotrons

If there was ever a party in outer space, Hilotrons would be the perfect band to play it.

With unreal synths, robotic voice effects, handclaps (dial613's ultimate weakness), and perfectly placed bleeps and bloops, the 4-piece group, whose members make up a surprising proportion of other Ottawa bands (The Empiricals, Kepler [r.i.p.] ), know exactly what buttons to push to get the kids up and dancing.
And not only do they have all these quirky sounds perfectly polished on their records, but Hilotrons make the effort to replicate the sound live so that the dance-ability remains intact for their shows.

Grant Lawrence of CBC Radio 3 proclaimed Hilotrons as the writers of the "perfect pop song" after playing "Science Fiction Music", though dial613 couldn't agree with that, since it would mean putting that tag on only one track out of their catalogue (awwww).
"Perfect pop song" can be said about most tracks off of Hilotrons's latest (new) release, 2005's Bella Simone, as well as a handful off of their recently re-released and re-mastered 2003(?) self-titled debut.

Despite a reputation to the contrary, Ottawa knows how to have a good time. dial613 invites all doubters to the dance floor at the next Hilotrons show to be converted into believers.

From 2005's Bella Simone:
Should've Come Over
Born A Dancer

From 2003(ish)'s Hi Lo Trons
Science Fiction Music

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in: Andrew Vincent (& The Pirates)

Making the drive down from Waterloo, Andrew Vincent looks to have found himself a home in Ottawa (although maybe not literally?) being on local label Kelp's roster and playing local shows since around 2000.

Andrew Vincent peppers his lyrics with local staples like Bronson Avenue and Oldies 1310, which not only work seamlessly into the songs, but also let the beer-drinking / radio-hating / dagnabit-i'm-stuck-in-rush-hour masses in on the music.
But he and The Pirates don't lean on those personal connections to get love, always including cleverly crafted pop arrangements, witty wordplay, and the most natural, unstrained singing voice to even come near this city.

The ex-software manual writer (!) is currently working on some sans-Pirates acoustic material (take a look on his myspace to hear it). It'll be interesting to see how it'll pan out... first impressions hear a clear departure from material with the Pirates, although unplugging instruments would probably have that effect. It's clear that the mix of sincerity and catchiness that is in his past material is still a big part of his new music, which is, well.. comforting!
What dial613 wants to know most, though, is even if everything takes a more serious tone, will he still (edit: take pictures with a drummer that will) openly pick his nose?

dial613 dares you to try and stop any of these songs once you've pressed play.

From the 2004 Andrew Vincent & The Pirates release I Love The Modern Way:
One, Two, Three

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this week in Ottawa: 05.23.06 - 05.28.06

It's a quiet week coming up, giving all the Tulip Festival attendees time to dry out their favourite show-going clothes before trekking back out into the ever-dangerous late-May weather.

My curiousity is piqued by Andrew Vincent's choice of venue (or maybe the venue's choice of him?).
dial613 is most looking forward to Joel Plaskett.

What shows will you be checking out?
Who is missing from this list?

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May 24 - Andrew Vincent (minus the Pirates) at Shanghai Restaurant

May 26 - Jimmy Swift Band at Barrymore's
May 26 - Joel Plaskett Emergency at Capital Music Hall

May 27 - Le Volume Etait Au Maximum at Café Deckuf (opening for The Creeps)



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