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If there was ever a party in outer space, Hilotrons would be the perfect band to play it.

With unreal synths, robotic voice effects, handclaps (dial613's ultimate weakness), and perfectly placed bleeps and bloops, the 4-piece group, whose members make up a surprising proportion of other Ottawa bands (The Empiricals, Kepler [r.i.p.] ), know exactly what buttons to push to get the kids up and dancing.
And not only do they have all these quirky sounds perfectly polished on their records, but Hilotrons make the effort to replicate the sound live so that the dance-ability remains intact for their shows.

Grant Lawrence of CBC Radio 3 proclaimed Hilotrons as the writers of the "perfect pop song" after playing "Science Fiction Music", though dial613 couldn't agree with that, since it would mean putting that tag on only one track out of their catalogue (awwww).
"Perfect pop song" can be said about most tracks off of Hilotrons's latest (new) release, 2005's Bella Simone, as well as a handful off of their recently re-released and re-mastered 2003(?) self-titled debut.

Despite a reputation to the contrary, Ottawa knows how to have a good time. dial613 invites all doubters to the dance floor at the next Hilotrons show to be converted into believers.

From 2005's Bella Simone:
Should've Come Over
Born A Dancer

From 2003(ish)'s Hi Lo Trons
Science Fiction Music

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