in: Andrew Vincent (& The Pirates)

Making the drive down from Waterloo, Andrew Vincent looks to have found himself a home in Ottawa (although maybe not literally?) being on local label Kelp's roster and playing local shows since around 2000.

Andrew Vincent peppers his lyrics with local staples like Bronson Avenue and Oldies 1310, which not only work seamlessly into the songs, but also let the beer-drinking / radio-hating / dagnabit-i'm-stuck-in-rush-hour masses in on the music.
But he and The Pirates don't lean on those personal connections to get love, always including cleverly crafted pop arrangements, witty wordplay, and the most natural, unstrained singing voice to even come near this city.

The ex-software manual writer (!) is currently working on some sans-Pirates acoustic material (take a look on his myspace to hear it). It'll be interesting to see how it'll pan out... first impressions hear a clear departure from material with the Pirates, although unplugging instruments would probably have that effect. It's clear that the mix of sincerity and catchiness that is in his past material is still a big part of his new music, which is, well.. comforting!
What dial613 wants to know most, though, is even if everything takes a more serious tone, will he still (edit: take pictures with a drummer that will) openly pick his nose?

dial613 dares you to try and stop any of these songs once you've pressed play.

From the 2004 Andrew Vincent & The Pirates release I Love The Modern Way:
One, Two, Three

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