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So you know that Celtic-like music you hear when you head into Irish pubs, right? Yeah, that fast-paced fiddling, "hey!"-laden, almost Riverdance-y formula that sounds pretty much the same every time you hear it.. or maybe it's just the beer that makes it seem that way. (note: I'm going somewhere with this, I promise)

Now think of that typical guy who personifies that music. We all know him: the husky, checked-shirt-wearing late-20's male with a really short brush cut and permanently seen with a pint in hand. He's always having a good time and partying, showing no real emotion other than "yeeeah!!" or "woooo!", and his outward personality matches the canned music perfectly.

If Celtic is this guy's party music, then Kingston Fog provides the soundtrack for the more contemplative moments in his life.
When he goes home to his bachelor apartment and finds himself alone with his feelings and in an uncharacteristically introspective state, the energetic fiddling is replaced by wrenching strings, and the roots of the music are laid bare.

The band describes itself as "stripped down folk sound with unique indie-styled experimentation." If, based on this description, you think you might like it, then you'll love it.

From 2005's Urgency
I Drew Your Blood

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