etc: posters

Last night, the official dial613 street team spent a couple hours roaming Bank and Rideau throwing up posters. As opposed to the unofficial dial613 street team, who spent the night threatening to smash bottles in people's faces, ripping down bus ads, and falling over on Rideau.

If you are here because you saw one of these posters, I'm... surprised!.. but happy, nonetheless. Welcome!

But could you do me a favor? If you saw the official (and soon-to-be-revised) dial613 poster, I'd appreciate it if you e-mailed me (dial613 [at] gmail [dot] com) or commented here to tell me where you saw it.
I have no prizes, though. I could mail you a granola bar I guess if you want.

A+ for effort goes to Eppiphane for postering everything in sight, apologies go to the guy who was hoping dial613 was something political, and kudos go to the guy who suggested "yo, you should have called it dial 9-1-1 because i'mma 'bout to...(trail off)".
Suggestion noted.

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