resumption & reminder

Note: dial613Factory will resume operation in time for the first week of shows in January.
Show listings will continue to update in the meantime (and a whole bunch of new ones have just been added, including the Winterlude lineup and-- wait for it-- Snoop Dogg!).

And, as if you don't know already, the contest below's deadline is Dec. 31, so if you'd still like to enter, read below and be sure to do it by then.

There are 4 localmusic-ish New Year's parties going on tomorrow night, check the sidebar on your right for details.

Until next year:
-->The Great Flying Mintini



contest: Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton

Would you like free tickets to see Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton?

On Friday, January 5, Metric front and Broken Social Scene member Emily Haines will travel through Ottawa, playing the 2nd show of a 19-date North American tour in support of her recently released debut solo album Knives Don't Have Your Back.

Lucky for you, it just so happens that dial613 has a pair of tickets to give away ($45-$56 value), courtesy of her Toronto-based label Last Gang Records.

To enter: just e-mail dial613 (dial613[AT]gmail[DOT]com) with the hilarious subject line, "I'd like to get my Haines on Emily's tickets" (variations welcome).
Everyone who sends an e-mail will receive one entry into a random draw for 2 tickets to see Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton at The Bronson Centre on January 5, 2007, and will also be automatically added to Emily's e-mailing list to get updates on news/shows in the future.

The contest closes at 11:59 December 31, 2006, and the winner will be contacted through e-mail by January 1, 2007. Should the winner not respond in a reasonable amount of time, the tickets will be drawn for again.
Good luck!

To whet your appetite:
-->Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - The Lottery (website, myspace)
-->Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - Our Hell (live video) (from cbcradio3's SeeVousPlay)



this week in Ottawa: 12.20.06 - 12.24.06

Maybe this year, Lure's stocking will be stuffed with a renewed sense of dignity.

Wednesday night, Giant Sand frontperson Howe Gelb plays at the library. Though born in Tucson, his Ottawa connections are extensive, as dial613 has discussed previously. You really should start paying attention.

Thursday, The Fully Down, the biggest Ottawa band in all of Japan, pop some punks at Maverick's in an all-local line-up, including the recently reannointed Travel By Owl (ex-The Architects). It's all ages, so make sure to have your condescending glares handy.

And the yuletide highlight of the week is brought to you courtesy of wetsuit-loving local band Lure, who will play all sorts of carols at a Barrymore's Xmas Xtravaganza (or Christmas Christravaganza, for all you purists out there). They'll have some friends from around town on hand to help party it up, like Ana Miura and Amanda Rheaume, but most importantly, Santa and his elves will be there (not to mention the grinch and some guy named Anti-Claus).
Best of all, you can be a good person at the same time, as donations of canned food (for the Ottawa Food Bank) and winter clothes (for The Snowsuit Fund) will be being taken in exchange for $2 off cover. So go for it; rumour has it you'll get to watch yourself some Charlie Brown too.

Where will you be this week?

Howe Gelb at The National Library
-->Howe Gelb - But I Did Not (website, myspace)
-->Howe Gelb - Nail In The Sky

The Fully Down* w/ Travel By Owl*, No Other Way*, Red October*, at Maverick's
-->Travel By Owl - I Am Listening So Close (myspace)

Lure* (Stuff Some Rockin' In Yer Stockin' Xmas Party) with special guests, at Barrymore's

The Watters Brothers* (CD release) with Jacquie In The Kitchen* and Dave Norris*, at Zaphod's

* denotes local act



this monday-tuesday in Ottawa: 12.18.06 - 12.19.06

Cheesy joke about NASCAR to tie in with Auto Racing.

Monday night, any fans of Primus should have a good time at Zaphod's no-cover-Monday with local headliners Auto Racing.
Or, you can see local band Relief Maps open for South Carolina rock band The Nein at the final End Hits basement show of 2005.

The rest of 'this week', as well as a dial613 special announcement, will be posted by Wednesday. This mysterious announcement, which is in your best interests, involves a 'lottery' of sorts. And that lame hint is the only one you'll be getting.

M - 12.18.06
Auto Racing* with Pelt, The Ether*, and Andrea Simms-Karp*, at Zaphod's
-->Auto Racing - (myspace)
The Nein with Relief Maps*, at End Hits

* denotes local act



this week in Ottawa: 12.11.06 - 12.17.06

Malajube will hopefully have more than a bicycle as means of transportation.

Text may or may not be filled in soon, enjoy the mp3s in the meantime.

What shows are you set on seeing this week?

M - 12.11.06
My Canvas* with Raein* and Susan File*, at Zaphod's

W - 12.13.06
The Krugger Brothers with Casey Comeau & The Centretown Wilderness Club*, at Maverick's
Malajube with Melissa Laveaux*, at Zaphod's
-->Malajube - Le Métronome (website, myspace)
Mr. Plow with Four-Stroke*, Valveenus, and This Girl Fights!, at Café Dekcuf

Th - 12.14.06
Jon-Rae & The River, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->Jon-Rae & The River - Just One More (website, myspace)
Patrick Watson with Stephen St.-Pierre*, at Zaphod's

F - 12.15.06
The Bush Pilots* with The Town Cryers* and The Semantics*, at Zaphod's
Gentleman Reg with Amos The Transparent*, at The Black Sheep Inn (CANCELLED, oops)
-->Gentleman Reg - The Boyfriend Song (website, myspace)
The Slip (CD release) with Land Of Talk and The Lovely Feathers, at Barrymore's
-->The Slip - Children Of December (website, myspace)

Sa - 12.16.06
Books On Books* with Poorfolk* and Mit City, at Barrymore's
Fiftymen* with Brock Zeman* and Joel Williams, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->Fiftymen - Whiskey & Lulu (website)
The Reverb Syndicate* with The Solid Senders* and Havoc, at Irene's Pub
The Lovely Feathers with Jetplanes Of Abraham*, Baron & Lengthy, Bangkok*, Good Night Knights, at Maverick's
-->The Lovely Feathers - In The Valley (website, myspace)
-->Jetplanes Of Abraham - Not Tonight (website, myspace)

* denotes local act



this week in Ottawa: 12.07.06 - 12.10.06

The viewfinder is not even big enough to capture all of Jim Bryson's ego-bloated head.

This latter-half-of-the-week in Ottawa is highlighted by local Jim Bryson's two-night stand at the Black Sheep Inn.
He's just been voted in by the ever-knowledgeable readers of the Ottawa Xpress as this city's best folk-type person; and while dial613 was really hoping it wouldn't go to Mr. Bryson's head, it appears as though it already has.
So go see him on either Friday (with the nationally broadcasted for 30 seconds at a time Andrew Vincent) or Saturday (with Kelp honcho JD Bartlett), before he moves to Iceland and plays only private performances with instruments built by the native peoples of that land (...or something to that effect).
(note: there is a bus going up to Wakefield for the Saturday show, check here for details)

Also this week, Cornwall alt-rock vets Barstool Prophets stop by the city on their mini-reunion tour, playing their first shows since they broke up back last millenia. Ottawa's Joshua Morin Band takes care of warming up the crowd.
Other out-of-town highlights include allgirl alt-rockers Magneta Lane and the slightly freaky Les Georges Leningrad.

What shows are you looking forward to this week?

Th - 12.07.06
Idle Sons with Marianas Trench and Tweak*, at Maverick's
The Soirée* with Flotilla and Acres*, at Zaphod's
-->The Soireé - Clear And Colourblind (website, myspace)

F - 12.08.06
Dear Judah* with Male Nurse* and Stepehen J. Adamyk*, at The Manx
-->Dear Judah - With Skycraper Fists (myspace)
Jim Bryson* with Andrew Vincent*, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->Jim Bryson - The Wishes Pile Up (website, myspace)
-->Andrew Vincent - Snow Shake (website, myspace)
Magneta Lane with Die Mannequin, at Zaphod's
Sick Fits* with Sweet Janes* and Jet Five, at Babylon

Sa - 12.09.06
Barstool Prophets with The Joshua Morin Band*, at Barrymore's
Donkeypunch* with Rocketface*, at The Thirsty Toad
Dynasty with Dopamine*, at Zaphod's
Jim Bryson* with J.D. Bartlett* and John Higney*, at The Black Sheep Inn

Su - 12.10.06
Akpopli with Baobab Tree, at The Black Sheep Inn
For The Mathematics* with Money Money*, at Café Dekcuf
-->For The Mathematics - This Transient (website, myspace)
Les Georges Leningrad with Duchess Says, at Babylon

* denotes local act



in: Sarah Hallman

That's a pretty sweet shirt Sarah Hallman's got there.

Monday night, think about taking in local chanteuse Sarah Hallman's CD release show, happening at The Black Tomato in the Byward Market (11 George Street).
The self-titled album, released on Kitchener label Busted Flat Records, has Hallman playing with a number of local namesyoumayknow, including Jeremy Gara (Arcade Fire), Mike Feuerstack (Wooden Stars/Kepler/Snailhouse), and John Tielli (Clark).

If you haven't actually heard a song of hers, you may still already know Sarah Hallman as the sweet and kindofhaunting female voice in the Hilotrons track Oh My; if not, you can go have a looksee and listen over at YouTube to get an idea of what she's all about.
And, to get even more of an idea, you can grab a 30-second sample of every track on the record from Sarah Hallman's website, which dial613 thinks should be enough to convince you to go see the show.

There's also been a bit of Blogslob™: Largehearted Boy featured one of her songs back in September, so you can take that for what it's worth, which is probably at least a little in terms of having a beyond-local listener base. High-five!

This Monday:

M - 12.04.06
Sarah Hallman* (CD release) with Lessons* (aka Jeremy Gara), at The Black Tomato
-->Sarah Hallman - Grey Jubilee (from The Hollowings) (website, myspace)
The City Above* with Pointing At Airplanes*, Elephantoms*, and Smoke Judo*, at Zaphod's

* denotes local act

note: 'this week' will be up by Thursday morning.



in/see: As The Poets Affirm, En Garde

As The Poets Affirm, they're pretty good. (photo credit: amfraser)

2 local album releases kick off the weekend:

  • As The Poets Affirm release their new album, Awake, at Barrymore's, with dial613-approved openers SunParlour Players. Word on the street is that Josh Groban was a huge influence for the new APTA album. But that street is located right outside dial613Factory, so take that for what it's worth.
  • En Garde!, a duo who've each had their hands in the Ottawa scene cookie jar as part of acts like Organized Rhyme and Ignition, put out their debut record at Zaphod's. dial613 strongly recommends you go on over to their myspace to have a listen to I'm Gonna Love You.




Keiko Devaux, the newest member of The Acorn, was never actually a member of Sugar Jones. The member in question was, in fact, Maiko Watson (myspace), who dial613 actually thought was Sahara MacDonald (myspace), the official dial613-endorsed Sugar Jones member.
dial613 may or may have not known this all along.

dial613 sincerely apologizes for any distress and/or identity crises this may have caused The Acorn and their fans.

-->Sugar Jones - Days Like That (exclusive unmastered version)



this week in Ottawa: 11.28.06 - 12.03.06

The Acorn finally peek out from under the blankets to release a new EP (credit: Aaron Mckenzie Fraser)

The fall flurry of record releases finally winds down this week, and it'll all end with a bang provided by a long-awaited new EP from local heroes The Acorn and the first full-length since 2004 from native experimental sextet As The Poets Affirm, who have now officially dropped the ellipses from the beginning of their name. Just thought you'd like to know, so now you don't have to pause in conversation everytime you want to bring them up.

Both bands bring something new to the table on their new records, too: ATPA's Awake takes "a new sonic direction," says Exclaim Magazine. What that direction is, dial613 is not so sure; guesses are it's either west or south (and definitely not east), but you're going to have to see the show or buy the 'best-selling' album to find out for yourself.
The Acorn, meanwhile, bring a new member into the fold to add another element to their folkyrock sound on the Tin Fist EP. Her name is Keiko Devaux, and rumour has it she used to be part of legendary Canadian supergroup Sugar Jones. Whatever her past, she fits in just fine on the record, contributing another layer to an already deep band.

You may also want to see DJ Cash Money, who is listed for no reason other than his name. So maybe you might not want to see him.
But you may actually want to party with jazzhiphoprnbfusion-ites Pocket Dwellers, or take in the Hilotrons show which is opened by Avey Tare & Kria Brekken, members of Animal Collective and Mum, respectively, as well as locals Sadie Hell.

So, what shows are you going to see this week?
Who was your favourite member of Sugar Jones?

W - 11.29.06
Danny Michel*, at Glebe Community Association
-->Danny Michel - It's Not The End Of The World (website, myspace)
The Junction with Travel By Owl*, at End Hits
-->Travel By Owl - I Am Listening So Close (myspace)
The Salads with Donkeypunch* and Staylefish, at Zaphod's

Th. - 11.30.06
DJ Cash Money, at Heaven
Pocket Dwellers with Camp Best Friends*, at Maverick's
-->Pocket Dwellers - To The Beat (website, myspace)

F - 12.01.06
As The Poets Affirm* (CD release) with Roll Gypsy Roll and SunParlour Players, at Barrymore's
-->As The Poets Affirm - Awake Chaos (website, myspace)
Embassies Of Denmark* with The Life And Times and The Setbacks*, at Café Dekcuf
En Garde* (CD release) with Daiquiri*, at Zaphod's

Sa. - 12.02.06
The Acorn* (CD release) with Ohbijou, at Babylon
-->The Acorn - Spring Thaw (website, myspace)
Evil Farm Children* (CD release) with Four 'n' Giv'r* and Mississippi Grover*, at Irene's Pub
Fortycentfix* with Viscera's Recital* and Lights Over Arkham, at Zaphod's
Hilotrons with Avey Tare & Kria Brekken and Sadie Hell*, at Maverick's
-->Hilotrons - Oh My (video) (website, myspace)
Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart, at Black Sheep Inn

Su. - 12.03.06
Jordan Cook with Chris Koster, at Zaphod's

-->Sugar Jones - Days Like That (exclusive unmastered version)
-->Sugar Jones - Days Like That (b-side) (stream)
-->Sugar Jones - Days Like That (video)

* denotes local act

And thanks to those who voted (or didn't) to say that they thought >Dial 6-1-3_ was the best blog in Ottawa.



this Monday in Ottawa


This week in Ottawa will be up by Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, Zaphod's has 4 local acts on its weekly nocoverMondays bill, headlined by Stereovision, so drop by if you're able.

Also, that benefit CD from the Feed The Homeless Benefit at Zaphod's which was released this past Saturday night is available for sale at Zunior. Again, the album is a fundraising effort for getting a few more Xmas meals served at the local Shepherds Of Good Hope homeless shelter, and doubles as a bit of promotion for local independent music.
-->Buy the Feed The Homeless Benefit Compilation (or just take a look at the tracklist)



reminder: Homeless Benefit

Saturday night:

  • Be a good person and hear some local music at the same time tonight, by going to Zaphod's for the 3rd annual Feed The Homeless Benefit, hosted by CBC's Alan Neal and featuring performances by F!ghtF!ghtF!ght, Ana Miura, and more. The event raises money for providing Xmas dinner to the Shepherds Of Good Hope homeless shelter. Cover is a $5 donation that, on its own, buys 3 homeless people a holiday meal (and you're welcome to offer more), and things get started at 7. (There will also be a limited edition Benefit CD being released, featuring local tunes by The Acorn, Hilotrons, and more.)
  • Be a warm person and hear some local music over at 59 Argyle, where you can grab some free hot chocolate while hearing visitor Brian Seeger play with residents The Soft Disaster and St. Bernard Of Love. $5.
  • Be a person your mother might not be too proud of and go see 3 bands with "fuck" in their name at Cafe Dekcuf, headlined by the charming Fucked Corpse. BYOBar of soap to wash your mouth out with.
There are also 4 others tonight, all listed on the sidebar to my left, your right.



this week in ottawa: 11.20.06 - 11.26.06

Don't expect to see a fight with My Dad vs. Yours.

Before we get to next week, pats on the back and gold stars are in order for both Department Of Foreign Affairs and Jetplanes Of Abraham, who each released their records Saturday night with realdandy shows and well-populated dance floors. They each deserve your money, but if you have to pick one, dial613 suggests you choose both of them.

This week kicks off nicely with a sweaty night of funk and soul courtesy of The King Khan & BBQ Show, who were recently kicked off a tour with the Detroit Cobras, whose original show date at Barrymore's got cancelled because of visa issues. Allegedly, the Cobras were pissed at being upstaged every night; and while that's a biased account, it wouldn't be too surprising if it were true, seeing how past King Khan shows have been. Should be a party, check the myspace to hear some.

You may also want to go hear the sweet 'n ambient electro-indie sounds of Toronto's Small Sins (ex-Ladies & Gentlemen), with L.A. happy people The Little Ones. The latter have been picking up buzz for a while now, so if you want to get in the know, be sure to show up early.

There's plenty going on locally, but the highlight for dial613 would be Friday night: not only will you see one of the city's top bands My Dad vs. Yours and the out-of-hibernation HilotronMike-side project Boycrusher, you also get hors d'oeuvres (pronounced whore doovers). And that means free toothpicks, which means clean teeth, which means make-out parties. (Obviously.)

What shows are you looking forward to this week?

M - 11.20.06
The King Khan & BBQ Show with Four 'n' Giv'r*, at Irene's Pub
Ignition* with Once Just, Travolta Sings*, Paul Roberto, at Zaphod's

Tu. - 11.21.06
Jeff Martin with Casey Marshall and Amanda Rheaume*, at Barrymore's

W - 11.22.06
The Magnetix with Mississippi Grover*, at Babylon
Small Sins with The Little Ones, at Zaphod's
-->Small Sins - Stay (website, myspace)
-->The Little Ones - Cha Cha Cha (website, myspace)
Wintersleep with Dog Day and Brian Borcherdt, at Barrymore's

F - 11.24.06
Best Of Ottawa 2006 XPress Party featuring Boycrusher*, My Dad vs. Yours*, hors d'ouevres, and more* at Barrymore's
-->My Dad vs. Yours - Tang Mit Uns (website, myspace)
Eppiphane* with Bill Furious*, Open Sky*, Danielle Allard*, Amos The Transparent*, at Capital Music Hall
Luke Doucet* with Melissa Ferrick, at Zaphod's
Mr. Something Something, at The Rainbow
Moses Mayes with Chris Koster, at Maverick's
Patrick Dolan* with Susan File*, at Avant-Garde Bar

Sa. - 11.25.06
Brian Seeger with The Soft Disaster* and Saint Bernard Of Love*, at 59 Argyle
Garnet Rogers, at Black Sheep Inn
Homeless Benefit (cd release), featuring F!ghtF!ghtF!ght*, Mile Over Mecca*, Ana Miura*, The Plant 2.0*, at Zaphod's (7PM)
The John Henrys* with Lil Andy & The Karaoke Cowboys, at Irene's Pub
Swollen Members, at Babylon

Su. - 11.26.06
Emm Gryner with Jill Barber, at Zaphod's
The Ride Theory with Sweet Janes*, at Babylon

* denotes local act



in/see: Department Of Foreign Affairs, Jetplanes Of Abraham

Two shows featuring 2 of dial613's favourite local bands finally come around on Saturday. How anticipated are these shows? Anticipated enough to each get their own bullet point. Yeah, dial613 is crazy like that.

  • Department Of Foreign Affairs release their long-awaited third LP, Northern Living Northern Lights, which is the band's first record since 2004. dial613 featured them back in June, but reading won't do you any good; go see them debut their new material at Babylon, with local openers Eastborough and The Soft Disaster. You can stream some more of the new album on their myspace.
    -->Department Of Foreign Affairs - Burning Eyes (from Northern Living Northern Lights; and very recommended)
  • Jetplanes Of Abraham began gaining momentum and attention early this past summer on the strength of their live show. Since then, they've gotten a bunch more under their belt (both local and abroad), and a brand new recording to boot. The good news: the album is as fun as the show. The bad news: it's not a replacement for it. But that's actually good news, because it means you have no excuse not to go see one of Ottawa's best new acts tonight at Zaphod's. Is that good news? I think it's good news.
    -->Jetplanes Of Abraham - Not Tonight (fun fact: the first word of the song was written exclusively about dial613)

But the great news? If you're crafty, you can catch both shows; just start at Zaphod's, and go to Babylon from there.

Also tonight, Carleton University campus radio station CKCU does some fundraising at The Dominion with Lefty McRight & The Boxcar Cadavers.



this week in Ottawa: 11.14.06 - 11.19.06

"Eff Gadget, I've got a corporation city to run!"

Two local album releases on Saturday highlight this week in Ottawa: kindofaltcountry foot-stomp-instigators Department Of Foreign Affairs finally get around to releasing their 3rd album at Babylon (with the added bonus of dandy locals The Soft Disaster and Eastborough), and upstart conglomerate Jetplanes Of Abraham shill their debut at Zaphod's.
The Acorn also supplement the local content this week, and will likely play a good deal of new material in advance of their new release coming in early December.

As for the out-of-towners, Guns 'n Freaking Roses are coming. But does anybody still care?
There's also a Tulip Festival reunion of sorts, as May weekend headliners The Dears and Xavier Rudd both come back to town, so you can make up for it if you missed them then.

What shows are on your must-see list this week?

The Dears with Land Of Talk, at Capital Music Hall
-->Land Of Talk - Seafoam (website, myspace)
Jim Cuddy with Justin Rutledge, at The NAC

The Acorn* with People For Audio, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->The Acorn - Guilt Trip Fashion (website, myspace)
Guns 'n Roses with Sebastian Bach, at Scotiabank Place
Pas Chic Chic with The Solid Senders* and Ennuie*, at Zaphod's
-->Ennuie - Under Wraps (myspace)
Xavier Rudd at The Bronson Centre

Department Of Foreign Affairs* (CD release) with The Soft Disaster* and Eastborough*, at Babylon
-->Department of Foreign Affairs - Take A Picture (website, myspace)
-->Department Of Foreign Affairs - 3 newer tracks
-->The Soft Disaster - Nothing Returns (website, myspace)
Jetplanes Of Abraham* (CD release) with The Ghost Is Dancing and Boo Hoo, at Zaphod's

* denotes local act
note: Larry O'Brien = not really as evil as Dr. Claw. ...hopefully.



today in Ottawa: Vote

(Spotted in the West End)

OK Ottawa, so just for today, there is something more important than local music. No, it's not family, money, food, or even reruns of Degrassi; it's votin' time. Exercise your democratic right and civic duty and head to the polls to choose who you would like to figure out how you get around town, how your money is handled, how you will be kept safe, etc. etc.
If you haven't heard, it's really close, so your vote probably matters.

Haven't made up your mind yet?
Choose in the most logical way possible: by the way they look.
-->Piotr "Futurama" Anweiler
-->Bob "bling bling" Chiarelli
-->Alex "Mama said knock Bob out" Munter
-->Larry "So that's who Dr. Claw was" O'Brien
-->Barkley "Gnarls" Pollock
-->Jane "limited amount of pictures available" Scharf

If that method somehow doesn't help you come to any conclusions, use this handy-dandy Candidate Selector to see with which candidate your attitudes match up best.

Don't know where to vote?
Here is a Polling Station Locater for you.

What to do after you vote?
See local band Lure play for free at Zaphod's with The Jon Cohen Experimental, Mon Electric Bijour, and Coloured Lights.

BONUS! of democracy
-->Girlyman - Young James Dean

(ps this week in Ottawa will be up tomorrow)



see: Julie Doiron, Shotgun & Jaybird, more

Sunday night show reminder:

  • Julie Doiron, currently on the Jagjaguwar label (mates include Okkervil River, Swan Lake, Black Mountain) and former member of Canadian alt-rtock band Eric's Trip, plays acoustic-y indiefolk at The Rainbow with Sackville buddies and Sappy Records residents Shotgun & Jaybird, Constantines offshoot Woolly Leaves, and local muthafolkers Poorfolk.

Some mp3s to supplement this week's post:
-->Julie Doiron - Snow Falls In November
-->Shotgun & Jaybird - Lovers Of The World Be On Time Tonight
-->Poorfolk - Demons (demo from upcoming album)

-->Head over to i(heart)music) to grab Shotgun & Jaybird's CBC Radio 3 session from earlier this year
-->Poorfolk's video for a track off their last album: Worser Than Better



see: Elliott Brood & more

A great line-up of shows tonight (aka Saturday):

  • Elliott Brood highlights dial613's schedule. Come for the "death-country", but come earlier for the sweet country tunes (which are, in fact, very much alive) courtesy of locals Casey Comeau & The Centretown Wilderness Club, Vancouver's Blood Meridian, and more local content from Dear Judah. A very 'cohesive' bill altogether, should be a rootin'-tootin' barnburner. Of death. Country.
  • At Babylon, local punk act Harshey release their new album, but that may not really be the main storyline of the night. While postering for the show, a band member was fined $720 for violating the city's postering bylaw, triggering a bit of a counter-movement; you may have noticed some of these signs on city posts lately. Anyway, that fine really sucks for Harshey, but for the whole scene too, so feel free to show your support by showing up and grabbing an album. (Read more here and here)

If neither of those float your boat, local Asian-infused surfrockers The Empiricals play Irene's and Peterborough nonstoprocknrollers James McKenty & The Spades play at The Pour House.



this week in Ottawa: 11.06.06 - 11.12.06

Elliott Brood continue their pictoral reign of terror on >Dial 6-1-3_, and play Barrymore's on Saturday.

Peter Elkas with Lindy and Paper Moon, at Zaphod's
-->Peter Elkas - Party Of One (website, myspace)
My Dad vs. Yours* with Acres* and Books On Books*, at Babylon
-->My Dad vs. Yours - Tang Mit Uns (website, myspace)
-->Books On Books - One Page At A Time (website, myspace)

Capital Slam* competition, at The Thirsty Scholar
Layiterslayit* with The Annoyers, The Poulsens*, and High Anxiety, at Cafe Dekcuf

Gordon Lightfoot, at the NAC
Jurassic 5 with Cadence Weapon, at Capital Music Hall
-->Jurassic 5 - A Day At The Races (website, myspace)
-->Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard
King Sunshine, at The Mercury Lounge

Elliott Brood with The Centretown Wilderness Club*, at Barrymore's
-->Elliott Brood - The Bridge (website, myspace)
-->Elliott Brood - Twill
The Empiricals at Irene's
-->The Empiricals - Golden Beat (myspace)
Harshey* (cd release) with Jerk Appeal*, The G-Men*, and The Bella Bombs*, at Babylon
James McKenty & The Spades, at The Pour House

Blood Meridian with The Gruff Band, at The Black Sheep Inn (4pm show) (Cancelled; Blood Meridian open for Elliott Brood on Saturday)
Julie Doiron with Shotgun & Jaybird, Woolly Leaves, and Poorfolk*, at The Rainbow
-->Julie Doiron - Me And My Friend (website, myspace)
-->Shotgun & Jaybird - Two And Two Is Four (website, myspace)
-->Poorfolk - Cave Smokin' (website, myspace)
The Rub with Smalltown DJs, Jokers Of The Scene*, at Zaphod's

* denotes local act



this week in Ottawa: 11.06.06 - 11.12.06

Nothing doing til Wednesday, everything will be filled in by then.

Meantime, go see two brand new Hilotrons videos, for Oh My (also featuring local singer/songwriter Sarah Hallman) and Born A Dancer.

After that:
Crap stuntman
Baby vs. Baby!



see: Bob Dylan

On your marks... get set...

Because of the shortened 'this week in Ottawa', dial613 didn't even get to pump up the fact that Bob Dylan is in the city on Sunday night at Scotiabank Place.
What more is there to say?

Highly recommended for fans of The Moffatts. (full text)

-->Bob Dylan - Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

PS wtf??
PPS b-side for "The Moffatts"



in: The Soirée

The Soirée will play their Mountain Fresh™ material at the CD release at Irene's on Saturday.

Ottawa's The Soirée took their name from the slang term for a night out, but they might fit in best sometime afterwards, when you're slouching on a sofa at an unfamiliar place, in a comfortable daze and eating warm pizza.

Their first LP, Birds, is being released to a slew of media attention: dial613 has spotted them in three print sources and heard them on the radio, and have been getting the kind of local coverage that Ottawa bands have been lacking in past years. But it's all well-deserved: Birds is a completely pleasant experience. The tracks are structured simply enough, but each charts its own course of melodic loops that take their time in getting across. What stands out is that nothing is rushed; everything unravels naturally and flows at its own pace, with no apparent will to jump ahead to the next song, or even the next note.

dial613 can't quite put a finger on why, but based on its feel, this album couldn't have been released at a better time of year. Have a listen to the tracks below, and maybe you can figure out why. And listen closely for the manifestation of their erotic film and cockfighting influences:
-->The Soirée - Clear and Colourblind
-->The Soirée - Across The Sea
-->The Soirée - Breaking Rank

Pick up the album, and see their dial613-approved live show at the CD Release on Saturday, November 4 with Alanna Stuart at Irene's Pub.

The Soirée on:

the internet
new music canada

  • Also:
2 other local bands, Weapons Of Mass Seductions and Million Dollar Marxists release brand new records. Check the listings for info.



misc: "hottest" bands in Canada

Elliott Brood: "Not on the list? Kinda pissed."

A quick note to let you know that Ottawa-based i (heart) music has put out its second annual list of the "Hottest" bands in Canada... quotation marks because, as the poll demonstrates, the word "hottest" might just be among the most subjective terms in the English language.
Right up there with "no I will not make out with you." Oh, right, like you would have figured that one out.

Anyway, dial613 did the patriotic duty of contributing to the list. You can have a look at the whole thing here.

So what do you think?
Who would you have liked to see on/removed from/moved up/moved down the list?
Which Ottawa acts should be on there, and where should they be ranked?



this mon-wed in Ottawa: 10.30.06 - 11.01.06

The laser pointer: good clean fun, but only for 119 days.

Very quickly:

  • 120 Days are from Norway. Their name references the amount of time it takes for a laser pointer to cause complete blindness in an eye when being directed straight at the pupil.**
  • Greg Keelor is the guy who sings but is not Jim Cuddy in Blue Rodeo.
  • André Ethier fronted the dearly departed The Deadly Snakes, and has performed and recorded with Peterborough collective The Silver Hearts.
The rest of the week will be up Wednesday, but only if you keep your fingers crossed.
Which shows will you be laser pointing at this Monday thru Wednesday?

Mon - 10.30.06
120 Days with Embassies Of Denmark*, The Undead, Out Reason, at Zaphod's
-->mp3's available over at i (heart) music
Regulations with The Sweet Janes*, at End Hits

Wed - 11.01.06
Greg Keelor (CD release) with The Sadies and André Ethier, at Barrymore's

* denotes local act
** lie

PS Ottawa XPress has put out its annual "Best Of Ottawa" survey, have a look.



this week in Ottawa: 10.23.06 - 10.29.06

"(To) all the sniffling indie kids: Hold Steady!"

This week, the $75 000 dollar men play what will arguably be one of the biggest 'indie' shows this city has ever seen. No no, not The Soft Disaster, but rather Death Cab For Cutie, that band indie kids everywhere love to hate to love. And though the band has been constantly accused of playing too large a part in the increasing commodification of indie-rock, it's just pretty much impossible to ever be/stay mad at Ben Gibbard... 's glasses.

By contrast, The Hold Steady, that raucous indie-rock band that indie kids everywhere love to actually love, play Zaphod's on Sunday. This is a show you're supposed to go to and tell everybody how you swear you had their great new album, Boys And Girls In America, on pre-order before anybody even knew it was coming out, and that you also have their first, the awesome Separation Sunday. And then somebody tells you that their first album was actually The Hold Steady Almost Killed Me. And then, while stifling tears, you pull out your most obscure band pins and try to poke that jerk's eyes out.

Ok, uh, other notables coming to town are Priya Thomas, who indie-rocks out like few others can; Raising The Fawn, featuring members of Broken Social Scene, with locals The Soft Disaster also on the bill; and geez, there's a lot of others. More legendary punk comes to town via The Subhumans, the Black Sheep Inn hosts interesting alt-country band Ox, and Sarah Harmer, one of the best female voices in Canada, plays two shows.

What shows are you most looking forward to this week?
Want to put the 'argu' in 'arguably' and throw out a 'bigger' (as in popular, I guess) indie name that's come to town?
If you had to choose just one Sarah Harmer show, which one would it be, and why? (five-paragraph essay format, please)

Mon - 10.23.06
Twelve 34* with Cue Madison, Eppiphane*, at Zaphod's

Wed - 10.25.06
Priya Thomas with Chet, Away Ri'O, at Zaphod's
-->stream tracks at website and myspace, including She Said (Why Were We Born)
Raising The Fawn with In-Flight Safety and The Soft Disaster* at Café Dekcuf

Thurs - 10.26.06
The Diableros with Uncut, at Zaphod's
Ox with Adam Puddington, at The Black Sheep Inn
Sarah Harmer, at Capital Music Hall

Fri - 10.27.06
These Arms Are Snakes with Mouth Of The Architecht, Young Widows, at Babylon (5pm)
Clothes Make The Man with The Love Machine*, at Babylon (10pm)
-->The Love Machine - We Are Squirrels And This Is Nuts (website, myspace)
Sarah Harmer, at Capital Music Hall
The Subhumans with The Riptides, Four-Stroke*, at Maverick's
We Are Wolves with Crystal Clyffs, Daiquiri, Place*, at Zaphod's

Sat - 10.28.06
Death Cab For Cutie with Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, at The Civic Centre
-->Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Me & Mia (website, myspace)
-->Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Timorous Me
Jambands.ca Halloween Party ft. Inglewood Jack*, Souljazz Orchestra*, and The Tad Hackish Band*, at The Bytown Tavern
Johnny Ballistic & The Crackband* with The Ashley Newall Band*, at Zaphod's

Sun - 10.29.06
The Hold Steady with Sean Na Na, at Zaphod's
-->The Hold Steady - Chips Ahoy! (website, myspace)
-->The Hold Steady - Your Little Hoodrat Friend
-->The Hold Steady - Positive Jam

* denotes local act



in/see: The Bridegroom

The Bridegroom are all about the ladies.

Friday night, consider going over to Babylon to see Ottawa's experimental-indie noisemakers The Bridegroom. The band, who've been around the scene for a few years now, includes members who do double-duty in other local acts such as For The Mathematics and Relief Maps.
It's a benefit show for a women's abuse group, so you can see good local music and be a good person at the same time, how convenient. Listen for some new material, too. The Ether open, there'll also be an art auction, $7 ($5 with a canned-food product), 8 PM.
-->The Bridegroom - Frankfurt
-->The Bridegroom - Prophets, Profits & Wolves

You may also want to go hear Eastborough, another local band releasing their first recording at Zaphod's. The Murder Plans and Tamsen & Elliott warm up the crowd, $6, 8 PM.

The Bridegroom on:

the internet


reminder: Chad VanGaalen, The Cape May

The Cape May be really happy to see you at the show.

Quick hits:
It's Calgarian tag-team action at the Black Sheep Inn tonight, featuring city- and label-mates Chad VanGaalen and The Cape May. $10 advance, doors at 9.
-->Chad VanGaalen - Graveyards (sweet and haunting, just a beautiful mixture)
-->The Cape May - Spring Flight To The Land Of Fire (dark and sprawling indie folk)

Also, some band named Propaghandi is playing at the Capital Music Hall tonight. From what I know, they are from India and sound like The Weakerthans. Though you might know them better as EMMEFFINGPROPOGHANDI. Locals The Bella Bombs open, $15 advance, 7:00 PM doors.



this week in Ottawa: 10.17.06 - 10.22.06

Henri Faberge & The Adorables wrestle their way into Zaphod's on Tuesday.
(credit: Andrew Carver, NatCapRock)

This week in Ottawa, the dial613 Factory computer is broken. But what do you care? Well, it means you're going to have to find those k-os mp3s all by yourself. So sorry. Next time, dial613 will be sure to use one that is capable of withstanding the pressure that comes with being a blogging computer. Like maybe one with Grillz or something. Make computers tougher, is that not what they do? They should.
But some mp3's are up, thanks to a great person. Thank you sir.

Anyway, Tuesday's show with Henri Faberge & The Adorables, The Bicycles, and Relief Maps should be really great. Last time M. Faberge was in town, it was an all-out melée on the stage that spilled onto the floor, which, unfortunately, was pretty much empty. There probably won't be so much room to move this time, though, seeing as how both Faberge and The Bicycles have released albums in the last month or so to a whole mess of sugary adoration.

This week's local highlight comes on Saturday at Zaphod's, where blues-rockers The Coggs headline with The Watters Brothers and the cleverly-named Brad Sucks, who has guarded himself against insults/criticism, because they would just seem like a typo when written ("Brad Sucks sucks"?). But more importantly, it would be a lie.. go to his website and grab an entire album, I Don't Know What I'm Doing, for free, and see for yourself.

Oh, and some neat miscellaneous happenings this week in town:
a) The Perpetual Motion Roadshow, an indie press touring circuit featuring slam poetry and some tunes. October 20th at Venus Envy, pay what you can.
b) The OneWorld Film Festival, a showcase of social justice-focused documentaries and speakers, film-makers, and maybe a bit of music too. October 18th and 20th at Library and Archives Canada.

Which show(s) are you most looking forward to this week?

Tues - 10.17.06
Henri Faberge & The Adorables with The Bicycles and Relief Maps*, at Zaphod's
-->Henri Faberge & The Adorables - Ventriloquist Love (myspace)
-->The Bicycles - Gotta Get Out (website, myspace)
Sparta with Sound Team and Viscera's Recital*, at Babylon
k-os, at Capital Music Hall

Thurs - 10.19.06
Chad Van Gaalen with The Cape May, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->The Cape May - Spring Flight To The Land Of Fire (website, myspace)
Matthew Barber & The Union Dues with James McKenty & The Spades, at Zaphod's
Propagandhi with GFK and The Bella Bombs*, at Capital Music Hall

Fri - 10.20.06
The Bridegroom* with The Ether, at Babylon
Eastborough* (cd release) with The Murder Plans and Tamsen & Elliott, at Zaphod's

Sat - 10.21.06
Anagram (cd release) with The Creeping Nobodies, at End Hits
Blackie & The Rodeo Kings (cd release) with Brian Byrne, at Barrymore's
The Coggs* with The Watters Brothers*, Brad Sucks*, at Zaphod's
-->The Coggs - Toothache (website, myspace)
-->Brad Sucks - Making Me Nervous (website, myspace)
The Jimmy Swift Band with Dave Lauzon*, at Babylon

Sun - 10.22.06
AIDS Wolf with Fucked Corpse, City Of 100 Spires*, at Zaphod's
Peter Katz with Andrea Revel, at The Black Sheep Inn (4pm start)

* denotes local act


this week in Ottawa: 10.16.06 - 10.22.06

...will be up Monday night/Tuesday (no shows on Monday).

Meanwhile, Drag The Dot.



see: For The Mathematics

"And then the penguin said, 'No, you give me your hand!!' lol"

Local indie-alt outfit For The Mathematics release their shiny new EP We Impend at Barrymore's tonight, which serves as the follow-up to their 2004 debut The New Science, which got major campus radio play and put the band on the map. Though touring for three years and playing 100+ shows probably helped that, too.
You can go preview the first single off the EP, "A Versus", on their myspace; the play count for it is currently at 1337, neato. And you can grab another mp3 from the new release in the post two below this one.
-->For The Mathematics - Delay The Fiasco

Fellow Ottawans Embassies Of Denmark and Bangkok open, tickets are $6 advance and $8 at the door.

For something on the lighter side, you can go watch locals Stairwell K play their last show as a band at The Rainbow, with Donkeypunch openning.
Or, if you're up for the drive, you could head down to The Black Sheep Inn to see some "South Asian electronica" courtesy of Toronto's LAL, who share the bill with another Toronto band, genre-benders Stop Die Resuscitate.



see: Jon-Rae & The River

Just a friendly reminder that Jon-Rae & The River, a Torontonian band via Vancouver, play Zaphod's tonight. Their gospel-tinged Canadian folk music features plenty of operatic screaming from a man who, at first glance, looks like he couldn't shout down a mute. It's nicely balanced, though, by some really sweet (as in "Aww, that's so sweet"; not "Dude!!! SWEET!!") balladry full of strumming and Hallelujah's and backup female harmonics.
-->Jon-Rae & The River - Just One More

Opening for JR (that's what his buddies call him) is Woolly Leaves, a.k.a that guy from The Constantines. You know, Whil? No, not that one, the one who plays keyboard. No, I don't remember if he has curly hair or not. It might be brown. Yeah yeah, he spells it Will too. Now you know? Maybe? Whatever, dial613 doesn't have any mp3's, but the new album Quiet Waters sounds pretty good, you can hear a bit of it over at the myspace.

But first on stage is Ottawa's The Soirée, who are quietly making some noise, both literally and figuratively. They've got a new record about to come out, and last dial613 heard, their material was sounding very tight.. both literally and figuratively.
-->The Soirée - Turn This Car Around (I will pull over right this minute and do it, I swear)

Alternatively (pun intended!), you can go on over to Maverick's and get your thrash on at the Ottawa instalment of Exclaim's Aggressive Tendencies Tour, which features Pelican, a Chicago band whose throat fire will surely beckon your thaw. That's probably deeper than I realize. I hope so, anyway.

-->The Cars - Just What I Needed (covered by Jon-Rae & The River, mp3 in last post)



this week in Ottawa: 10.09.06 - 10.15.06

Jon-Rae & The River wash up at Zaphod's on Thursday, hopefully without any of that gross sea foam stuff.

Because of the long weekend, there's no accompanying text here for now. But, with luck, it will come in small nuggets as the week goes.

But it's clear that dial613 is most looking forward to Jon-Rae & The River this week, who are opened for by Woolly Leaves and locals The Soirée, who turned in a great set at Irene's not too long ago.

Oh yeah, and check out the handy-dandy new Google calendar button at the top of the show listings. If you use gmail, it'll really come in handy, as it lets you import the dial613 show listings straight into your own account's calendar. If you don't have a Google account, well.. it's just an all-around good-looking button, so maybe you can just reward it for that.

What show(s) will you be going to see this week?

Monday - 10.09.06
The New Pornographers with Immaculate Machine and Novillero, at Capital Music Hall
-->Immaculate Machine - Death Of A Rockstar (website, myspace)

Tuesday - 10.10.06
East Village Opera Company, at Barrymore's

Wednesday - 10.11.06
CMHA Charity Concert ft. City Of A Hundred Spires*, Danger Danger Mammoth Hunter*, Place*, Smoke Judo*, Glenn Nuotio*, at Babylon
Patrick Watson with Amos The Transparent*, at Zaphod's

Thursday - 10.12.06
Pelican with Daughters and KENmode, at Babylon
Jon-Rae & The River with Woolly Leaves and The Soirée*, at Zaphod's
-->Jon-Rae & The River - Two Hands (website, myspace)
-->Jon-Rae & The River - Just What I Needed (cover of The Cars)
-->The Soirée - Airplane (website, myspace)

Friday - 10.13.06
Camp Best Friends* with Word People, at Babylon
For The Mathematics* (cd release) with Embassies Of Denmark* and Bangkok*, at Barrymore's
-->For The Mathematics - This Transient (website, myspace)
LAL w/ Stop Die Resuscitate, at The Black Sheep Inn
Stairwell K* (final show :( ) with Donkeypunch*, at The Rainbow

Saturday - 10.14.06
The Acorn* with Tusks, at Babylon
Jolie Holland with David Dondero, at Barrymore's
Sloan with Yoko Casiono, at Capital Music Hall
-->Sloan - Everything You've Done Wrong (website, myspace)
-->Sloan - The Lines You Amend
Small Sails with Tallships*, at End Hits

Sunday - 10.15.06
Ultimate Power Duo with Everything At Once, at Zaphod's

* denotes local act



around: pop montreal

Starting tonight, 333 musical acts of all sorts descend upon Montreal for the POP Montreal festival, including the likes of Joanna Newsom, Portastatic, and Sunset Rubdown. That's just the tip of the iceberg, too.. there's 330 others, remember?

Of those 333 acts, a mere 4 are from Ottawa. This means Ottawa accounts for 1.2% of POP Montreal's acts, which, intriguingly, is the same percentage by which Quebec's Jobboom Index rose at just about this time in 2002. Coincidence? dial613 thinks not.

So if you're heading east for the festival, go cheer on the home team:

Thurs. October 5
Weapons Of Mass Seduction - 8 PM at Saphir, with The Trigger Effect and Dead Messenger
-->tracks streaming on myspace
The Soft Disaster - 9 PM at Casa del Popolo, with Dog Day, Doris Day, and Kill The Light
-->The Soft Disaster - Nothing Returns (website, myspace)

Sat. October 7
HiLoTrons - 12 AM at Mile End Cultural Centre, with Pop Levi, Dishwasher, and the Patients
-->HiLoTrons - Science Fiction Music (website, myspace)

Sun. October 8
The Acorn - 10 PM at Casa del Popolo, with Schooner and Carolyn Mark
-->The Acorn - Guilt Trip Fashion (website, myspace)

Go ahead and drool at the rest of the schedule. And if there's an act that you'd want to see but can't, then take a glance at the (613)shows listings to the right; many of the shows at the festival have an Ottawa date, too.



this week in Ottawa: 10.02.06 - 10.08.06

Akron/Family play at the First Baptist Church on Friday

This Sunday at Zaphod's, there's yet another indiescene veteran in town(in addition to Yo La Tengo last week), Giant Sand. The 20+ year-old Tucson indie rock band features Howe Gelb, who has an unlikely number of Ottawa connections: his latest solo album, 'Sno Angel Like You, was inspired by a winter-time trip to Ottawa and a Bluesfest set at a church with local singer-songwriter Jim Bryson and gospel choirs. Not only was the album inspired by Ottawa, but it also features locals Jeremy Gara (of The Arcade Fire) and the Voices Of Praise choir. It's all really a very cute story... you can read it in storybook form here.
Opening will be two bands out of Denmark, but most notably Under Byen, who have gotten plenty of press since the tour started. But they'll be hard pressed to gain the title of dial613's favourite Danish musical export.

Lots of great out-of-town Canadian talent stops by too, including Cadence Weapon, Great Aunt Ida, Hylozoists, Julie Doiron, Sloan, and Tokyo Police Club. If you haven't heard any of the above acts before, follow the links below (or google) to their websites and hear more.

Other notables include blogger-slobbered Beirut, enigmatic art-rock(?) quartet Akron/Family, and Ottawa favourites HiLoTrons, who play a curious set at an odd choice of venue, The Black Sheep Inn. Interesting...

What shows have you circled on your calendar this week?

Mon - 10.02.06
Mayor McCa (cd release), with Rhume* (solo), at The Clocktower Brew Pub

Tues - 10.03.06
KRS-One, with Vocode, Dee Jay Framed, D-Mas, at Babylon
ladyfest: Julie Doiron, with TunaHelpers, Kelsey McNulty*, at Club Saw
-->Julie Doiron - Dance All Night (website, myspace)

Thurs - 10.05.06
Beirut, with Animal Hospital, at Zaphod's
-->Beirut - Scenic World (website, myspace)
Great Aunt Ida, at End Hits
HiLoTrons*, with Naim Amor, Marianne Dissard, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->HiLoTrons - Look, Wow (website, myspace)

Fri - 10.06.06
Akron/Family, with Born Ruffians, at First Baptist Catholic Church
-->Akron/Family - Dylan Pt. 2 (website [psst.. it's OttAwa], myspace)
Kingston Fog*, with My Architects, Approaching Zero, Lucky Ron*, at Zaphod's
-->Kingston Fog - Astronaut (website, myspace)

Sat - 10.07.06
Cadence Weapon, with Tokyo Police Club, at Zaphod's
--> (website, myspace)
Hylozoists, with The John Henrys*, All Of Your Friends, My Architects, at Barrymore's
-->Hylozoists - The Fifty-Minute Hour (website, myspace)

Sun - 10.08.06
Giant Sand, with Under Byen, I Got You On Tape (7pm doors), at Zaphod's
-->Under Byen - Legesag (website, myspace)
-->Under Byen - Af Samme Stof Som Stof

* denotes local act

-->Howe Gelb (of Giant Sand) - But I Did Not
-->Aqua - Cartoon Heroes



this week in Ottawa: 09.25.06 - 10.01.06

Yo La Tengo may claim to not be afraid of you and capable of beating your ass, but without that surfboard, it's probably not true.

This week's obvious highlight is Yo La Tengo, who stop by Babylon on Sunday night to promote their recently released (not to mention awesomely-named) album I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass. And if that show isn't your obvious highlight, then you're completely uncool and know nothing about music. Or that's what I hear, anyway.

Also this week, Ladyfest Ottawa celebrates its 5th anniversary with a slate of dandy shows featuring ladies both local and abroad, pun so completely intended. The roster looks pretty great, featuring The Barmitzvah Brothers, Hexes & Ohs, and Les Allumettes, among others. And not only will there be music, but also films and their trademark Not Your Grandma's Craft Sale, which will run for a glorious 2 days this weekend. Take a look at their website for all the details.
Fun fact: The five-year run makes it North America's longest consecutively-running Ladyfest.

Other notables this week include a really really great-looking all-local bill at Zaphod's on Friday, headlined by Jetplanes Of Abraham, as well as a show at that new club Heaven with Israeli techno duo Infected Mushroom. Yes, Israeli techno; and yes, that will likely (but hopefully not?) be the first and last time dial613 writes either of those words.

What shows will you be looking forward to this week?

Mon - 09.25.06
Sarah Hallman* with Gianna Lauren, at The Manx Pub
-->Sarah Hallman - Shovel (website)

Tues - 09.26.06
Magneta Lane, at University of Ottawa

Wed - 09.27.06
Islands with Malajube, Unireverse, at Capital Music Hall
-->Islands - Rough Gem (website, myspace)
-->Malajube - Le Métronome (website, myspace)
Ladyfest, ft. Lesbians On Ecstasy with Nicky Click, Librarian's Touch, MacKenzie MacBride*, at Maverick's

Fri - 09.29.06
Big Jeezus Truck with Lefty McRight & The Boxcar Cadavers, at Barrymore's
Ladyfest, ft. Hexes And Ohs with Sarah Hallman*, Catriona Sturton & The Screaming Elks, and more at Club Saw
Jetplanes Of Abraham* with Soft Disaster*, Relief Maps*, at Zaphod's
Pocket Dwellers, at Maverick's
-->Pocket Dwellers - B-Boys (website, myspace)

Sat - 09.30.06
Ladyfest, ft. Les Allumettes* with Ennuie*, Bleeding Heart*, at End Hits (5PM)
-->Ennuie - Under Wraps (myspace)
Ladyfest, ft. The Barmitzvah Brothers with Kickers, Bad Flirt, Spacecan, Captain Foxy* at Club Saw (8:30PM)
Craig Cardiff with Natalia Zukerman*, at The Black Sheep Inn
The Fully Down* with For The Mathematics*, The Second Glance*, Bill Furious*, at Babylon
King Sunshine, at Maverick's
Memphis with The Thurston Revival, at Zaphod's

Sun - 10.01.06
Infected Mushroom, at Heaven
-->Infected Mushroom - Stretched (website)
Natalie MacMaster, at The Black Sheep Inn (2 sets: 4PM, 830PM)
Yo La Tengo with Why?, at Babylon
-->Yo La Tengo - Mr. Tough (website, myspace)
-->Yo La Tengo - Stay Away From Heaven

* denotes local act



see: Ninja High School, B.A. Johnston, animation

Ninja High School will teach you a lesson... in fun!!lol

If you're still deciding on your plans Saturday night, maybe you want to consider Ninja High School, who play at Café Dekcuf along with Vitaminsforyou and locals Turning Into Salt.
The Toronto hip-hop group have seemingly nothing serious to say, which is absolutely not a problem at all. They turn it into an asset, but more importantly, an excuse to use an animated skeleton gif.
-->Ninja High School - It's Alright To Fight
-->more available on website, myspace, new music canada

Hip-hop not your style? Get something similar, but way at the other end of the genre spectrum with Hamilton's B.A. Johnston at Avant-Garde Bar. In his own words, he plays "short catchy songs that will make you want to lie in bed reading comics." Probably dirty ones. Maybe check out his website and myspace and new music canada site.
-->B.A. Johnston - Squirrels
-->B.A. Johnston - Pita Pit Girls

Music not your style? Then I'm not too sure why you're here. But anyway, there's always the Ottawa International Animation Festival too, which is North America's largest animation event. How cool is that? And Saturday night at 7 PM, Barrymore's will be screening Cultoons! Strange, Rare and Lost Cartoons!, which sounds neato. And you, my friend, are one lucky guy/gal, because since it's an early start, you'll have plenty of time to get over to either of the above shows afterward. The festival continues til Sunday, check their website for details.

Decisions not your style? You're in tough, because Billy Bragg, The Wailin' Jennys, Kinnie Star, and locals Casey Comeau, The Solid Senders, and The Reverb Syndicate are also on Saturday night bills. So have fun.



this week in Ottawa: 09.18.06 - 09.24.06

On Wednesday, head out (out out out) to see Edmonton's Shout Out Out Out Out

First off, let's send some dial613love to The Hidden Cameras for their show last week at Barrymore's, one of dial613's favourites to come through Ottawa recently. The love is easy to send, as it can be stamped and sent on one of those free postcards they gave out at the merch table, how convenient.

On to this week, the word of the week is 'fun.' You can go check out Ninja High School, a 'hip-hop' ensemble from Toronto who don't take anything too seriously, including themselves. You can also get the same sort of vibe, but in a folk vein, from Hamilton's BA Johnston, whose lyrical content features overaggressive barbs towards emo kids and squirrels. It's silliness, but an endearing kind of silliness. Like Eugene.

dial613's mp3 pick of the week is Atmosphere's Say Hey There, a piano-backed track about what seems to be one of the most dysfunctional relationships to be described in song, which (kind of ironically?) all flows together smoothly.
But, dear prsconcerts, why are tickets for the show $25? The same bill in Fredericton is $8, and even just $15 in Quebec. I hope there's a decent turnout, not just for your sake, but for Ottawa's altogether; it'll be a pretty poor reflection of the city's music scene if at least 50 people don't want to spend that kind of money on a Monday night to see 3 MC's who, though pretty well established elsewhere, aren't so well known in these parts (or so dial613 assumes...). And sadly, that whole scenario wouldn't be surprising.

But what do you think?

Oh, and what shows are you looking forward to this week?

Mon - 09.18.06
Atmosphere with Mac Lethal, Psalm One, at Capital Music Hall
-->Atmosphere - Say Hey There (website, myspace)
Flecton Big Sky* with Bob Dude*, Bloomistry*, at The Manx
-->Flecton Big Sky - Truce Is Stranger Than Fiction (website, myspace)
Rebekah Higgs with Jon McKiel, at Zaphod's

Wed - 09.20.06
The Junction with The Love Machine*, Bangkok*, at Café Dekcuf
-->The Love Machine - We Are Squirrels And This Is Nuts (website, myspace)
Shout Out Out Out Out with VitaminsForYou, at Zaphod's

Fri - 09.22.06
Angela Desveaux with Sarah Hallman*, Stephen St-Pierre*, at Zaphod's
-->Sarah Hallman - Shovel (website)
Danko Jones with Rocketface, Iconoclast*, at Barrymore's
King Sunshine (cd release), at Black Sheep Inn

Sat - 09.23.06
BA Johnston with Vincat, Hotkid, at Avant-Garde Bar
-->BA Johnston - Pay Me In Stolen Treasure (website, myspace)
Billy Bragg, at Capital Music Hall
Casey Comeau & The Centretown Wilderness Club* (ep release) with The McGillicuddy Sisters, at Irene's Pub
Kinnie Starr with Tanya Tagaq, at Black Sheep Inn
Nashville Pussy with Priestess, The Rye Coalition, at Babylon
Ninja High School with VitaminsForYou, Turning Into Salt*, at Café Dekcuf
-->Ninja High School - Shake It Off (cbcradio3 session) (website, myspace)
-->Turning Into Salt - Angels Cut The Angles (myspace)
The Reverb Syndicate* with The Solid Senders*, at Zaphod's

* denotes local act



this week in Ottawa: 09.11.06 - 09.17.06

Participate in an exciting reversal of roles by going to watch The Hidden Cameras, who play Barrymore's on Wednesday

[text and mp3's to be added shortly]WOW LOOK! (or look, wow)

Hope your wallet is full, because there are a lot of brand new albums being thrown at you that, for the most part, probably deserve to be purchased, including one each from local bands Ukrainia, The John Henrys, Forty Cent Fix and the Souljazz Orchestra.

There's no shortage of visiting acts to choose between over the course of the week, but dial613's biggest decisions come on Wednesday and Friday:
On Wednesday, will it be jangly, festive pop from The Hidden Cameras or mind-blowing, feverish rock-and-roll from The Golden Dogs?
And come Friday, should the plan be for pant-kicking alt-country with Corb Lund and Elliott Brood, or for a mischievous and eerily-synthy dance party with Controller.Controller and You Say Party! We Say Die!? Or the Ukrainia cd release, where the London Barivnok Dance Ensemble will be showing off their traditional Ukrainian folk dancing skills?

And all the while, there is a healthy serving of local-"world" talent spread all throughout the week, with Ukrainian pop (and stage banter!) from Ukrainia, Asian surf music provided by The Empiricals, and kinda-traditional klezmer courtesy of Socalled.

Are you sweating over what choices to make? You really can't go wrong, so suck it up and be decisive, you wuss.
And put on some anti-persperant or something, because that shouldn't happen so easily.

So, what's going to be the toughest decision for you?
Are you a wuss?
Is there a synonym for "wuss" that would have been cooler to use?

Brad Sucks* with Jacquie In The Kitchen*, De'mos, Dave Norris, at Zaphod's

Camp Best Friends*, at Pier 21

The Golden Dogs^ with The Golden Seals at Maverick's
-->The Golden Dogs - RUNOUTTALUCK (website, myspace)
The Hidden Cameras^ with Spiral Beach, Laura Barrett, at Barrymore's
-->The Hidden Cameras - AWOO (website, myspace)
-->The Hidden Cameras - Learning The Lie

Souljazz Orchestra*^ with Jokko*, at Babylon

Corb Lund with Elliott Brood, at Capital Music Hall
-->The Corb Lund Band - Five Dollar Bill (website, myspace)
-->Elliott Brood - Twill (website, myspace)

Controller.Controller with You Say Party! We Say Die!, The D'Urbervilles, at Zaphod's
-->Controller.Controller - Disco Blackout (website, myspace)
-->You Say Party! We Say Die! - We Like Accidents (website, myspace)

Forty Cent Fix*^ with This Is Rocket Science*, For The Mathematics*, Bill Furious*, at Maverick's
Kelly & The Kelly Girls with Glenn Nuotio*, Eastborough*, at Cafe Dekcuf
Melissa Laveaux* with Ronley Teper, at Cafe Nostalgica
The Who with Peeping Tom, at Scotiabank Place
Ukrainia*^ with The Empiricals*, London Barvinok Dance Ensemble, at Barrymore's
-->The Empiricals - Golden Beat (website)

Good2Go* with The Bush Pilots*, Evil Farm Children*, at Zaphod's
Hilotrons* with Socalled*, F!ghtF!ghtF!ght*, at Barrymore's
The John Henrys*^ with Casey Comeau*, Slo Tom*, Bryan Curry*, and more, at Babylon
Rock Plaza Central^ with As The Poets Affirm*, Orillia Opry, at Irene's Pub

Asobi Seksu, at Babylon
Australian Export Tour Showcase 2006 ft. 72 Blues, 84, Fire Underground, and more, at Zaphod's

* denotes local act
^ denotes cd release party

fun fact: Ukrainia now holds the official dial613 record for most mentions in a single post, with 4. ok, that's 5.