today in Ottawa: Vote

(Spotted in the West End)

OK Ottawa, so just for today, there is something more important than local music. No, it's not family, money, food, or even reruns of Degrassi; it's votin' time. Exercise your democratic right and civic duty and head to the polls to choose who you would like to figure out how you get around town, how your money is handled, how you will be kept safe, etc. etc.
If you haven't heard, it's really close, so your vote probably matters.

Haven't made up your mind yet?
Choose in the most logical way possible: by the way they look.
-->Piotr "Futurama" Anweiler
-->Bob "bling bling" Chiarelli
-->Alex "Mama said knock Bob out" Munter
-->Larry "So that's who Dr. Claw was" O'Brien
-->Barkley "Gnarls" Pollock
-->Jane "limited amount of pictures available" Scharf

If that method somehow doesn't help you come to any conclusions, use this handy-dandy Candidate Selector to see with which candidate your attitudes match up best.

Don't know where to vote?
Here is a Polling Station Locater for you.

What to do after you vote?
See local band Lure play for free at Zaphod's with The Jon Cohen Experimental, Mon Electric Bijour, and Coloured Lights.

BONUS! of democracy
-->Girlyman - Young James Dean

(ps this week in Ottawa will be up tomorrow)


adam said...

Woo Hoo! I love that Girlyman track and I lost my copy of it a year or so ago. Thank you thank you.

And yes, obviously go and vote, do it now, you must. Good post.

Anonymous said...

Pffft...I voted weeks ago, back when it was cool. Now it's just for people following the herd. ;)