in/see: Department Of Foreign Affairs, Jetplanes Of Abraham

Two shows featuring 2 of dial613's favourite local bands finally come around on Saturday. How anticipated are these shows? Anticipated enough to each get their own bullet point. Yeah, dial613 is crazy like that.

  • Department Of Foreign Affairs release their long-awaited third LP, Northern Living Northern Lights, which is the band's first record since 2004. dial613 featured them back in June, but reading won't do you any good; go see them debut their new material at Babylon, with local openers Eastborough and The Soft Disaster. You can stream some more of the new album on their myspace.
    -->Department Of Foreign Affairs - Burning Eyes (from Northern Living Northern Lights; and very recommended)
  • Jetplanes Of Abraham began gaining momentum and attention early this past summer on the strength of their live show. Since then, they've gotten a bunch more under their belt (both local and abroad), and a brand new recording to boot. The good news: the album is as fun as the show. The bad news: it's not a replacement for it. But that's actually good news, because it means you have no excuse not to go see one of Ottawa's best new acts tonight at Zaphod's. Is that good news? I think it's good news.
    -->Jetplanes Of Abraham - Not Tonight (fun fact: the first word of the song was written exclusively about dial613)

But the great news? If you're crafty, you can catch both shows; just start at Zaphod's, and go to Babylon from there.

Also tonight, Carleton University campus radio station CKCU does some fundraising at The Dominion with Lefty McRight & The Boxcar Cadavers.


Anonymous said...

It really is too bad both shows are tonight...though, as you point out, it'd be quite possible to see the whole JPOA show (complete with The Ghost Is Dancing and Boo Hoo!) and then head over to see DOFA (and probably The Soft Disaster, too).

Anonymous said...

I'll be at at least one of those tonight, can't wait!