this week in Ottawa: 11.14.06 - 11.19.06

"Eff Gadget, I've got a corporation city to run!"

Two local album releases on Saturday highlight this week in Ottawa: kindofaltcountry foot-stomp-instigators Department Of Foreign Affairs finally get around to releasing their 3rd album at Babylon (with the added bonus of dandy locals The Soft Disaster and Eastborough), and upstart conglomerate Jetplanes Of Abraham shill their debut at Zaphod's.
The Acorn also supplement the local content this week, and will likely play a good deal of new material in advance of their new release coming in early December.

As for the out-of-towners, Guns 'n Freaking Roses are coming. But does anybody still care?
There's also a Tulip Festival reunion of sorts, as May weekend headliners The Dears and Xavier Rudd both come back to town, so you can make up for it if you missed them then.

What shows are on your must-see list this week?

The Dears with Land Of Talk, at Capital Music Hall
-->Land Of Talk - Seafoam (website, myspace)
Jim Cuddy with Justin Rutledge, at The NAC

The Acorn* with People For Audio, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->The Acorn - Guilt Trip Fashion (website, myspace)
Guns 'n Roses with Sebastian Bach, at Scotiabank Place
Pas Chic Chic with The Solid Senders* and Ennuie*, at Zaphod's
-->Ennuie - Under Wraps (myspace)
Xavier Rudd at The Bronson Centre

Department Of Foreign Affairs* (CD release) with The Soft Disaster* and Eastborough*, at Babylon
-->Department of Foreign Affairs - Take A Picture (website, myspace)
-->Department Of Foreign Affairs - 3 newer tracks
-->The Soft Disaster - Nothing Returns (website, myspace)
Jetplanes Of Abraham* (CD release) with The Ghost Is Dancing and Boo Hoo, at Zaphod's

* denotes local act
note: Larry O'Brien = not really as evil as Dr. Claw. ...hopefully.


B. Stream said...

sort of miffed about the DoFA release - Hunderds of Thousands (I think that's their name) were supposed to perform. I wanted to see what those Starling guys have been up to...

Soft Disaster are better, I'm sure. Well, they're better than everyone else, so why not these guys, too?

Calum Marsh said...

And Eastborough are pretty rocking. Too bad it's the same night as Jetplanes. I'm gonna try and hit up both though.

Anonymous said...

Given that Jetplanes will be done and off the stage by 11 at the latest, I'm sure that Department of Foreign Affairs will be on well after that...

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on DoFA, into it. I'm not sure if I'd call them kindofaltcountry, more like sortawishywashypanzericountry. But they should be good.