this week in Ottawa: 07.31.06 - 08.06.06

The Blow, who play the End Hits basement on Wednesday, show the after-effects of their battle versus Wolf Parade for dial613's coveted press-pic cover spot

Wolf Parade is sold out, you lazy bastards. That'll show you for being all complacent about picking up tickets for (arguably) Canada's hottest band.
Ok, but seriously, dial613 is surprised that the tickets went so fast. Not that there was ever any doubt that the show would sell out, but pretty sure tickets were gone within a week or two of the show being announced, which is pretty uncharacteristic around here. But that's great, Ottawa's excited, alright! And the rest of you are now free to go see locals The Love Machine or En Garde, who are each very capable of being the silver lining in your Wolf Parade cloud.

There are events abound this week: you've got local music cornerstone Birdman Sound celebrating their fifteenth year with a rock and roll anniversary bash, and the Canadian DMC Championships coming to a close with two sets of final battles for national supremacy, right in your very own city.
And, on that note, definitely give the Atherton & Sire track down below a listen. dial613 has fingers crossed for them to make it big, if only to erase, nay, obliterate Ottawa's current "urban" reputation.

As for dial613, those laxatives last week clearly weren't too successful in regulating more features and whatnot. The blog is now on an all-fibre diet and drinking eight glasses of water daily, and that should make things flow a bit more freely around here. Just plug your nose if you have to.

What show is your priority this week?
Are there any missing listings?
Are you a lazy bastard?

The Establishment, with The Semantics*, No Culture at Zaphod's

Birdman Sound 15th Anniversary featuring The Double Pumpers*, with The Solid Senders* at Babylon
--->The Double Pumpers - Dyin' To Smile

The Blow, with Oni The Haitian Sensation*, Ennuie* at End Hits
--->The Blow - Come On Petunia
--->The Blow - Babay (Eat A Critter, Feel Its Wrath) (website)

The Marble Index, with Donkeypunch* Zaphod's
--->The Marble Index - I Believe (website)
Skratch Bastid, with Illo at Heaven nightclub

En Garde*, with The Hilt Zaphod's
The Love Machine*, with Bangkok*, Smaller On You, The Good Ideas at Maverick's
Wolf Parade, with Frog Eyes, Holy Fuck at Barrymore's
--->Wolf Parade - This Heart's On Fire (myspace)
DMC MC battle ft. J.U.I.C.E, Pumpkinhead, ... at Capital Music Hall

Ghost House, with Joel & The Last Of The Neighbors at End Hits
Mudmen, with F!ghtF!ghtF!ght* Zaphod's
DMC DJ Final, ft. Peanut Butter Wolf, J-Rocc Capital Music Hall
House Of Pain's Live Graffiti Expo, featuring Atherton & Sire*, breakdance battles, and a BBQ at Brewer's Park
--->Atherton & Sire - ATM (myspace)

* denotes local act

dial613 is a lazy bastard



this (abbreviated) week in Ottawa: 07.26.06 - 07.30.06

Showgoers will be hoping for a happy ending when Sunset Rubdown plays Zaphod's on Wednesday

As The Poets Affirm are the lucky ones who get the opening slot for Sunset Rubdown, that band you've heard of featuring Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade) and Camilla Wynne Ingr (ex-Pony Up!). But they deserve it: the instrumental ensemble has paid their dues around town for the last couple years, and the opportunity for more attention is something they've earned. So show up on time... doors at 8, first set should be around 9.
Also, the shamefully-unadvertised Andrew Haydon Park Concert Series continues its run this weekend with an afternoon set by The Amanda Rheaume Band, fresh off their appearance at Bluesfest.

And: This week on dial613, the plan is for some sort of regularity to return to the pace of writing here. So keep hanging in there, alright?

Which shows will you be going to?
Is anything missing from the (613)shows listings?

Sunset Rubdown with As The Poets Affirm*, at Zaphod's
--->Sunset Rubdown - They Took A Vote And Said No (website)
--->Sunset Rubdown - I'll Believe In Anything You'll Believe In Anything

Amanda Mabro wth Ana Miura*, Natasha Alexandra, at Black Sheep Inn
The Coggs* with The Watters Brothers, Auto Racing*, at Zaphod's
--->The Coggs - Toothache (website, myspace)

Moses Mayes with Camp Best Friends*, at Maverick's

The Amanda Rheaume Band* at Andrew Haydon Park

* denotes local act



see: Kepler

Kepler calls it quits after Saturday, for realsies and no take-backs

Just a quick reminder that Kepler will play its proverbial swan song on Saturday night, so you may want to go see. They "officially" ceased to exist in March, saying then that there would be "no formal goodbyes, no farewell shows, nothing!"
Moral of the story: Kepler are liars. But the good kind.

For the unfamiliar, Kepler's members include (sometime-)locals Jeremy Gara (Arcade Fire), Mike Dubue (Hilotrons) and Mike Feuerstack (Snailhouse/Wooden Stars), and are the only Ottawa band dial613 is aware of to have been covered consistently outside of Canada by the likes of allmusic and/or Pitchfork.
Altogether now: "Ooooh. Aaaaah."
(and don't be smart with me; Kathleen Edwards is not a band.)

Sample some music here, and stream a few tracks on their myspace.

It's probably going to sell out at some point, so be punctual.
Clark the band and local Sarah Hallman open, so there's some added incentive to arrive early.

From Kepler's final album, 2005's Attic Salt
--->My Other
--->You Must Admit

Kepler on:

the internet
new music canada



in: promoters (aka scenesters, unite)

Whoa! The listings on the right have exploded with some pretty cool recent additions... indeed... yup. And I don't think it would be stretch to say that a good handful of the bigger (and even smaller!) acts might not have bothered to stop by Ottawa as recently as one or two years back.

So what's with the sudden (ahem) sonic boom? I don't know what Guile would say (he'd probably just keep repeating SONIC BOOM!), but it It's most likely thanks to a fast-growing crop of promoters that started popping up (or getting noticed, at least) not so long ago, who complement the long-existing venue bookers in town (like Black Sheep Inn's Paul Symes and Zaphod's Eugene Haslam).

Even though there are a bunch of major promoters, they each cover their own niche, not really stepping on each other's toes (in true Ottawa fashion).

dial613 categorizes them into 3 groups:
1) the "official" promoters, Revolution Rock and PRSconcerts, whose sole purpose is to bring in the bands. Revolution Rock has especially been on fire lately, settings dates including buzz-band Beirut, kinda local Belle Orchestre, and part Wolf Parade/Pony Up hybrid Sunset Rubdown. PRS are responsible for the more "mainstream" names coming around, like the ever-happy Ben Lee, The Weakerthans, and Billy Bragg. Oh, and All-American Rejects... come on,I know I'm not the only one with a man-crush on that dreamy Tyson Ritter.

2) the indie record stores, represented by the once-alive re:Organised Sound and the newly-alive End Hits, the latter which also hosts shows in its delightfully tacky, yet unrefined(NSFW?) unfinished basement. End Hits has stepped in and hosted all sorts of underground/hardcore acts, upping the scene's profile in Ottawa.

3) and the local bloggers: i(heart)music, who brought Born Ruffians to town, a band that just signed to deals with indie monsters Warp and XL, and Mocking Music (who just put on their first show the other night) have both gotten into the fray, and keep their bills nicely Ottawa-centric (so far including Kingston Fog and Liar's Rosebush, to name a couple).

Think of all the gas money you're saving from not having to go Montreal or Toronto!

And hey, with that said, you might just want to frequently check those (613)shows listings on the right, because, much like that little space between the backside of your washing machine and the wall, you never know what you might find. They update (almost) without fail every day, and dial613 brashly proclaims them as the best and most thorough for all of Ottawa.
...the theme of this whole thing is promotion, isn't it?

BONUS!: b-side link to sonic boom.



this week in ottawa: 07.17.06 - 07.23.06 (filled in!)

MSTRKRFT wll b shwng ff thr dj trcks fr ttw n Strdy

(step 1: introduce concept)
When it rains, it pours.
(step 2: create basis for comparison)
There has been virtually no rain for the past 10+ days, and suddenly the electricity at dial613 headquarters keeps dimming because of the severe thunderstorm that Environment Canada was nice enough to warn us about.
(step 3: complete analogy)
This week's schedule mimics the weather: four nights with no action at all, while there are three nights with at least 2 shows each, including a ridiculous seven (!) on Saturday (lots of interesting choices, too).
(Operation segue: successful)

Who are you most looking forward to seeing?
Where will you choose to be on Saturday night?

Find recipe for cake

Buy ingredients for cake

Banditas* at Aloha Room (bottom floor of Barrymore's)
The Neckers with Liar's Rosebush*, Acres, Bangkok at Cafe Dekcuf

Bake cake

Caledonia with The Polytones* at Black Sheep Inn
-->The Polytones - Broken Stems (website)
Everlea with Cain & Abel at End Hits
Michael White & The White at Capital Music Hall

Addison* with Sojourn at Zaphod Beeblebrox
American Geography at End Hits
Hadassah Hill with Cort Bulloch, Jesse Dangerously at Venus Envy
Kepler* (LAST SHOW!) with Clark The Band, Sarah Hallman* at Babylon
MSTRKRFT with The Juan Maclean, Jokers Of The Scene at Capital Music Hall
-->Metric - Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT RMX) (website)
Place* with City Of A Hundred Spires, Vanier at Club SAW
Tokyo Police Club with others (including area acts) at Concert On The Clyde
-->Tokyo Police Club - Nature Of The Experiment (myspace)

Eat cake

* denotes local artist/band



bluesfest: (just past) the mid-way mark

Solomon Burke, King of Soul, rises from his throne to stir the pot on Sunday night

Bluesfest is closer to its ending than its beginning, so it feels like some sort of recap is in order here.

But no reviews... this is how it's going to go: dial613 will say some things about some acts so far (how specific!), and you respond with a single clap of approval. Ready? Go!

  • Seu Jorge's tambourines; [CLAP!]
  • Calexico for only 20 minutes; [sad-CLAP!]
  • Feist's hat; [CLAP!]
  • Solomon Burke promising "a night of very special requests," but then not taking any; [CLAP!]
  • Amadou & Mariam repeatedly asking "Est-ce que ca va!", "Est-ce que tout le monde en favor!?", and dial613's favourite, "ARE YOU OK!!"; [CLAP!] (pic courtesy of National Capital Rock)
  • Mark Kozelek vs. white people (exclusive audio clip!); [CLAP!]
  • Be Good Tanyas sharing the story of their first Ottawa audience (during lengthy-but-bareable instrument-tuning sessions), which consisted solely of a one-eyed man at Irene's Pub; [CLAP!]

And really: how great/funny(/not?) was that Mark Kozelek moment? You could feel the awkwardness suddenly swoop in and strangle everybody in earshot, including Kozelek. And then it just stayed there. Until the very end (which, as it turned out, wasn't that far off).

How many times did you clap?
What have been memorable moments for you so far?



guide: Bluesfest, day 6 - day 10 (07.12.06 - 07.16.06)

Uh-oh.. dial613 not-so-guilty pleasure Fefe Dobson and some band named Wilco are scheduled at the same time on Saturday

mp3s are at the bottom (AND THEY WORK NOW). Be sure to grab that last (and somewhat rare?) New Pornographers track.

Shorter and less wordy than part 1, for the good of both you and I, here is:

dial613 reader's guide to Bluesfest 2006, pt. 2: days 6-10

Day 6 - Wednesday, 07.12.06

schedule for dial613:
6:15 - Casey Comeau* (mbna) (website)
7:30 - Nelly Furtado (main)
9:30 - The Grande Mothers (sheep)

Look at that, you can see them all! Day 6 practically takes care of itself, you don't need any help here.

The guide continues...
Click here for days 7 through 10.


Day 7 - Thursday, 07.13.06

schedule for clones:
6:00 - Alanna Stuart* (main) (website)
6:15 - Elliott Brood (mbna) (website)
7:30 - Fiftymen* (mbna) (website)
9:30 - Etta James (main) (website)
9:30 - Konono No.1 (sheep) (write-up)
dial613's schedule
a bit of Alanna Stuart - 6:00
Elliott Brood - 6:15
Fiftymen - 7:30
Etta James - 9:30

BATTLE!: Etta James vs. Konono No.1
Though more familiar with each of these performers' reputations than their actual music, dial613 would stand in one spot for hours just to hear Etta sing "At Last," and that's what decides this match-up. Also, the Solomon Burke factor plays a part... Etta James is a living legend, and this could be a one and only chance to ever see her. But Konono No.1 and their "Congotronics" are still very tempting... hopefully, they'll still be playing once Etta finishes.
Pick: Etta James

Day 8 - Friday, 07.14.06

schedule for clones:
6:00ish - Wintersleep (mbna) (website)
7:00 - Jim Bryson* (dusk) (website)
7:00ish - Holy Fuck (mbna) (myspace)
7:45 - Luke Doucet* (sheep) (website)
8:00ish - Fiery Furnaces (mbna) (website)
8:00 - Cadence Weapon (main) (myspace)
8:15 - Danny Michel* (dusk) (website)
9:00ish - Metric (website)
9:30 - Alejandro Escovedo (sheep) (website)
9:30 - Kathleen Edwards* (dusk) (website)
dial613's schedule
Wintersleep - 6:00ish
Jim Bryson - 7:00
a little Fiery Furnaces - 8:00ish
Danny Michel Band - 8:15
Metric - 9:00ish
Kathleen Edwards - 9:30

tag-team BATTLE!: Dog Day Afternoon (mbna) vs. Local All-Stars (dusk)
This here is a slobber-knocker. Fiery Furnaces are the only act from the MBNA line-up that hasn't been around Ottawa before (as far as I know), while the Blues 'Til Dusk line-up features Kathleen Edwards, the most internationally-recognizable Ottawa musician since Alanis Morissette, who doesn't make too many trips home to perform. And Danny Michel, who seems to be getting bigger and bigger, will also be playing his last Ottawa show for what will likely be a while (err.. aside from his solo set the next day).
And poor Cadence Weapon gets lost in the middle of all this.
Pick: Both, but an edge goes to the Local All-Stars

Day 9 - Saturday, 07.15.06

schedule for clones:
1:00 - Danny Michel* (mbna) (website)
4:00 - The M's (main) (website)
5:15 - The New Amsterdams (main) (website)
7:45 - Rosanne Cash (main) (website)
9:00 - Wilco (main) (website)
9:15 - Fefe Dobson (dusk) (myspace)
dial613's schedule
Danny Michel - 1:00
The M's - 4:00
The New Amsterdams - 5:15
Wilco - 9:00
sprint to Fefe Dobson - post-Wilco

BATTLE!: Wilco vs. Fefe Dobson
dial613's secret is out: Fefe Dobson is awesome. What a grave injustice for the 2 acts to be on at the same time... personally, it parallels (if not supercedes!) Broken Social Scene vs. Calexico. This all sounds sarcastic, but really, it's not. I'm tearing up as I type this.
Pick: Wilco
...then a mad dash to Fefe Dobson. And dammit, if Wilco encores, I'm leaving anyway.

Day 10 - Sunday, 07.16.06

schedule for dial613:
12:15 - Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo* (sheep) (website)
2:45 - Eppiphane* (dusk) (website)
3:15 - Meligrove Band (sheep) (website)
4:45 - Hilotrons* (sheep) (website)
6:15 - controller.controller (sheep) (website)
8:00 - KC's Boogie Blast, ft. KC & The Sunshine Band, Gloria Gaynor, Sister Sledge (main)
9:30 - The New Pornographers (sheep) (website)

What a pleasant way to end: 7 shows, 2 locals, and not a conflict in sight (aside from only getting to see Eppiphane for 30 mins). And the cherry on top is that it's pretty much all on one stage (and the BlackSheep one, at that!), which means dial613 can rest sprint-weary legs and just grab a nice spot on the grass in between sets.
It's going to be a gametime decision, though, on whether or not to go get a glimpse of KC's Boogie Blast... that would likely mean forfeiting a prime spot for The New Pornographers. Yeah, probably not gonna happen.

In order of appearance.
-->Day 6
Casey Comeau - Dragonfly Funeral Pyre
Nelly Furtado - Powerless
Nelly Furtado - Maneater
-->Day 7
Elliott Brood - Only At Home (!)
Elliott Brood - Twill
Fiftymen - Whiskey & Lulu
Etta James - At Last (!)
-->Day 8
Jim Bryson - The Wishes Pile Up (!)
Fiery Furnaces - Waiting To Know You (!)
Fiery Furnaces - Norwegian Wood (Beatles cover)
Danny Michel - Perfect
Metric - Handshakes
-->Day 9
Wilco - Jesus, etc.
Wilco - Thirteen (Big Star cover) (!)
Fefe Dobson - Don't Go (Girls & Boys) (!)
Fefe Dobson - Everything
-->Day 10
Eppiphane - Hey You
Meligrove Band - Our Love Will Make The World Go Round
Hilotrons - Should've Come Over (!)
controller.controller - Disco Blackout
The New Pornographers - The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism
The New Pornographers - The Bleeding Heart Show
The New Pornographers - Your Daddy Don't Know (!)



still here...

Calexico on the Black Sheep stage, opening night of Bluesfest 2006

So, how about those first couple days of Bluesfest?

Notable moments so far:

  • Broken Social Scene attempting to issue the most pleasant pink slip ever, by proposing in song the firing of whoever scheduled Calexico's set the same time as theirs, because "we fucking love those boys", (wow, shaky VIDEO!!)
  • some drunk dude getting the crowd to chant "well-behaved" at Jason Collett's show after he took them to task for not going crazy, and
  • The Acorn, in an apparent attempt to be unoffensive, yelling "Pol Pot" into the mic repeatedly.

But musically? Elvis Perkins was better than I could have hoped (especially with a jangly cover of Del Shannon's "Runaway"), Feist had a beautiful, wall-of-sound-like take on BSS's "Lover's Spit," and Seu Jorge had a tambourine section that you can only hope does not believe in spanking their kids. Because they could do it really fast and hard if they wanted. (i've got nothing..)

Tonight it's Ani DiFranco and then Solomon Burke, with Michael Franti and Amadou & Mariam as alternatives. Afterwards, you can catch local Andrew Vincent at The Manx Pub.

Part 2 of dial613's Bluesfest guide, which will be shorter both for your own good and mine, will be out Monday.



"in" bluesfest: brock zeman, alanna stuart

Just a couple quick Bluesfest notes about local acts:

  • Brock Zeman, a 22 year old country-folk crooner who from Carleton Place, will be opening the entire festival tonight at 6:15 on the main stage. He won the spot through the Bluesfest talent showcase competition that was being held at Zaphod's.Go to his website and follow the link to stream music from his first 2 albums. There's also one mp3 of his at the end of the Bluesfest guide.
  • Alanna Stuart, who you may have seen helping out Peter Elkas at Maverick's this past Friday, is keeping a daily Bluesfest diary leading up to her performance opening for Etta James on Thursday. It's being published daily in the Arts section of the Ottawa Citizen, but you can also see it for free online from their website. Today's is here, and there is a link to yesterday's on Alanna's myspace.
Reminder: If you're heading down to Bluesfest tonight, and especially if you have a ticket to redeem for a pass, don't forget to leave time to account for the line-ups.

Enjoy whoever it is you see tonight, and you can e-mail dial613 to say what you thought about the show.



guide: Bluesfest, day 1 - day 5 (07.07.06 - 07.11.06)

I've always been skeptical of the idea of cloning, kind of worried about what would happen if one of those weird and scary sci-fi movies came true and people could create human clones at will. But after looking through the Bluesfest schedule, I would be all too willing to get my hands on something, anything, that would let me be in two places at once.

The guide is split in 2, 5 days in each. Not sure how regular blog-posting will go throughout.. a local Bluesfest performer profile here, a concert review there, a gush about an act everywhere, probably something like that.
And, as always, dial613 wants to know what you think of the shows and everything. Comment below or e-mail to say who blew you away, who let you down, or even who you briefly made eye contact with while repeatedly glancing at the VIP beer tent from thirty feet away.

Enough chit-chat: without any further ado, here is the result of endless sifting through the line-ups on all 4 stages for each of the 10 days in a tireless effort to help you, yes you!, take advantage of some prime (and often rare) opportunities to see all kinds of great (great!) music.
dial613 is pleased to present to you:

Your guide to Bluesfest 2006, pt. 1:
days 1-5

(main) = Main Stage
(mbna) = MBNA Stage
(sheep) = Blacksheep Stage, presented by Mexx
(dusk) = Blues 'Til Dusk Stage

* denotes local artist
also: there are too many 'battles' to cover them all, so the guide will focus on the ones that ended with dial613 feel guilty about ditching the loser.

Day 1 - Friday, 07.07.06

schedule for clones:
6:15 - Brock Zeman* (main)
7:30 - Corb Lund (main)
7:30 - Malajube (mbna)
7:45 - Seu Jorge (sheep)
9:00 - Broken Social Scene (mbna)
9:15 - Calexico (sheep)
the dial613 schedule
Brock Zeman - 6:15
Seu Jorge - 7:45
a pinch of Broken Social Scene - 9:00
Calexico - 9:15

Sure-shot: Malajube, a crazy bunch of French-Canadians who should be seen not only because of their frantic live show, but also because of the recent recognition they've received as one of Canada's top bands... they are one of 10 finalists for the Polaris Music Prize.

BATTLE!: Corb Lund vs. Malajube vs. Seu Jorge
It's a shame that the first night of Bluesfest includes one of the tougher decisions of the festival. Two of these acts are in/around Ottawa semi-regularly, and while they shouldn't be penalized for that, it's just that you don't get to see a Brazilian self-taught guitar player (and movie 'star') too often around here.
Pick: Seu Jorge (website, write-up)

BATTLE!: Broken Social Scene vs. Calexico
It's the international face of the Canadian music scene against an Americana (ironic?) rock band who are arguably at the top of their game. Whenever Broken Social Scene comes to town, dial613 usually has the attitude of "whatever, I'll see them next time." That trend continues. (though after the first couple songs of BSS's set, I may not able to tear myself away).
Pick: Calexico (website)


The guide continues... click here for Days 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Day 2 - Saturday, 07.08.06

schedule for clones:
3:15 - Brazilian Girls (mbna)
4:15 - Deadstring Brothers (dusk)
4:30 - Elvis Perkins (mbna)
4:45 - Great Lake Swimmers (sheep)
6:00 - Matt Costa (mbna)
6:15 - The Acorn* (sheep)
7:30 - Jason Collett (mbna)
7:30 - Keb Mo (main)
7:45 - Torngat (sheep)
9:00 - Bonnie Raitt (main)
9:00 - Feist (mbna)
9:30 - Bell Orchestre (sheep)
the dial613 schedule
Brazilian Girls - 3:15
Elvis Perkins - 4:30
Great Lake Swimmers - 4:45
The Acorn* - 6:15
Jason Collett - 7:30
Feist - 9:00

Sure-shot - Feist. Rick from Jetplanes Of Abraham pointed out that "you can never see Feist too many times," and by golly, he's right.

Under the radar / BATTLE! - Elvis Perkins (myspace), a Rhode Island solo artist who plays incredibly charming folk music on his acoustic guitar. With luck, he'll have a fiddle(r) handy as well.
Also take note of Toronto's Great Lake Swimmers (website), whose music has been described (and accurately so!) as "beautiful bittersweet, drifting, late summer melancholia." It's going to be a tough pick between these two... if you see somebody sprinting back and forth between the MBNA and Blacksheep stages between 4:45 and 5:30, that'll be me. Say hello.

BATTLE!: Feist vs. Belle Orchestre
Based on the Sure-shot, you should know which way this one is going. Plus, with a half-hour difference between the 2 sets, it'll still be possible to catch a chunk of the later one.
Pick: Feist


Day 3 - Sunday, 07.09.06

schedule for clones:
2:15 - Jamie Lidell (mbna)
4:00 - The Amanda Rheaume Band* (main)
5:30 - Sue Foley* (main)
7:00 - Ani DiFranco (main)
9:00 - Michael Franti & Spearhead (main)
9:00 - Solomon Burke (mbna)
9:30 - Amadou & Mariam (sheep)
the dial613 schedule
Jamie Lidell - 2:15
Amanda Rheaume Band - 4:00
Sue Foley - 5:30
Ani DiFranco - 7:00
Solomon Burke - 9:00
Amadou & Mariam - 9:30

Under The Radar - Jamie Lidell (website) may not be under your radar (and he's certainly not under Pitchfork's, for what that's worth), but he was unknown to me until just recently, when I was won over by Multiply, a sleek retro-soul track that is too good not to sing along with. But first I need to learn the words.

Also - Amadou & Mariam, a blind couple from Mali, play some soulful world music that is perfect if you want to see something completely different.

BATTLE!: Michael Franti & Spearhead vs. Solomon Burke
Franti has been the highlight of festivals in the past 2 years, leaving his audiences feeling all warm and fuzzy after magical sets. Burke is one of the only remaining soul music pioneers who has been a part of the music's history from the start. I like Michael Franti, and I'd love to see what the fuss is all about... but it's hard to turn away from a music legend.
Pick: Solomon Burke (allmusic biography) ... and, depending on how it's going, I'll be heading over to Amadou & Mariam at some point.


Day 4 - Monday, 07.10.06

schedule for clones, and dial613:
6:15 - The Stills (main)
7:30 - Matt Mays & El Torpedo (main)
9:00 - Sam Roberts (main)

What more can be said here? A good number of Ottawa showgoers should know each of these acts well, and if you're not one of them, now's your chance to see some dirty Canadian rock at its best.


Day 5 - Tuesday, 07.11.06

schedule for clones:
7:30 - Big Jeezus Truck* (dusk)
7:45 - Mark Kozelek (sheep)
9:00 - Blue Rodeo (main)
9:00 - Be Good Tanyas (mbna)
9:30 - Son Volt (sheep)
the dial613 schedule
Big Jeezus Truck - 7:30
Be Good Tanyas - 9:00
Son Volt - 9:30

Sure-shot - Blue Rodeo, Ottawa festival vets, have their pictures in the city's dictionary entry for "crowd-pleasin'". That is, if Ottawa had its own version of the dictionary. Which it doesn't. But hypothetically, people...

Under The Radar - Though the Be Good Tanyas' biggest exposure may have been a Zellers ad, they certainly deserve more. The combination of their sweet voices paired with banjo plucking folk/bluegrass is irresistable from the first notes.

BATTLE!: - Blue Rodeo vs. Be Good Tanyas vs. Son Volt
More of a two-way matchup, with Blue Rodeo on the sidelines just because they've played the city so many times. Again, Rick from Jetplanes Of Abraham weighed in with a curious (and dangerous!) theory:
"I choose Son Volt, mostly because Ottawa is hosting probably the closest performances by Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar in several years...something interesting could happen."
Hmmm.. If an Uncle Tupelo reunion was ever possible, I guess this might just be the time. But I'm not counting on it, so I'll be happy to catch the tail-end of Son Volt's set. And then start crying when I see Jeff Tweedy on the stage with them.
Pick: The Be Good Tanyas (website)

Stay tuned for part 2, where dial613 encounters a scheduling conflict involving an incredibly guilty pleasure that has remained a closely-guarded secret up until this point. And no, it's not Nelly Furtado... that one wasn't closely-guarded.
And, again, send in your feedback, as well as thoughts for days 6-10, because by now surely you're sick of hearing only what I have to say.

Finally: here's the promised mp3 smattering of Bluesfest artists for days 1-5, in order of appearance:
note: (!) = very recommended (...whatever that's worth)

-->Day 1
Brock Zeman - Sweet Charlotte (part)
The Corb Lund Band - Time To Switch To Whiskey
The Corb Lund Band - Five Dollar Bill
Malajube - Montreal -40 C (!)
Seu Jorge - Queen Bitch
Calexico - Cruel
-->Day 2
Deadstring Brothers - Sacred Heart
Elvis Perkins - Ash Wednesday (!)
Elvis Perkins - While You Were Sleeping (!)
Great Lake Swimmers - Various Stages (!)
The Acorn - Blankets
Feist - Mushaboom
-->Day 3
Jamie Lidell - Multiply (!)
Ani DiFranco - Studying Stones (!)
Ani DiFranco - Millenium Theater (from forthcoming album)
Ani DiFranco - 78% h2o (from forthcoming album)
Michael Franti & Spearhead - Everyone Deserves Music
Amadou & Mariam - Senegal Fast Food (!)
-->Day 4
The Stills - Let's Roll
Sam Roberts - Dead End
Sam Roberts - The Gate
-->Day 5
Be Good Tanyas - The Littlest Birds
Be Good Tanyas - Dogsong aka Sleep Dog Lullaby (!)
Son Volt - Bandages And Scars
Son Volt - Gramophone

So, what's your schedule going to look like?
Anybody want to pick a fight over some of the sure-shots/battles?
Does your line-up on any of the days look nothing like dial613's?



this week in Ottawa: 07.03.06 - 07.09.06

Broken Social Scene bring their peace signs, unwashed hair, and pink bicycle to Bluesfest on Thursday

On Friday, Bluesfest arrives at long last, and although the spotlight continues to move away from the actual blues acts, I doubt that too many people mind. This year's lineup can pretty much match-up with any other festival around; but the good news (for attendees, anyway) is that it's still kind of a really well-kept secret, and thus retains that Ottawa kind of quaintness to it. Hopefully.

By mid-week, a dial613 guide to Bluesfest will be up (at least in part, depending on how long it becomes), featuring:

  • a full list of all dial613-approved performers
  • a smattering (yes, smattering!) of mp3s of said performers
  • dial613's personal schedule, which will involve gut-wrenching decisions of who to see and who to blow off when dial613-approved performers collide, including: Broken Social Scene vs. Calexico, Feist vs. Belle Orchestre, The Be Good Tanyas vs. Son Volt, and a Triple Threat match between Solomon Burke, Michael Franti, and Amadou & Mariam that could get nasty. (ed note: reader arguments for either side in the above matchups are welcome! Comment below or e-mail your picks and reasoning.

Here's this week's schedule. Who're you going to see?

Steve St. Pierre* w/ Eppiphane*, Trevor Strange*, The Wayfarers* at Zaphod's

Radiodazed* w/ Last Voice Heard, Carvello at Cafe Dekcuf

Turning Into Salt* w/ Ultimate Power Duo at Zaphod's

Locks w/ Daniel Striped Tiger, Death To Tyrants at End Hits
My Dad vs. Yours* w/ Born Ruffians, The Relief Maps*, and more at Zaphod's
--->DOWNLOAD: My Dad vs. Yours - Law Of Unintended Consequences

Broken Social Scene, Calexico, Brock Zeman*, and much more at Bluesfest
--->DOWNLOAD: Broken Social Scene - Superconnected
Breeding The Deaf w/ Radiodazed*, Last Limit Freedom, MAIM at Cafe Dekcuf
Kobayashi at Maverick's

Benefit Of A Doubt w/ Viscera's Recital*, Motorcycle Drive-By at Barrymore's
Feist, Belle Orchestre, The Acorn*, and much more at Bluesfest
--->DOWNLOAD: Feist - Mushaboom

Michael Franti & Spearhead, Amadou & Mariam, Ani DiFranco, Amanda Rheaume Band*, and much more at Bluesfest
--->DOWNLOAD: Ani DiFranco - Studying Stones
Andrew Vincent w/ Rob Learly @manx pub
--->DOWNLOAD: Andrew Vincent - Canadian Dream

* denotes local band