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Kepler calls it quits after Saturday, for realsies and no take-backs

Just a quick reminder that Kepler will play its proverbial swan song on Saturday night, so you may want to go see. They "officially" ceased to exist in March, saying then that there would be "no formal goodbyes, no farewell shows, nothing!"
Moral of the story: Kepler are liars. But the good kind.

For the unfamiliar, Kepler's members include (sometime-)locals Jeremy Gara (Arcade Fire), Mike Dubue (Hilotrons) and Mike Feuerstack (Snailhouse/Wooden Stars), and are the only Ottawa band dial613 is aware of to have been covered consistently outside of Canada by the likes of allmusic and/or Pitchfork.
Altogether now: "Ooooh. Aaaaah."
(and don't be smart with me; Kathleen Edwards is not a band.)

Sample some music here, and stream a few tracks on their myspace.

It's probably going to sell out at some point, so be punctual.
Clark the band and local Sarah Hallman open, so there's some added incentive to arrive early.

From Kepler's final album, 2005's Attic Salt
--->My Other
--->You Must Admit

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Jonathan Migneault said...

This show is not to be missed. That is all.

Anonymous said...

come find me and say hi tonight. tall lanky guy with yellow shirt.

Anonymous said...

The Orange Alabaster Mushroom in allmusic, and pitchfork.

However, even though I've had a band to play live, The OAM was (and may still be) mainly a solo recording project. And since it's flown under most radars, coverage has been hardly "consistent"!

Very nice and informative blog, indicentally - I've bookmarked it, along with natcaprock, in order to check out all the cool Ottawa shows that I'm unable to attend in person.

The Orange Alabaster Mushroom

dial613 said...

dang, you (kind of) got me, i am eating crow. or mushroom. with a lot of cheeeeese.

"unable to attend in person"
..but in spirit!

thanks for reading