this week in Ottawa: 07.31.06 - 08.06.06

The Blow, who play the End Hits basement on Wednesday, show the after-effects of their battle versus Wolf Parade for dial613's coveted press-pic cover spot

Wolf Parade is sold out, you lazy bastards. That'll show you for being all complacent about picking up tickets for (arguably) Canada's hottest band.
Ok, but seriously, dial613 is surprised that the tickets went so fast. Not that there was ever any doubt that the show would sell out, but pretty sure tickets were gone within a week or two of the show being announced, which is pretty uncharacteristic around here. But that's great, Ottawa's excited, alright! And the rest of you are now free to go see locals The Love Machine or En Garde, who are each very capable of being the silver lining in your Wolf Parade cloud.

There are events abound this week: you've got local music cornerstone Birdman Sound celebrating their fifteenth year with a rock and roll anniversary bash, and the Canadian DMC Championships coming to a close with two sets of final battles for national supremacy, right in your very own city.
And, on that note, definitely give the Atherton & Sire track down below a listen. dial613 has fingers crossed for them to make it big, if only to erase, nay, obliterate Ottawa's current "urban" reputation.

As for dial613, those laxatives last week clearly weren't too successful in regulating more features and whatnot. The blog is now on an all-fibre diet and drinking eight glasses of water daily, and that should make things flow a bit more freely around here. Just plug your nose if you have to.

What show is your priority this week?
Are there any missing listings?
Are you a lazy bastard?

The Establishment, with The Semantics*, No Culture at Zaphod's

Birdman Sound 15th Anniversary featuring The Double Pumpers*, with The Solid Senders* at Babylon
--->The Double Pumpers - Dyin' To Smile

The Blow, with Oni The Haitian Sensation*, Ennuie* at End Hits
--->The Blow - Come On Petunia
--->The Blow - Babay (Eat A Critter, Feel Its Wrath) (website)

The Marble Index, with Donkeypunch* Zaphod's
--->The Marble Index - I Believe (website)
Skratch Bastid, with Illo at Heaven nightclub

En Garde*, with The Hilt Zaphod's
The Love Machine*, with Bangkok*, Smaller On You, The Good Ideas at Maverick's
Wolf Parade, with Frog Eyes, Holy Fuck at Barrymore's
--->Wolf Parade - This Heart's On Fire (myspace)
DMC MC battle ft. J.U.I.C.E, Pumpkinhead, ... at Capital Music Hall

Ghost House, with Joel & The Last Of The Neighbors at End Hits
Mudmen, with F!ghtF!ghtF!ght* Zaphod's
DMC DJ Final, ft. Peanut Butter Wolf, J-Rocc Capital Music Hall
House Of Pain's Live Graffiti Expo, featuring Atherton & Sire*, breakdance battles, and a BBQ at Brewer's Park
--->Atherton & Sire - ATM (myspace)

* denotes local act

dial613 is a lazy bastard


Calum Marsh said...

It sucks that Wolf Parade is sold out, but it's a good excuse for people to see The Good Ideas and Love Machine instead...they don't have Spencer Krug, but it's bound to be a good time anyway. And...support the local scene?

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I'm disappointed I'll be missing Wolf Parade, but Bangkok, The Good Ideas and The Love Machine are all pretty good bands, and, as Calum says, it supports the local scene...

And a lot of people seem really excited about The Blow show. I may check them out, too.