this week in ottawa: 07.17.06 - 07.23.06 (filled in!)

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(step 1: introduce concept)
When it rains, it pours.
(step 2: create basis for comparison)
There has been virtually no rain for the past 10+ days, and suddenly the electricity at dial613 headquarters keeps dimming because of the severe thunderstorm that Environment Canada was nice enough to warn us about.
(step 3: complete analogy)
This week's schedule mimics the weather: four nights with no action at all, while there are three nights with at least 2 shows each, including a ridiculous seven (!) on Saturday (lots of interesting choices, too).
(Operation segue: successful)

Who are you most looking forward to seeing?
Where will you choose to be on Saturday night?

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Banditas* at Aloha Room (bottom floor of Barrymore's)
The Neckers with Liar's Rosebush*, Acres, Bangkok at Cafe Dekcuf

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Caledonia with The Polytones* at Black Sheep Inn
-->The Polytones - Broken Stems (website)
Everlea with Cain & Abel at End Hits
Michael White & The White at Capital Music Hall

Addison* with Sojourn at Zaphod Beeblebrox
American Geography at End Hits
Hadassah Hill with Cort Bulloch, Jesse Dangerously at Venus Envy
Kepler* (LAST SHOW!) with Clark The Band, Sarah Hallman* at Babylon
MSTRKRFT with The Juan Maclean, Jokers Of The Scene at Capital Music Hall
-->Metric - Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT RMX) (website)
Place* with City Of A Hundred Spires, Vanier at Club SAW
Tokyo Police Club with others (including area acts) at Concert On The Clyde
-->Tokyo Police Club - Nature Of The Experiment (myspace)

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* denotes local artist/band


Anonymous said...

you could do it a bit better ,like mine [not]!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to see the Neckers/Bangkok show at Dekcuf on Wednesday, and I'd love to see Tokyo Police Club next Saturday, but I have no way of getting out to whereever that show is being help.

I really, really want to see MSTRKRFT...I'm doing a feature/giveaway with the album this week, and it sounds great, so seeing them live (with The Juan Maclean!) should be fun.

Anonymous said...

hi lo trons are playing at Andrew Haydon Park Saturday afternoon as part of the outdoor concert series taking place all summer...too bad things like this aren't really advertised like the summer concert series at NYC's central park.

Anonymous said...

new alt+country outfit coming soon. should be pretty swell. thought I'd give you the heads up.

dial613 said...

whoa, an anonymous tip. i didn't even know about that, but i've added a bunch to the listings for the rest of the series. you're right, it is a shame that the city does some great things but neglects to tell anybody about it.
thanks for the heads up.