Keiko Devaux, the newest member of The Acorn, was never actually a member of Sugar Jones. The member in question was, in fact, Maiko Watson (myspace), who dial613 actually thought was Sahara MacDonald (myspace), the official dial613-endorsed Sugar Jones member.
dial613 may or may have not known this all along.

dial613 sincerely apologizes for any distress and/or identity crises this may have caused The Acorn and their fans.

-->Sugar Jones - Days Like That (exclusive unmastered version)



this week in Ottawa: 11.28.06 - 12.03.06

The Acorn finally peek out from under the blankets to release a new EP (credit: Aaron Mckenzie Fraser)

The fall flurry of record releases finally winds down this week, and it'll all end with a bang provided by a long-awaited new EP from local heroes The Acorn and the first full-length since 2004 from native experimental sextet As The Poets Affirm, who have now officially dropped the ellipses from the beginning of their name. Just thought you'd like to know, so now you don't have to pause in conversation everytime you want to bring them up.

Both bands bring something new to the table on their new records, too: ATPA's Awake takes "a new sonic direction," says Exclaim Magazine. What that direction is, dial613 is not so sure; guesses are it's either west or south (and definitely not east), but you're going to have to see the show or buy the 'best-selling' album to find out for yourself.
The Acorn, meanwhile, bring a new member into the fold to add another element to their folkyrock sound on the Tin Fist EP. Her name is Keiko Devaux, and rumour has it she used to be part of legendary Canadian supergroup Sugar Jones. Whatever her past, she fits in just fine on the record, contributing another layer to an already deep band.

You may also want to see DJ Cash Money, who is listed for no reason other than his name. So maybe you might not want to see him.
But you may actually want to party with jazzhiphoprnbfusion-ites Pocket Dwellers, or take in the Hilotrons show which is opened by Avey Tare & Kria Brekken, members of Animal Collective and Mum, respectively, as well as locals Sadie Hell.

So, what shows are you going to see this week?
Who was your favourite member of Sugar Jones?

W - 11.29.06
Danny Michel*, at Glebe Community Association
-->Danny Michel - It's Not The End Of The World (website, myspace)
The Junction with Travel By Owl*, at End Hits
-->Travel By Owl - I Am Listening So Close (myspace)
The Salads with Donkeypunch* and Staylefish, at Zaphod's

Th. - 11.30.06
DJ Cash Money, at Heaven
Pocket Dwellers with Camp Best Friends*, at Maverick's
-->Pocket Dwellers - To The Beat (website, myspace)

F - 12.01.06
As The Poets Affirm* (CD release) with Roll Gypsy Roll and SunParlour Players, at Barrymore's
-->As The Poets Affirm - Awake Chaos (website, myspace)
Embassies Of Denmark* with The Life And Times and The Setbacks*, at Café Dekcuf
En Garde* (CD release) with Daiquiri*, at Zaphod's

Sa. - 12.02.06
The Acorn* (CD release) with Ohbijou, at Babylon
-->The Acorn - Spring Thaw (website, myspace)
Evil Farm Children* (CD release) with Four 'n' Giv'r* and Mississippi Grover*, at Irene's Pub
Fortycentfix* with Viscera's Recital* and Lights Over Arkham, at Zaphod's
Hilotrons with Avey Tare & Kria Brekken and Sadie Hell*, at Maverick's
-->Hilotrons - Oh My (video) (website, myspace)
Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart, at Black Sheep Inn

Su. - 12.03.06
Jordan Cook with Chris Koster, at Zaphod's

-->Sugar Jones - Days Like That (exclusive unmastered version)
-->Sugar Jones - Days Like That (b-side) (stream)
-->Sugar Jones - Days Like That (video)

* denotes local act

And thanks to those who voted (or didn't) to say that they thought >Dial 6-1-3_ was the best blog in Ottawa.



this Monday in Ottawa


This week in Ottawa will be up by Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, Zaphod's has 4 local acts on its weekly nocoverMondays bill, headlined by Stereovision, so drop by if you're able.

Also, that benefit CD from the Feed The Homeless Benefit at Zaphod's which was released this past Saturday night is available for sale at Zunior. Again, the album is a fundraising effort for getting a few more Xmas meals served at the local Shepherds Of Good Hope homeless shelter, and doubles as a bit of promotion for local independent music.
-->Buy the Feed The Homeless Benefit Compilation (or just take a look at the tracklist)



reminder: Homeless Benefit

Saturday night:

  • Be a good person and hear some local music at the same time tonight, by going to Zaphod's for the 3rd annual Feed The Homeless Benefit, hosted by CBC's Alan Neal and featuring performances by F!ghtF!ghtF!ght, Ana Miura, and more. The event raises money for providing Xmas dinner to the Shepherds Of Good Hope homeless shelter. Cover is a $5 donation that, on its own, buys 3 homeless people a holiday meal (and you're welcome to offer more), and things get started at 7. (There will also be a limited edition Benefit CD being released, featuring local tunes by The Acorn, Hilotrons, and more.)
  • Be a warm person and hear some local music over at 59 Argyle, where you can grab some free hot chocolate while hearing visitor Brian Seeger play with residents The Soft Disaster and St. Bernard Of Love. $5.
  • Be a person your mother might not be too proud of and go see 3 bands with "fuck" in their name at Cafe Dekcuf, headlined by the charming Fucked Corpse. BYOBar of soap to wash your mouth out with.
There are also 4 others tonight, all listed on the sidebar to my left, your right.



this week in ottawa: 11.20.06 - 11.26.06

Don't expect to see a fight with My Dad vs. Yours.

Before we get to next week, pats on the back and gold stars are in order for both Department Of Foreign Affairs and Jetplanes Of Abraham, who each released their records Saturday night with realdandy shows and well-populated dance floors. They each deserve your money, but if you have to pick one, dial613 suggests you choose both of them.

This week kicks off nicely with a sweaty night of funk and soul courtesy of The King Khan & BBQ Show, who were recently kicked off a tour with the Detroit Cobras, whose original show date at Barrymore's got cancelled because of visa issues. Allegedly, the Cobras were pissed at being upstaged every night; and while that's a biased account, it wouldn't be too surprising if it were true, seeing how past King Khan shows have been. Should be a party, check the myspace to hear some.

You may also want to go hear the sweet 'n ambient electro-indie sounds of Toronto's Small Sins (ex-Ladies & Gentlemen), with L.A. happy people The Little Ones. The latter have been picking up buzz for a while now, so if you want to get in the know, be sure to show up early.

There's plenty going on locally, but the highlight for dial613 would be Friday night: not only will you see one of the city's top bands My Dad vs. Yours and the out-of-hibernation HilotronMike-side project Boycrusher, you also get hors d'oeuvres (pronounced whore doovers). And that means free toothpicks, which means clean teeth, which means make-out parties. (Obviously.)

What shows are you looking forward to this week?

M - 11.20.06
The King Khan & BBQ Show with Four 'n' Giv'r*, at Irene's Pub
Ignition* with Once Just, Travolta Sings*, Paul Roberto, at Zaphod's

Tu. - 11.21.06
Jeff Martin with Casey Marshall and Amanda Rheaume*, at Barrymore's

W - 11.22.06
The Magnetix with Mississippi Grover*, at Babylon
Small Sins with The Little Ones, at Zaphod's
-->Small Sins - Stay (website, myspace)
-->The Little Ones - Cha Cha Cha (website, myspace)
Wintersleep with Dog Day and Brian Borcherdt, at Barrymore's

F - 11.24.06
Best Of Ottawa 2006 XPress Party featuring Boycrusher*, My Dad vs. Yours*, hors d'ouevres, and more* at Barrymore's
-->My Dad vs. Yours - Tang Mit Uns (website, myspace)
Eppiphane* with Bill Furious*, Open Sky*, Danielle Allard*, Amos The Transparent*, at Capital Music Hall
Luke Doucet* with Melissa Ferrick, at Zaphod's
Mr. Something Something, at The Rainbow
Moses Mayes with Chris Koster, at Maverick's
Patrick Dolan* with Susan File*, at Avant-Garde Bar

Sa. - 11.25.06
Brian Seeger with The Soft Disaster* and Saint Bernard Of Love*, at 59 Argyle
Garnet Rogers, at Black Sheep Inn
Homeless Benefit (cd release), featuring F!ghtF!ghtF!ght*, Mile Over Mecca*, Ana Miura*, The Plant 2.0*, at Zaphod's (7PM)
The John Henrys* with Lil Andy & The Karaoke Cowboys, at Irene's Pub
Swollen Members, at Babylon

Su. - 11.26.06
Emm Gryner with Jill Barber, at Zaphod's
The Ride Theory with Sweet Janes*, at Babylon

* denotes local act



in/see: Department Of Foreign Affairs, Jetplanes Of Abraham

Two shows featuring 2 of dial613's favourite local bands finally come around on Saturday. How anticipated are these shows? Anticipated enough to each get their own bullet point. Yeah, dial613 is crazy like that.

  • Department Of Foreign Affairs release their long-awaited third LP, Northern Living Northern Lights, which is the band's first record since 2004. dial613 featured them back in June, but reading won't do you any good; go see them debut their new material at Babylon, with local openers Eastborough and The Soft Disaster. You can stream some more of the new album on their myspace.
    -->Department Of Foreign Affairs - Burning Eyes (from Northern Living Northern Lights; and very recommended)
  • Jetplanes Of Abraham began gaining momentum and attention early this past summer on the strength of their live show. Since then, they've gotten a bunch more under their belt (both local and abroad), and a brand new recording to boot. The good news: the album is as fun as the show. The bad news: it's not a replacement for it. But that's actually good news, because it means you have no excuse not to go see one of Ottawa's best new acts tonight at Zaphod's. Is that good news? I think it's good news.
    -->Jetplanes Of Abraham - Not Tonight (fun fact: the first word of the song was written exclusively about dial613)

But the great news? If you're crafty, you can catch both shows; just start at Zaphod's, and go to Babylon from there.

Also tonight, Carleton University campus radio station CKCU does some fundraising at The Dominion with Lefty McRight & The Boxcar Cadavers.



this week in Ottawa: 11.14.06 - 11.19.06

"Eff Gadget, I've got a corporation city to run!"

Two local album releases on Saturday highlight this week in Ottawa: kindofaltcountry foot-stomp-instigators Department Of Foreign Affairs finally get around to releasing their 3rd album at Babylon (with the added bonus of dandy locals The Soft Disaster and Eastborough), and upstart conglomerate Jetplanes Of Abraham shill their debut at Zaphod's.
The Acorn also supplement the local content this week, and will likely play a good deal of new material in advance of their new release coming in early December.

As for the out-of-towners, Guns 'n Freaking Roses are coming. But does anybody still care?
There's also a Tulip Festival reunion of sorts, as May weekend headliners The Dears and Xavier Rudd both come back to town, so you can make up for it if you missed them then.

What shows are on your must-see list this week?

The Dears with Land Of Talk, at Capital Music Hall
-->Land Of Talk - Seafoam (website, myspace)
Jim Cuddy with Justin Rutledge, at The NAC

The Acorn* with People For Audio, at The Black Sheep Inn
-->The Acorn - Guilt Trip Fashion (website, myspace)
Guns 'n Roses with Sebastian Bach, at Scotiabank Place
Pas Chic Chic with The Solid Senders* and Ennuie*, at Zaphod's
-->Ennuie - Under Wraps (myspace)
Xavier Rudd at The Bronson Centre

Department Of Foreign Affairs* (CD release) with The Soft Disaster* and Eastborough*, at Babylon
-->Department of Foreign Affairs - Take A Picture (website, myspace)
-->Department Of Foreign Affairs - 3 newer tracks
-->The Soft Disaster - Nothing Returns (website, myspace)
Jetplanes Of Abraham* (CD release) with The Ghost Is Dancing and Boo Hoo, at Zaphod's

* denotes local act
note: Larry O'Brien = not really as evil as Dr. Claw. ...hopefully.



today in Ottawa: Vote

(Spotted in the West End)

OK Ottawa, so just for today, there is something more important than local music. No, it's not family, money, food, or even reruns of Degrassi; it's votin' time. Exercise your democratic right and civic duty and head to the polls to choose who you would like to figure out how you get around town, how your money is handled, how you will be kept safe, etc. etc.
If you haven't heard, it's really close, so your vote probably matters.

Haven't made up your mind yet?
Choose in the most logical way possible: by the way they look.
-->Piotr "Futurama" Anweiler
-->Bob "bling bling" Chiarelli
-->Alex "Mama said knock Bob out" Munter
-->Larry "So that's who Dr. Claw was" O'Brien
-->Barkley "Gnarls" Pollock
-->Jane "limited amount of pictures available" Scharf

If that method somehow doesn't help you come to any conclusions, use this handy-dandy Candidate Selector to see with which candidate your attitudes match up best.

Don't know where to vote?
Here is a Polling Station Locater for you.

What to do after you vote?
See local band Lure play for free at Zaphod's with The Jon Cohen Experimental, Mon Electric Bijour, and Coloured Lights.

BONUS! of democracy
-->Girlyman - Young James Dean

(ps this week in Ottawa will be up tomorrow)



see: Julie Doiron, Shotgun & Jaybird, more

Sunday night show reminder:

  • Julie Doiron, currently on the Jagjaguwar label (mates include Okkervil River, Swan Lake, Black Mountain) and former member of Canadian alt-rtock band Eric's Trip, plays acoustic-y indiefolk at The Rainbow with Sackville buddies and Sappy Records residents Shotgun & Jaybird, Constantines offshoot Woolly Leaves, and local muthafolkers Poorfolk.

Some mp3s to supplement this week's post:
-->Julie Doiron - Snow Falls In November
-->Shotgun & Jaybird - Lovers Of The World Be On Time Tonight
-->Poorfolk - Demons (demo from upcoming album)

-->Head over to i(heart)music) to grab Shotgun & Jaybird's CBC Radio 3 session from earlier this year
-->Poorfolk's video for a track off their last album: Worser Than Better



see: Elliott Brood & more

A great line-up of shows tonight (aka Saturday):

  • Elliott Brood highlights dial613's schedule. Come for the "death-country", but come earlier for the sweet country tunes (which are, in fact, very much alive) courtesy of locals Casey Comeau & The Centretown Wilderness Club, Vancouver's Blood Meridian, and more local content from Dear Judah. A very 'cohesive' bill altogether, should be a rootin'-tootin' barnburner. Of death. Country.
  • At Babylon, local punk act Harshey release their new album, but that may not really be the main storyline of the night. While postering for the show, a band member was fined $720 for violating the city's postering bylaw, triggering a bit of a counter-movement; you may have noticed some of these signs on city posts lately. Anyway, that fine really sucks for Harshey, but for the whole scene too, so feel free to show your support by showing up and grabbing an album. (Read more here and here)

If neither of those float your boat, local Asian-infused surfrockers The Empiricals play Irene's and Peterborough nonstoprocknrollers James McKenty & The Spades play at The Pour House.



this week in Ottawa: 11.06.06 - 11.12.06

Elliott Brood continue their pictoral reign of terror on >Dial 6-1-3_, and play Barrymore's on Saturday.

Peter Elkas with Lindy and Paper Moon, at Zaphod's
-->Peter Elkas - Party Of One (website, myspace)
My Dad vs. Yours* with Acres* and Books On Books*, at Babylon
-->My Dad vs. Yours - Tang Mit Uns (website, myspace)
-->Books On Books - One Page At A Time (website, myspace)

Capital Slam* competition, at The Thirsty Scholar
Layiterslayit* with The Annoyers, The Poulsens*, and High Anxiety, at Cafe Dekcuf

Gordon Lightfoot, at the NAC
Jurassic 5 with Cadence Weapon, at Capital Music Hall
-->Jurassic 5 - A Day At The Races (website, myspace)
-->Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard
King Sunshine, at The Mercury Lounge

Elliott Brood with The Centretown Wilderness Club*, at Barrymore's
-->Elliott Brood - The Bridge (website, myspace)
-->Elliott Brood - Twill
The Empiricals at Irene's
-->The Empiricals - Golden Beat (myspace)
Harshey* (cd release) with Jerk Appeal*, The G-Men*, and The Bella Bombs*, at Babylon
James McKenty & The Spades, at The Pour House

Blood Meridian with The Gruff Band, at The Black Sheep Inn (4pm show) (Cancelled; Blood Meridian open for Elliott Brood on Saturday)
Julie Doiron with Shotgun & Jaybird, Woolly Leaves, and Poorfolk*, at The Rainbow
-->Julie Doiron - Me And My Friend (website, myspace)
-->Shotgun & Jaybird - Two And Two Is Four (website, myspace)
-->Poorfolk - Cave Smokin' (website, myspace)
The Rub with Smalltown DJs, Jokers Of The Scene*, at Zaphod's

* denotes local act



this week in Ottawa: 11.06.06 - 11.12.06

Nothing doing til Wednesday, everything will be filled in by then.

Meantime, go see two brand new Hilotrons videos, for Oh My (also featuring local singer/songwriter Sarah Hallman) and Born A Dancer.

After that:
Crap stuntman
Baby vs. Baby!



see: Bob Dylan

On your marks... get set...

Because of the shortened 'this week in Ottawa', dial613 didn't even get to pump up the fact that Bob Dylan is in the city on Sunday night at Scotiabank Place.
What more is there to say?

Highly recommended for fans of The Moffatts. (full text)

-->Bob Dylan - Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

PS wtf??
PPS b-side for "The Moffatts"



in: The Soirée

The Soirée will play their Mountain Fresh™ material at the CD release at Irene's on Saturday.

Ottawa's The Soirée took their name from the slang term for a night out, but they might fit in best sometime afterwards, when you're slouching on a sofa at an unfamiliar place, in a comfortable daze and eating warm pizza.

Their first LP, Birds, is being released to a slew of media attention: dial613 has spotted them in three print sources and heard them on the radio, and have been getting the kind of local coverage that Ottawa bands have been lacking in past years. But it's all well-deserved: Birds is a completely pleasant experience. The tracks are structured simply enough, but each charts its own course of melodic loops that take their time in getting across. What stands out is that nothing is rushed; everything unravels naturally and flows at its own pace, with no apparent will to jump ahead to the next song, or even the next note.

dial613 can't quite put a finger on why, but based on its feel, this album couldn't have been released at a better time of year. Have a listen to the tracks below, and maybe you can figure out why. And listen closely for the manifestation of their erotic film and cockfighting influences:
-->The Soirée - Clear and Colourblind
-->The Soirée - Across The Sea
-->The Soirée - Breaking Rank

Pick up the album, and see their dial613-approved live show at the CD Release on Saturday, November 4 with Alanna Stuart at Irene's Pub.

The Soirée on:

the internet
new music canada

  • Also:
2 other local bands, Weapons Of Mass Seductions and Million Dollar Marxists release brand new records. Check the listings for info.